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  1. funkyburnett13216

    What is wrong with my shoulder/arm/wrists. Gout?
    For around 2 weeks now i have had major pain in my shoulder. I thought it was the way i was sleeping, because sometimes i sleep sideways on my arm. Over the next few weeks i would make sure i wouldn’t do that so my shoulder would heal from this aching on and off pain.

    Over these last weeks i have come to realize it is not the way i am sleeping because the pain is still there, but worse now.

    The shoulder pain isn’t as bad anymore, but it is now on my upper right arm. Mostly every time i move it there is some pain, and when i don’t move it for awhile i will get this ache, and it will get worse by the second until i move it. If i don’t move it the pain will start going down to my wrist. The best way i can describe the pain is some sort of Arthritis.

    Which i can’t imagine because i am only 20 years old. The only other thing i can think of is Gout. Last Summer i have a kidney removed so that may be a factor.

  2. Bill

    vitamin b for my arthritis?
    I had pnuemonia back in 2006, after getting over that I started to have a burning and cramp feeling in my fingers and feet, since then i have been on tramadol when its been bad on and off and many differnt types of pain killer, but today I went to see the doctor and rather than give me pain medication he gave me vitamin b compound tablets, i took some today but my pain is still bad, should I go and say something and why has he given me these? I am in constant pain with this problem, but if the vitamins will help maybee i dont need pain killers? I have even thaught of looking into alternative medicenes, like acupuncture. I have tryed heat pads and rubbing gels also with not much success. the thing is the pain is so bad it keeps me up at night! What should I do??


    rheumatoid arthritis may be in my ribs had many test but no answers have burning in ribs…6 months…?
    had 2 blood works and 2 ct scans and 2 chest xrays….nothing seens to be wrong with insides..going to see a Rheumatology doc…any help is a great help…..c

    1. rudenski

      Your Rheumatology doctor may be able to give you some pain relief but not the cure. Consider these complimentary alternative treatments to get rid of what is causing your Rheumatoid Arthritis. It does take conscious living but that is a good thing. It could be your time to grow in a different direction.

      You may be terribly dehydrated. Consier the water cure as a possible cure for your arthritis. Drink 6-8 glasses of distilled water with a pinch of unrefined sea salt to rehydrate and remineralize your body. Do this until your body is hydrated and supple. The improved elastisity of your skin should be a good indicator.

      The pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis is often attributed to
      parasites that find a home in a dehydrated body. Imagine nature identifying a dying animal and sending parasites to begin the process of breaking it down with parasites. The salty sea salt and clean water you drink will create a hostile environment for parasites to live and give you pain relief as the parasites leave your body. Also add mega doses of Vitamin C to improve immune response. A proper immune system will coordinate with your body to begin eliminating parasites. Expect some flu like symptoms when the parasites begin dying.

      More on Parasites. In your mornings consider drinking a shot glass of carrot juice with a tablespoon of raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar, cinnamon for taste and its anti-oxidant properties,
      and a dash of cayenne. This will root out deep seated parasites, invigorate your liver, kidneys, gallblader, and gut to flush out any parasites that are hanging on in your salty hydrated body with a powerful immune system booster.

      As a supplement, Glucosamine Sulfate is a proven Arthritis fighter. Sulfates also make parasites feel unwelcome. It is a bit pricey though. I just found some that was on sale though. Look around for the best prices online. The price range is considerably different from site to site. MSM is the other sulfate that I would consider. Sulfer is good for your aching ribs and bad for parasites.

      Consider getting a good muti-vitamin with Calcium. A good test to see if a Vitamin is soluable is to drop it in a cup of raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar. If it disolves quickly then it will disolve in your body. Consider taking a glass of apple juice with a teaspoon of raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar with Cinnamon for taste and a dash of cayenne when you take your vitamins. This may help with breaking down your vitamins to get the most out of whatever supplement you take.

      The drugs the doctors give just numb the pain but leave the parasites to continue attacking your joints. In the animal kingdom, a sick animal with parasites would begin drinking lots of water, look for natural salts and sulfers but we as humans have lost that instinct to cure what is going on inside. Most doctors feel obliged to only relieve pain and suffering but most doctors do not give nutrition information Consider changing your diet to mostly
      raw fruits and vegetables. You don’t have to start off a vegetarian. Just add more fruits and veggies to your diet.

