The unique tropism of M. leprae for peripheral nerves from large nerve trunks to microscopic dermal nerves and certain immunologically mediated reactional states are the major causes of morbidity in leprosy.

Today, with early diagnosis and the institution of appropriate and effective antimicrobial therapy, patients can lead productive lives in the community, and deformities and other visible manifestations can largely be prevented.

M. leprae is an obligate intracellular bacillus that is confined to humans, armadillos in certain locales, and sphagnum moss.
The organism is acid-fast, indistinguishable microscopically from other mycobacteria .

M. leprae grows best in cooler tissues the skin, peripheral nerves, anterior chamber of the eye, upper respiratory tract, and testes, sparing warmer areas of the skin the axilla, groin, scalp, and midline of the back.

The global prevalence of leprosy is difficult to assess. Estimates range from 0.6 to 8 million affected individuals.
Leprosy is associated with poverty and rural residence. It appears not to be associated with AIDS, perhaps because of leprosy’s long incubation period.

The route of transmission of leprosy remains uncertain, and transmission routes may in fact be multiple.
Nasal droplet infection, contact with infected soil, and even insect vectors have been considered the prime candidates.

Clinical features:
Lepra reactions comprise several common immunologically mediated inflammatory states that cause considerable morbidity.

. Type 1 Lepra Reactions
Type 1 lepra reactions occur in almost half of patients with borderline forms of leprosy but not in patients with pure lepromatous disease. Manifestations include classic signs of inflammation within previously involved macules, papules, and plaques and fever. The nerve trunk most commonly involved in this process is the ulnar nerve at the elbow, which may be painful and exquisitely tender.

Type 2 Lepra Reactions: Erythema Nodosum Leprosum
Erythema nodosum leprosum occurs exclusively in patients near the lepromatous end of the leprosy spectrum affecting nearly 50% of this group.

The most common features of ENL are crops of painful erythematous papules that resolve spontaneously in a few days to a week but may recur; malaise; and fever that can be profound.
However, patients may also experience symptoms of neuritis, lymphadenitis, uveitis, orchitis, and glomerulonephritis and may develop anemia, leukocytosis, and abnormal liver function tests .

The Extremities
Complications of the extremities in leprosy patients are primarily a consequence of neuropathy leading to insensitivity and myopathy.

Insensitivity affects fine touch, pain, and heat receptors but generally spares position and vibration appreciation.
The most commonly affected nerve trunk is the ulnar nerve at the elbow, whose involvement results in clawing of the fourth and fifth fingers, loss of dorsal interosseous musculature in the affected hand, and loss of sensation in these distributions.
Median nerve involvement in leprosy impairs thumb opposition and grasp; radial nerve dysfunction, although rare in leprosy, leads to wristdrop.

The Nose
In lepromatous leprosy, bacillary invasion of the nasal mucosa can result in chronic nasal congestion and epistaxis .
Long-untreated LL leprosy may further result in destruction of the nasal cartilage, with consequent saddle-nose deformity or anosmia

The Eye
Owing to cranial nerve palsies, lagophthalmos and corneal insensitivity may complicate leprosy, resulting in trauma, secondary infection, and corneal ulcerations and opacities.

The Testes
M. leprae invades the testes, while ENL may cause orchitis, severe testicular dysfunction, with an elevation of luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormones, decreased testosterone, and aspermia or hypospermia

Secondary amyloidosis is a complication of LL leprosy and ENL that is encountered infrequently in the antibiotic era. This complication may result in abnormalities of hepatic and particularly renal function.

Nerve Abscesses
Patients with various forms of leprosy, but particularly those with the BT form, may develop abscesses of nerves with an adjacent cellulitic appearance of the skin.

Leprosy most commonly presents with both characteristic skin lesions and skin histopathology.
The diagnosis should be confirmed by histopathology.
Biopsies of normal-appearing skin are also generally diagnostic.
Tuberculoid lesions may not
(1) appear typical
(2) be hypesthetic
(3) contain granulomas but only nonspecific lymphocytic infiltrates.

IgM antibodies to PGL-1 are found in 95% of untreated lepromatous leprosy patients

Differential diagnosis
Lupus vulgaris
Granuloma annulare
Various other disorders causing hypo pigmentation (pityriasis alba, tinea, and vitiligo).

