Nothing like a day at the beach to relax and help wash your troubles away. The beautiful ocean view and the clear blue sky has been proven to help us feel more at ease and promotes peace within. The color blue has that positive effect on us as well. Maybe it's because the color represents the clear sky, ocean and even the heavens? Christians are known to symbolize the color blue to the Virgin Mary. Jodpur is the second largest city in India and is referred to as the blue city because of it's beautifully painted blue houses. Many Hindu gods are shown having blue skin. These Hindu gods were believed to have the capacity to fight evil, which was the reason for the unique skin color. Lord Krishna, Lord Vishnu and Lord Ram were amongst the popular few. Egyptians represented the color with heaven and symbolized the color with truth.

The Lapis Lazuli is a semi-precious stone that has been said to have powerful healing qualities because of its dark blue color and pyrite crystals, which look like shining stars on a beautiful night sky. When used in meditation, the stone is believed to relieve negative emotions and increase mental clarity. Often worn by royalty, Egyptians would bury their dead with a lapis lazuli scarab because they believed it offered protection against evil spirits. Jewelry and amulets were worn in shape of a scarab for good-luck as well. A scarab is a species of beetle which was believed to be associated with the Egyptian god Khepri.

The color blue should be used in areas of the home where the most relaxation is needed and the bedroom is the best choice. There is no need to paint the entire bedroom to get the powerful healing properties of this heavenly color. One wall can be painted blue, while the rest of the walls can remain white. Blue sheets can also be used to help alleviate insomnia and lower blood pressure.

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