      For pain, I would consider picking up some tart cherry juice from a health food store. High in anti-oxidants and minerals that relieve pain and heal the body, the tart cherry may be the best food there
      is to help with pain management. You only need a little at a time. Take a shot glass full three times a day.

      Get some sunshine. Your body needs it. If you are hiding in the dark, your immune system will be depressed. Invigorate it with sunshine and get all of the Vitamin D you need from just the sun.

      It seems like all of this might be a lot of work. It probably took a lot
      of unhealthy lifestyle and food choices to get you where you are today with a chronic debilitating illness. Take a handle on your health and become conscious of what you put in your body. It is a journey worth taking.

      Yah Bless

      You might want to check out my blogs

  4. Leah

    How do I nominate my mother to win a remodel to her house after all she has been through? plz read on…?
    Five years ago my mother got really sick with gain green and had to have emergency surgery.This was the result of surgery she had 20+ years ago.Since then she has had seven or eight surgeries and lots of infection.It feels like she will never be able to pull through it but every time she amazes everyone and pulls through it with a smile! She is such a strong woman! The house they have lived in for 11 years is falling apart.She has to walk up and down stairs which is really hard having rheumatoid arthritis.
    My dad is a volunteer firefighter in our town for two different squads and a first responder.He also works full time in a factory.My moms job was taken away from her from having to take so much time off to deal with her health.Now my parents are finally getting back on their feet, she has a job and they are getting bills paid off only to find out she has two more holes in her stomach and we are worried that she may have MRSA which is a form of staph and is fatal.I want to do something EXTRAORDINARY for mothers day! I think that filling out an app for extreme home make-over would be a little much i would love to do it but i don’t think it is right for us. any ideas?..anything…
    A house cleaning anyone know how to enter my wonderful mom in one?

  5. Kat

    Do you have rheumatoid arthritis or know some one who does ?
    5 years ago I was diagnosed with advanced rheumatoid arthritis. At the time I was under the care of a total quack !!! He treated me strictly with 3 medicines only.
    1). high doses of steroids
    2). vicodin
    3). asprin
    Yup , after a year of suffering thinking he knew his stuff I ended up in the emergency room unable to walk any more and huge lumpy nodules growing near all my joint. It looked like I had 3 elbows on one arm at one point. I was only 43 at the time and I felt like the elephant man. Everyday that passed I looked more and more misshapen and my ability to care for myself became an agonizing feat. I still remember crawling to the bath room unable to walk from the chronic pain I endured. Then one day the emergency room doctor referred me to an arthritis specialist. The specialist immediately put me on monthly infusions of a drug called ( ORENCIA )….I can walk again !!! I can even sit here and type at my key board with all my fingers !!! No more steroids and no more useless vicodin. So, do you know some one who has been diagnosed with ( RH ) ? Please tell them there is a miricle drug in use right this moment and it is fully covered under Meicare and Medi-cal coverage plans. I was a bed ridden body with bent / frozen in place / locked up joints. Now I can type and walk again. I can even hold my grandchild.

  6. Ark

    I need help with a vegetarian diet?
    I really want to go vegetarian, but my parents (Tennessee) were raised on meat.. and they refuse to let me do it, because they think it will cause Mal nutrition, well, I would like to create a Vegetarian diet, and a healthy one, so I can test it out, and prove them wrong, because I know many people that are Vegetarians, and even Vegans, and they’re in MUCH better shape than my parents are, my dad had a stroke in January, and after that it made me REALLY want to eat and live healthy, so if anyone could help me, anything is appreciative!


    1. fietsje14

      I would recommend that you get a hold of this book, called The New Becoming Vegetarian: The Essential Guide To A Healthy Vegetarian Diet. It has pages and pages detailing the specific reduction in risk for various diseases (different kinds of cancers, heart disease etc.). It talks about the myths regarding getting enough protein. It talks about the positive environmental impact and also about what substitutions you can make to be a healthy vegetarian.

      You can present them with some of the data or you can let them read for themselves.

      In the mean time, here are some of the benefits you can look forward to and can impress upon them:

      Disease Prevention

      Eating a healthy vegan diet has shown to prevent a number of diseases. Find out from the list below what you could potentially avoid just by switching to a healthy, balanced vegan way of eating.