32 thoughts on “Know About Hansens Disease

  1. j

    i was just diagnosed with systemic lupus erythmetosis,how do i get help?
    i was just diagnosed with s l e [lupus] yesterday.i am very sick from it.i am scared.i came home from the doctors and tried to talk to my husband to tell him about the diagnosis.he literally would not stand still long enough.i found myself talking to his back whilst chasing him down as he proceeded with lawn chores.he does not seem to understand just how serious it is.neither do my kids,who are 15 and 13.they act like lazy spoiled son is awful.he berades me,calls me names and is just plain daughter is extremely husband doesnt care.i am having a really tough time in keeping up with my housework and such.i have asked my husband to help so many times that i just do not bother any extended family does not care much either.for example-my mother in law was suppossed to take me to my doctors appointment yesterday because i am feelin too ill to drive.she never showed so i drove mother was planning a cruise for the past year and i agreed to petsit 7 cockatiel birds for her.this was a year ago before i got sick.she still forced them on me to take care of for 14 days whilst she went on a cruise,even though i have been living in the hospital for three months,even though she knows how sick i sister calls me to ask me to babysit her 4 kids all the time.she even tried to get me to watch them yesterday after i returned from 5 hours at the hospital having all kinds of tests and the awful diagnosis of lupus! all i wanted to do was go home and go to bed! how do i get people to understand how sick i am,or how serious this is?
    wow jb HARSH i was not looking for attention,and trust me i did not create my lazy kids.they created themselves.they do NOT own phones or tvs.pretty much all they have is food and a roof over their heads as we are not at all wealthy.i DO assign them chores,they refuse to do i to physically drag them to the chore?geesh, i was just asking for some ideas to get my family to understand this disease and my limitations.i am not an attention junkie.i hate this. i am not one to lean on others and this is hard for me. very very harsh…
    you people are awful humans.just hope in humanity is gone.

    1. N

      J B is going around giving bad advice, shes made like 15 in the last hour…

      im sorry about your kids, i would suggest talking to your husband when you are getting ready for bed; he’ll probably have stopped moving by then? tell him everything you told us and im sure hell be there to help you. if you have to, tell him you have 6 months to live; i mean fuck you have to get a break!

      your husband can talk to the kids; i don’t know where the fuck your son gets off calling you names and being cruel… i wouldn’t know how to approach that; im only a kid myself, but let me tell you what if i had a kid who would do such things i would end up beating him… maybe you can send him to a psychiatrist, but you said your not wealthy (i’ve lived that). the only other thing would be to tell him you are a goddamn human being and need to be treated as such.

      as far as your extended family goes, tell them “no”… that is probably the simplest part of your problem here. anytime they ask you for a favor say “im dying, no”. if they have a heart they will do favors for you, if not then your family is fucked up.

      like i said im really sorry you’re in this position, all i can say is i would never have let my life fall apart like that… maybe you need to get out of the house for a while.

      however old you are, you’re still young and you can start a new life; with or without your family. they can change, but if they arent willing to then theres not much you can do; like you said what are u supposed to do? physically drag them?

  2. stonelinton

    Is there cause for a VA claim? What claim?
    Upon returning from Iraq I was diagnosis with latent TB. The VA started me on Isoniziad (INH). I immediately began to have joint pains and regularly sprained/twisted my ankle, knee and wrist during common daily activities.
    I visited the VA six times regarding pain, swelling, and discoloration from injuries. The VA performed x-rays and prescribed Motrin and ice. After six months I went to a private doctor that referred me for a MRI that showed torn ligaments in my wrist and a partial tear in my ACL and meniscus. I had to have knee surgery and further review on my wrist is needed. When I brought these results to the VA they terminated they INH.
    Common side effects of INH is joint pain, and sometimes drug induced lupus. The VA during the six months had me tested for arthritis, gout . . . they were on the right track but never hit the target. I feel that had they diagnosed properly I would not have to live with limited knee and wrist movement and pain . . . and avoided surgery.

  3. greenteacici

    Why am I sick so much???? 12-24 times a year?
    First a few statistics:
    I am 19
    I attend college (2yrs completed) but live off campus where I rent a room with 1 middle aged woman that has 3 kids that are barely around since they are generally with their father
    I have had this problem 3 years for sure at this rate and farther back at a lower rate
    I am not a person that likes to touch my face (getting enough acne makes one quit quickly) and if I do by chance its putting a curled fist under my chin
    I am not extreme when it comes to how many times I wash my hand but when I do I do it thoroughly
    When Im sick it’s (pulling a guessing stat outta my butt but it really has got to be around there) 9 out of 10 times its the flu or flu like symptoms
    (Another ‘outta my butt’ stat) I have gotten to the point that I will randomly check my temperature, when I feel well and haven’t been sick for a few days and feel fit as a fiddle, 7 or 8 out of 10 times I still have a temperature above 100.5 F , mostly ranging 100.5F- 101.5F [After being sick I make sure my fever is away for at least 3 days w/o use of medicine]
    I am showing increasing photosensitivity, including sun induced eczema in my ears, knees, elbows-lower arms
    Increasing amounts of cold sores
    Generally no headaches, what I do get is fever, chills, aches, diarrhea
    My great grandmother had lupus and my mother has it…dunno if that may be something
    So far I’ve just done very generalized bloodwork that has been normal and am waiting for results on more extensive bloodwork
    I am not a vegentarian, I dont really like meat so I dont each much but still some everyday to try and be as well rounded on food and vitamins as possible