      12. Cardiovascular disease. Eating nuts and whole grains, while eliminating dairy products and meat, will improve your cardiovascular health. A British study indicates that a vegan diet reduces the risk for heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. Vegan diets go far in preventing heart attack and stroke.
      13. Cholesterol. Eliminating any food that comes from an animal and you will eliminate all dietary cholesterol from your diet. Your heart will thank you for that.
      14. Blood pressure. A diet rich in whole grains is beneficial to your health in many ways, including lowering high blood pressure.
      15. Type 2 diabetes. Not only is a vegan diet a weapon against Type 2 diabetes, it is also “easier to follow than the standard diet recommended by the American Diabetic Association.” Read more about it here.
      16. Prostate cancer. A major study showed that men in the early stages of prostate cancer who switched to a vegan diet either stopped the progress of the cancer or may have even reversed the illness.
      17. Colon cancer. Eating a diet consisting of whole grains, along with fresh fruits and vegetables, can greatly reduce your chances of colon cancer.
      18. Breast cancer. Countries where women eat very little meat and animal products have a much lower rate of breast cancer than do the women in countries that consume more animal products.
      19. Macular degeneration. Diets with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially leafy greens, carrots, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes, can help prevent the onset of age-related macular degeneration.
      20. Cataracts. Much the same way macular degeneration is headed off by a vegan diet, cataracts are also thought to be prevented through the intake of the same fruits and vegetables. Produce high in antioxidants are also believed to help prevent cataracts.
      21. Arthritis. Eliminating dairy consumption has long been connected with alleviating arthritis symptoms, but a new study indicates that a combination of gluten-free and vegan diet is very promising for improving the health of those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.
      22. Osteoporosis. Bone health depends on a balance of neither too much or too little protein, adequate calcium intake, high potassium, and low sodium. With a healthy vegan diet, all four of these points set a perfect scenario for preventing osteoporosis.

      Physical Benefits

      In addition to good nutrition and disease prevention, eating vegan also provides many physical benefits. Find out how a vegan diet makes your body stronger, more attractive, and more energetic.

      23. Body Mass Index. Several population studies show that a diet without meat leads to lower BMIs–usually an indicator of a healthy weight and lack of fat on the body.
      24. Weight loss. A healthy weight loss is a typical result of a smart vegan diet. Eating vegan eliminates most of the unhealthy foods that tend to cause weight issues. Read more about weight loss and a vegan diet here.
      25. Energy. When following a healthy vegan diet, you will find your energy is much higher. This blog post in Happy Healthy Long Life describes how NFL tight-end Tony Gonzalez started eating vegan and gained energy–while playing football.
      26. Healthy skin. The nuts and vitamins A and E from vegetables play a big role in healthy skin, so vegans will usually have good skin health. Many people who switch to a vegan diet will notice a remarkable reduction in blemishes as well.
      27. Longer life. Several studies indicate that those following a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle live an average of three to six years longer than those who do not.
      28. Body odor. Eliminating dairy and red meat from the diet significantly reduces body odor. Going vegan means smelling better.
      29. Bad breath. Vegans frequently experience a reduction in bad breath. Imagine waking up in the morning and not having morning breath.
      30. Hair. Many who follow vegan diets report that their hair becomes stronger, has more body, and looks healthier.
      31. Nails. Healthy vegan diets are also responsible for much stronger, healthier nails. Nail health is said to be an indicator of overall health.
      32. PMS. When switching to a vegan diet, many women tell how PMS symptoms become much less intense or disappear altogether. The elimination of dairy is thought to help with those suffering with PMS.
      33. Migraines. Migraine suffers who go on vegan diets frequently discover relief from their migraines. Read more about the food-migraine connection in this article.
      34. Allergies. Reduction in dairy, meat, and eggs is often tied to alleviation of allergy symptoms. Many vegans report much fewer runny noses and congestion problems.

  7. Buggy!

    Is there a site that lets you donate money to other people?
    The question itself is very vague, so let me explain:

    I have a friend in the states who has JRA. (Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis)

    As you can imagine, she is in quite a lot of pain every day.

    I live in Canada, so I can’t aid her directly, but I was wondering if there was a site that allows you to collect donations and send them to a specific person. (Like, via credit card or paypal?)

    Please help. Her treatment costs $2,500/month, and her mother can’t afford to pay that much. The only reason they’re not homeless is because her uncle pays for a house that they live in. Even so, they have to go multiple days without food because there simply isn’t any.

    1. Jayne says READ MORE BOOKS

      Giving money to an individual is legal, but that individual has to be ready to report those gifts to the federal government for tax purposes. Your friend’s mother needs to go to the bank, open an account for her daughter, and create a paypal account to receive payments. Then you can tell your friend’s story on your Facebook page, your blog, etc., and include the bank account details or the paypal details so that anyone who wants to donate can. But your friend MUST report this money when tax time comes.

  8. Pepe

    Is a vegan/vegetarian diet healthy?
    I hear about all these “studies””done that either say It is horrible or the best thing ever…

    Which is it and are vegans or vegetarians more healthy than the other? And are they both betterthan meat-based diets

    1. Jackie

      Yes, they are healthier. Meat and dairy are the most contaminated stuff people put in their bodies. Milk has perchlorate, which is the scientific word for rocket fuel. Other than that, meat and dairy are full of antibiotics, pesticides, steroids, chemicals, industrial pollutants and hormones. Many animals are even given arsenic-laced drugs. Arsenic! And meat and dairy doesn’t even have fiber to bind these toxins and fats and help usher them out of the body. This absolutely has huge effects on the way your body is working. It absolutely has an effect on your organs, including your liver, which is responsible for your metabolism and flushing toxins and everything. The FDA lists approximately 1,700 drugs approved for use in animal feed. Of these approved drugs, at least 300 include “weight gain” in their description. However, in their book Animal Factories, Jim Mason and Peter Singer disclose an estimate of 20,000 to 30,000 drugs actually being used. Milk contains blood cells and pus because the machines hooked to the cow’s udders are painful and cause them to blister and bleed. Consuming animal products causes premature aging, as meat especially is an oxidant. Okinawans and the Hunzas are among the longest living people in the world, and their diets are little to no animal products. Veg*ns, on average, live around 13 years longer than their meat eating counterparts. Consuming animal products causes premature aging, as meat especially is an oxidant. A vegan diet, being cholesterol free and pretty much free of saturated fat, reverses heart disease. A low-fat vegan diet prevents and helps to prevent a long, growing list of diseases, including and not limited to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, obesity, stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis. Eating meat is eating second-hand protein. . .protein originating from plant sources that the animal consumed to make its own protein. However, too much protein, especially animal protein, can impair our kidneys; leach calcium, zinc, vitamin B, iron and magnesium from our bodies; and cause osteoporosis, heart disease, cancer and obesity. High amounts of protein can also damage tissues, organs and cells and contributes to faster aging. Eating a vegetarian diet actually provides twice the amount of daily needed protein.

      These don’t even begin to describe all of the reasons. I so wish people would just read and research the things they’re curious about. For starters, I would recommend The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D; Healthy at 100 by John Robbins; The Way We Eat: Why Our Food Choices Matter by Peter Singer and Jim Mason; Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.; anything by Neal barnard, etc. There is a plethora of information and reading that would benefit everyone. Also, a good blog in the making is veganjacks dot blogspot dot com

  9. weird asker

    Does a Rheumatoid arthritis patient end up at loss of mobility ?
    I am 25 years old and from my childhood I was experiencing bad pain in my joints. Nowadays that pain is getting worse and I ihave very bad inflammation at my left knee. If infected with this desease what would happen to me ? Am I going to lose my mobility because of joint destruction. I feel really down and depressed these days.

  10. nubnub_75

    My sister has a rheumatic arthritis disease. Is there ever a way to cure her?
    It is in an early stage. She is on medication but she is not crippled yet. Plz help. Thank you.

  11. Xenoni

    i want to know something about arthritis pain relief?
    Please help me out with few Natural Arthritis treatment. I wish to help out someone really near n dear to me whos like really suffering from pain.

  12. southpark213

    articles against stem cell research?
    help! for a class i need to find an article from the last three years that is against stem cell research. preferably 500-1000 words from a reputable source, not some rando ranting on a blog.

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