    So from that what are some likely things since I doubt that it’s because of not washing my hands enough or sharing things with sick people (which I absolutely dont I fear them like the plague,… or even sharing things in general, i dont do that).

    Please let me know what you think?

    *My doctor probably is not even considering Lupus since my mother and I are not ‘connected’ medical wise and Im ‘not allowed’ to mention my family history since I guess its a pain in the butt thing to be tagged as having in regards to insurance- if enough people think it is lupus I’ll probably go ahead though I am also waiting and seeing what unfolds since Lupus generally takes years to put everything together for a diagnosis

    1. Boɳɛs

      You do need to mention that you have a family history of Lupus, otherwise a general practitioner may not even think to test for it. It’s better to be safe than sorry and at least rule it out if you suspect it.

  4. Ptkds

    Where do I go next? Mystery illness needs a diagnosis.?
    I need some help. I have some helth problems and no one can tell me what is wrong. I am overweight, 33 years old, female, 4 kids, celiac disease, low thyroid and thyroid nodules (benign), history of recurrent kidney stones, sleep apnea (treated with cpap that maintians O2 levels at 97%).
    Here are my symptoms:
    Shortness of breath on exertion,
    racing heart,
    occasional heart palpitations,
    pitting edema,
    edema in my upper abdominal area that causes pain,
    extreme fatigue,
    can’t sleep flat – even with cpap on (have to sleep propped up),
    muscles become extremely weak and tired after minimal use, including jaw muscles when I chew, cheek muscles when I smile, and muscles around eyes when I squint.

    I have an increased sed rate with no explanation. Lupus, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, lung disease, heart disease have all been ruled out. I recently had an abnormal stress test that showed: “mild worsening in the mid anterior wall on stress imaging when compared with rest imaging. . . . appears to be significant fixed defect with at least mild ischemia of the mid anterior wall present.” An angiogram was performed with completely normal results. They said my arteries looked “perfect.”

    My question is, where do I go from here? I just don’t know what kind of dr to go see. I am so frustrated. My PCP doesn’t even know what to do anymore. I am being treated with so many medicines that it’s pathetic. I am tired of “living” like this (it sure doesn’t feel like living, more like just surviving). I want answers and I want it fixed. Any ideas of what I can do and where I can go?

  5. Melanie P

    Anyone have Lupus or know any information on it?
    I have been living with the diagnosis for 7 years. The medications seem to make me more sick? Does anyone know of any meds that actually made them feel better. Right now my symptoms are swollen, sore joints. Fatigue. Uncontrolled diarrhea. And hair loss. Anyone with experience? I am taking plaquenil, silica and prednisone but things seem to be getting worse. My C3 and C4 complements are very low. Any suggestions?

    1. sarge

      I’m sorry you are suffering with this disease. My daughter has had lupus for about 15 years. There is some exciting new study going on involving Cytoxan. Contact Drexel University School of Medicine in Philadelphia, Medical College of Wisconsin or John Hopkins Medical Center. Contact the Lupus Center at (410)614-1573 for info or email them at God bless you.

  6. Michael B.

    Unexplained medical problems?
    I am a 22 year old male. I have always been a little overweight since I was a child. I have a history of asthma and depression, but other than that I have always been relatively healthy. In the last few years I have noticed some changes going on. Some things have been happening that have really concerned me in one way or another. I usually attribute it to anxiety and choose to ignore it. Let me start from the beginning.

    About 3 or 4 years ago I noticed some odd rashes on my skin. Brown in color, oddly shaped, but it was a consistent shape. it sometimes got lighter or darker but now it has almost disappeared. A few weeks ago I noticed some similar patches around my neck and shoulder area. I figured it was odd so I did what most other people do when they have a medical question but are too broke to go see a doctor… Web MD! I know reading that stuff will give you a panic attack just thinking about what you could have but hey, it was something. After checking some symptoms I googled some images of skin rashes hoping to match up what I had with someone else who had been diagnosed with something. I came across something that looked very similar, and it told me it was a lupus rash. I did some research and found out more about it but I figured the skin rash part of it was nothing to worry about and people just lived with it. However some new symptoms have me wondering.

    Last winter was horrible for me. I don’t know what I caught but it really knocked me on my butt for about three days. I had a severe fever and fatigue, but after 3 days of rest I felt better. Unfortunately somehow I ended up with an extreme case of Bronchitis which aggravated my asthma symptoms. I started taking my asthma medication again (I had stopped for the last 5 years because I never had anymore symptoms since I was a kid) and on some nights when I felt I couldn’t breathe I also took an albuterol nebulizer and my symptoms started to improve. One day I was at my fiance’s house and some things started to happen. On top of my allergies to her cats I kept coughing because of this bronchitis I couldn’t shake. I started having chest pains which freaked me out so I drove myself to the local Emergency Room. The diagnosis was Allergy induced asthma, and bronchitis with bronchospasms. I was prescribed a steroid (prednisone) to open up my airways and sure enough I got better. However one thing I notice now is that I sometimes feel like I don’t get enough air, like I can’t breathe in deep enough. It seems to happen more when I eat a lot so I have been avoiding eating as well. This really concerns me.

    I was not feeling well last night and I was searching online as usual for an answer. Out of the possible causes list of my symptoms (of about 50 different causes), up popped that name again. Lupus. Sigh.

    So I did some more searching to lupus related to some of my symptoms. These result alarmed me. I read a few personal accounts where people who had tested positive for lupus were experiencing very similar symptoms to what I have been feeling. One story was of a 10 year old girl who DIED from complications to lupus and MRSA. That scared the crap out of me. My fiance is pregnant and due later this year so I really want to make sure I am around for a long time to take care of her and my child. I just started a new job and another thing that alarmed me was when I had a drug test the report said they found trace amounts of protein in my urine. Hmm. Did some searching and the cause of that was also associated with symptoms of lupus. I am away from home for 4 weeks out of the month as an over the road truck driver and I have little time to be messing around with doctor’s appointments. Do I sound crazy or do I have reason to be concerned?

  7. Esha

    how many of you have or know someone with lupus – and how did you get it diagnosed?
    hi, i live in the uk and myself, my family and even my doctors know i have lupus, although struggling to get a diagnosis as it hasnt shown up in my blood test or skin biopsy. i suffer from awful butterfly rashes on my face, am prone to infections, when i am particularly rund down rings appear all over my body, i am suffering with terrible arthritis, especially in the mornings amongst many other things. now they want to do a bone marrow biopsy, which im afraid of. why do i need the official diagnosis if im already receiving all the medication. so how did u discover you had it, and how does it affect you? thanks xx

  8. Lori

    Syndrome? Disease? Cancer? Aneurysm? Please help me help myself with my medical mystery!?
    I feel as though my “ordeal” should be featured on the television show Mystery Diagnosis (hah).

    Over two years ago I started having tolerable pain around/above my left scapula. The pain progressed to intolerable and has never went away.

    The pain is persistent and doesn’t feel better with heat, ice, tylenol, ibuprofen, massages or posture. It’s a deep, tight pain. In the last year and a half the knot of pain has spread into my left arm. My arm isn’t really in pain, but I have uncomfortable warm tingling and weakness that goes throughout my arm and into my fingers (especially the pinkie and ring finger).

    I went to an Orthopedic doctor and ended up getting four x-rays. When he viewed them he found bilateral “extra bone growth” on my cervical spine (point c7, to be exact). In medical terms that means I have congenital small ribs in my lower neck that aren’t supposed to be there. Also, he found that I have minor scoliosis of the upper back that bends to the left. For some reason he ordered for me to get a Bone Scan. It came back healthy and there was nothing “wrong.”

    Months after that I started having bluish fingernails and toe nails and stiff joints. I went to a regular doctor (who completely dismissed the pain above my left scapula and discomfort in my arm, by the way) and he ordered a complete blood panel, a test for autoimmune diseases, and a lyme disease test. He thought maybe I have lupus or something. Everything that was tested came back normal and healthy. The only thing that was a little off was that my white blood cell count was a tad higher than normal. Fierce general disappointment and anger — also from him ignoring the pain in my back and weirdness in my arm.

    Exactly the spot where I have constant pain (above/on left scapula) there is thing that moves around if you massage it (although it is not a superficial lump), which my right side does not have so I know this isn’t normal. The lump, like, snaps and clicks. And when I move my left arm in full circles that area clicks and sounds like it it grinding against something, whereas my right side is normal.

    Also, I’ve been to the ER twice from the pain and the doctors and nurses just scoff at me. One time a nurse took my blood pressure and it was 154/110. She just said, “Oh, that can’t be right,” and didn’t even bother to take it again — just walked away. That certainly shouldn’t be right, indeed! I’m a 24-year-old female of average weight and I’m a vegetarian! Anyway, they gave me an x-ray and some majorly condescending doctor just said, “Your x-ray just shows some arthritis in your shoulder. Don’t worry, you’ll live.” First of all, it’s not even my shoulder that hurts. What.

    So, what’s going on with me? Does anyone have any ideas, since the doctors I’ve been to are lazy and/or uncaring?

    Here’s the symptom list:
    *Mainly and most important*:
    .Never-ending pain above my left scapula (for 2+ years)
    .Warm tinging and weakness in my left arm and fingers

    .Bluish nails
    .Muscular aches all over
    .On-and-off joint stiffness (with minor discoloration and swelling)
    .Periods of mysterious bruising on my upper thighs
    .Left thigh pain/tightness
    .Increased intraocular pressure in left eye (rare for my age says the Eye M.D.)
    .Periods of extreme vertigo, where everything in my sight seems to tilt to one side for one second. Then I become disorientated for 10 minutes afterward. Scary when it happened while I was driving.
    .Hair began falling out much more than usual. My hair got thinner.

    Note: A lot of my “oddities” are on the left side of my body — left eye, left scapula, left arm, left thigh, minor scoliosis bending to the left. Hmm..

    All and any help appreciated! I’m desperate for opinions and/or answers! Thanks.

  9. termn8or3000

    I am currently told that with a diagnosis of crohns disease and lupus together i have about 5 yrs to live tru?
    also, i am currently on prednisone and several other meds for these diseases and morphine and duladid for the pain. Is this normal for these diseases?
    I failed to mention that i have just got out of the hospital where i was informed that my heart and lungs are under attack by the lupus and that part of my right lung is collapsed and dead and may require surgery to prevent p.e’s. i am using an albuterol inhaler to help me breath but it still feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest at times. i also suffer from fibromyalgia so my pain is constant and never ending now. i used to be an extremely active and muscled police officer but have wathched this disappear as these diseases have advanced rapidly .

    1. grammadebbie50

      No it is not true. Both diseases will go into remission with proper treatment.
      While it is true that the high use of steroids over a long period of time can cause heart damage, most people go off or reduce them when they are not in a flare.

      Opiad meds used to treat the pain is normal and very much warranted.

  10. James R

    Need Help with Medical Diagnosis – Urgently?
    Patient is a 74 year old female with long history of severe osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. She has never smoked and her SATs were normally in the upper nineties before current illness. She under went partial shoulder replacement surgery on 2 April. The shoulder became dislocated during rehab and a second surgery was performed to correct the dislocation on 21 April. She remained in sling with little to no PT until 20 June. Very mild PT was begun at her retirement home by a home health care company. The home health care nurse noted her SATs were often in the lows nineties. Following a routine doctors visit she complained of having chest pain when breathing and shortness of breath about a half hour after returning home.

    She was transported to the ER and diagnosed with pericarditis and admitted to the hospital Wed 8 July. She was placed on 2 liters of O2 via cannula. She had a couple of episodes of atrial fibrillation Wed night and Thursday night during which her heart rate went to approximately 120 bpm. She was placed on medication to reduce her heart rate and converted to normal sinus rhythm both times. The heart rate medication IV was discontinued by Friday morning and she seemed to be improving on Friday. She was able to get out of bed and use the bedside latrine with little or no help. She was alert and able to feed her self.

    Saturday afternoon she went into atrial fibrillation again and this time her heart rate went to 180 bpm. The IV used to control heart rate was restarted and she converted back to sinus rhythm. Her breathing seems to ave steadily gotten worse following this incident. First she went from the cannula at 2 liters of O2 to a mask at full O2 and then to BiPAP and is now on a ventilator in ICU.

    Cardiac echo tests have indicated heart is strong and no sign of valve problems. The fluid in the pericardium is now minimal. Her BP has been generally low in the 90/45 range with fluctuations (probably due to medications and sleep cycle changes).

    Family History:
    Mother deceased at age 38 cause leukemia. Father deceased age 68 lung cancer detected when he experience atrial-fib episode. Grandmother certain history of tuberculosis or Lupus. One maternal uncle died with Lupus. One first cousin with Lupus currently living. Brother with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

    The doctors have told me her RH factor and ANA are both negative although I have not seen those test results. Her white count is normal and thus a infection is not thought to be the cause; however she has been treated with first Bacrum DS and is now on a Levaquin IV.

    Her lungs seem to be filling with fluid and getting worse as time goes on.


    The following are the test results which are outside of normal range:

    Absol Lymphslow0.4
    D DimerQuanthigh0.76
    GFR est AAlow47
    GFR est AAAlow39
    Anion Gaplow4
    C React Prothigh8.8

    Any thoughts on possible underlying causes or suggestions of tests which should be run would be greatly appreciated!
    Yes she has had three chest xrays so far. They have indicated more fluid in the lungs each time. Actually I have not heard the results of yesterdays xray yet.

    Thanks for your suggestions I will ask her doctors about that today!
    She had no history of chest pain prior to the onset last week. Unfortunately she was unable to lie on the table for VQ scan due to her spinal curvature as a result of spinal fractures from osteoporosis.
    I asked the doctor about pulmonary embolism. They did perform a CT pulmonary angiogram which revealed no abnormality. That doctor now says his best opinion is ARDS but was still not able to define the underlying cause. They are treating with anti-biotics as I said earlier. The doctor says that the signs of inflammation and anemia would tend to indicate a possible chronic infection. I asked again about autoimmune causes especially since Lupus and RA are prevalent in other family members. The doctor says both rheumatoid factor and ANA are negative; but one doctor made mention of something funny with test results where RF was positive one day and then negative the next. I still have not gotten a good answer about that today I will demand to see the tests results myself.
    One other thought comes to mind since her hemoglobin was low she was given a transfusion on either Thursday or Friday last week. It was on the Saturday following that when she appeared to take a nose dive from what was an improving condition. Perhaps some transfusion reaction is the cause of the turn for the worse????

    1. mrs d

      i would definatley be looking towards pulmonary embolism.

      raised d dimer, prev h/o chest pain, recent surgery,she needs a vq scan. has she had a plain chest xray?

  11. monroe

    I’ve heard that a persistent dry cough can sometimes be a symptom of undetected cancer. Is there a link ?
    My mother’s dear friend Anne, who felt generally ill, had a persistent, dry cough. Her “coughing fits” often resembled chocking. Having underwent many medical procedures, doctors/specialists could never pin-point the cause of her ailments, nor her cough. My mother had read that such a cough was often a sign of cancer. Three years later, Anne was diagnosed with colon cancer, and succomb to the disease 2 yrs later. Unfortunately, my mother, a non-smoker, has developed the same cough as Anne, brought on by eating, drinking, laughing, and anything in between. We even went to see a Pulmonary specialist, who was unable to offer a diagnosis. She and I have many ailments, and both suffer from Fibromyalgia and Lupus, but neither list such a cough as a possible symptom. My mother is my best friend and soul mate, and I can’t imagine living without her. At 65, she has a lot more living to do, such as walking me down the aisle and holding her grandchild. Any and all suggestions are appreciated

    1. blaze23

      If this cough is brought on by eating, drinking maybe it could be GERD (acid reflux) a dry hacking cough is common with that and happens after consuming food or drinks. My husband has it. Has she ever been tested for allergies. I have “allergy cough” and have coughing “fits” for what appears to be no rhyme or reason for and this was my diagnosis. I take Singulair and Nasonex and it helps quite a bit. Just some ideas. Best of luck my dear.

  12. Carey L

    Anyone else living with fibromyalgia?
    After a lot of tests, pain and even wrong diagnosis (I was told I had lupus), it was determined I had lymes disease and fibromyalgia. I’ve been living with it for two years, avoiding medication, but now the pain and flares are too frequent to not have some help. I’d like to know what you are taking for medication, how you deal with the pain, and any recommendation’s you might have. I was treated for lyme disease but I am still dealing with some residual problems as it went so long untreated.

  13. Plain Lady

    Is there a doctor in the house? Our family could use some doctor detectives!?
    We have been dealing with something for months now with no answers. Here are the symptoms starting with the head and moving down: headache (tear duct corner of eyes/eyebrows right eye especially, temple area or sometimes “behind” the eyes, then up over the head right side especially and back to the base of the skull), neck ache and fullness, shoulder, back, rotater cuff pain, some chest pain, GI issues with frequent stool changes from constipation to diahrea, nausea/stomach pain but no vomiting, no fever but elevated blood pressure. I have developed a ringing in my left ear as a result of all this. I had a dizzy spell that woke me up at 2am. I had an MRI done with the result of a spot on my cerebellum. Neurology gave the diagnosis of a stroke. I would have accepted that until my 17 yo son came to me with similar symptoms as myself. Another doctor said it very well could be a virus.

    I had an ANA blood test done with a 5.9 result. I requested my 17 yo son have one done with a 3.0 result the first time then he had another at 3.2. My 15 yo son started to complain of similar symptoms so I requested an ANA blood test for him…result of1.5. I’m aware that you can have a “positive” blood test and nothing be wrong with you. I’ve had blood tests going down the lupus autoimmune line. All results so far are normal.

    We had a hired girl here on the farm and found out that she has HPV. (We have since asked her to leave.) I realize this is primarily sexually transmitted but I tell you about her because I’ve wondered if there is something else she may have had that could be contagious.

    I just had my 3rd MRI this past Monday and was at Rheumetology this past Wednesday. Spot on cerebellum seems to be getting better…followup appt is next week to discuss. Rheumetology doesn’t seem to have any input. Will get a written summary in the mail.

    We just need some ideas of what to test for. I’m not one to wait for the doctors to think of something. If I come up with something, I go to them with a suggestion.

    My head pain started a little back in October (about a month and a half after this chickypoo started working here). It subsided then flared up big time on Dec 10. My 17 yo son started with stomach issues the beginning of December. We have a husband and wife living here on the farm who would have been in closer contact with the hired girl. The wife is complaining of similar symptoms. I’m trying to bribe her to get and ANA blood test.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask. We are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Very frustrating.

  14. pops

    I have just been diagnosed with a connective tissue disease (lupus). Can I claim disability living allowance?
    I applied in July & was knocked back but since then I have had a diagnosis & my knees have got a lot worse with lupus arthritis & I can’t walk without being in a lot of pain. I phoned the DWP to inform them of the new information but I was told they don’t consider the illness, just the effect it has on my ability to walk. I told her I can’t walk without being in pain but she basically said I still have the ability to walk so in their eyes things haven’t changed since July. It’s going to the decision maker again anyway but it does not sound promising at all.

    Any advice on tackling these people would be much appreciated!

    1. english_rose10

      The criteria is that if u cannot walk (think its 25 yards) then u r eligible, but check this out. I would say u wld be entitled to it from what u have said. Have a word with yr gp, he/she will know and they will always help u and sign yr form. Good luck. The CAB will always help u too to fill in the appropriate forms. Dont be deterred from what the call centre tells u, go ahead. The form is pretty horrendous, its like a book!! But do go for it, u r entitled to it.

  15. Stubbylegs

    Need a diagnosis! It went from Lupus to Fibromyalgia, to Sjorgens?
    My mom has been going to Dr’s for the past few yrs trying to fing out what is wrong w/ her. She has horrible aches and pains. She went to Roumatoid Dr said she had Lupus of the joints to live with it, then they said no you have Fibromyalgia (she had a flair up once so bad she had to go to the ER)and now they added Sjogens. She used to have boarder line thyroid problems she took meds for yrs ago, but now they say she is boarderline and doesn’t need them. She had red, swollen gums for a while and no one could tell her what it was from. One DR said only Lupus patients had that. Her eyes are dry all the time(have been for yrs) also has a dry mouth, and her jaw will lock up on her to where she can’t eat and it has always popped. She works nights at a Rice mill doing heavy labor and everytime she bumps her self she will get a huge purple bruise. She also has Migrains at least three times a week. She is a little over weight but not that much. What could she have? Any help please. Thank
    She has went to numerouse DR’s and had all the blood tests etc. Every DR seems to tell her something new. Thanks to all who have answered

  16. morgan. ♥

    I’m suffering with crohnic pain, no diagnosis, tons of doctors and it’s getting worse?
    I literally don’t know what to do. I’ve had crohnic, severe abdominal pain since I was 13 (and I’m well over 20) and it has ruined my life. I dropped out of sports, school, lost friends, and have spent 1/3 of my life in the ER and hospital. I’m married now, and I can’t live like this anymore. I’ve been to over 50 doctors in the past 8 years, and nobody will diagnosis me with anything. They just send me elsewhere and say good luck. And pain meds or actual TESTS besides blood work everytime I go, FORGET IT.

    These are my symptoms;
    – severe stomach pain all over, a stabbing pain that makes me scream bloody murder and roll around on the floor…it feels like i’m being killed. everyday. 80% of the day. i’m literally losing my mind dealing with this.
    – constant nausea.
    – severe headaches.
    – fatigue.
    – chronic diahhera.
    – worsening pain after i eat.
    – joint pain.

    The pain has gotten so bad that I can’t take care of my house, or myself. I have had doctors say I’ve had lupus…then I don’t. Then I have crohn’s disease…then I don’t. Then it’s IBS, then it’s not. Then it’s MENTAL, then it’s not. I’m literally at the end of myself.

    What do I do to get some help?
    Nobody will prescribe me pain meds either because I’m young and they think it’s “unneccesary.” But I can’t keep living like this, I don’t want to live on pain meds but I can’t suffer like I’m dying constantly.

    OH, I have recurring kidney stones, tacchycardia and endometriosis.
    Any tips or ideas? 🙁

    1. ★☆W.a.b.b.y✿❀

      I’m sorry you’re going through this. Your symptoms point directly to Celiac Disease. You don’t mention you’ve been tested for it and unfortunately just because you have many/nearly all of the symptoms doesn’t mean you have it. It would surprise me if you hadn’t been tested for it because in the past 10 years it’s got a lot more publicity and doctors seem to be diagnosing it a lot more. I would recommend you ask to be tested for it again. Even if they tested you recently, ask to be tested again and ask for the FULL CELIAC PANEL. There are a few antibodies that are found in people with Celiac Disease, some only have one, others have them all.

      I’m assuming, since you’ve seen so many doctors, you’ve seen a gastroenterologist? They would be the specialist you should keep seeing. If you’re not happy with your first one, ask to be seen by another one, and so on until you get someone who will listen. Trust me, I know it can be so tiring and it’s the last thing you want to do, but if that next doctor could be the one that has all the answers for you, isn’t it worth it?

      Have you got a good GP? I know that makes a huge difference. Specialists can be horrible and they like to think they know everything, but when they don’t know about you, they’ll fob you off. If you’ve got a good GP who’ll advocate for you, then you’ll get a lot further.

      This isn’t in your head and you’re not mental. It’s probably not Lupus, it could be an inflammatory bowel disease or it could be a severe case of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It’s likely some of your abdominal pain is caused by the endometriosis, but not to the degree you describe. Have you had an endoscope? A colonscopy? A stool sample?

      It sounds like you’ve been fobbed off by so many doctors, but please don’t give up.


  17. Natasha

    I live in Las Vegas, NV, does anyone know a doctor who is willing to prescribe pain meds?
    For the past 6 years I have been experiencing extreme whole-body pain, but my spine is what really kills me day after day. I had a baby 17 months ago and all of my pain symptoms seemed to go away for the most part during that time. But after my child was born, the pain came back worse than ever before. I forgot to mention I’m a 25yr old female.
    Not only did I start having severe pain in my back, but also in my limbs, hands, feet, shoulders, hips, knees, and muscles. For whatever reason, I started getting noticeable tremors, severe cramps and spasms in different parts of my body (especially my legs and back), migraines (at least 5 times a month), pins and needles, and temporary paralysis that would start in my hands and eventually go up my arm and into my face. On top of all this I have many other issues that began like IBS, frequent urination, extreme fatigue but insomnia at night, ice cold hands and feet, the list goes on and on.
    I wake up every morning feeling like I’m so stiff and in so much pain that I can barely stand it. The pain has come to the point where I can’t sleep even with sleeping meds. Laying down for too long causes my back to burn like its on fire. I also wake up with horrible swelling, mainly in my hands, joints, and face.
    I recently went to the ER back in August and they said I could possibly have MS, fibromyalgia, a rare form of migraines, Lupus, etc. I got a referral to a nuerologist who I’ve been seeing for a month now. I had a Ct scan and MRI of my head with nothing abnormal. But he wants me to get all these other tests I can’t afford until I find work. Since I’ve had endometriosis and ovarian cysts since I was 15 years old, I have a high tolerance to Lortab. So for the pain, my doc put me on Lortab 10mg at first (which did nothing), then Nucynta (which gave me horrible side effects), and now he will only give me 50 Percocet 7.5mg taking 1 every 8 hours which does not help. Supposedly, this is for “breakthrough” pain, and I guess he is NOT understanding that I have pain 24/7.
    I went down to his office recently and tried to explain that I have to take at least 2 percocet every 6 hrs for any pain to be relieved and since I’m trying to find work, I care for my child full-time, and I’m in the process of moving, I need to have reliable pain management. I forgot to mention I’m also taking Lyrica and Ibuprofen. He basically made me feel like I was a “drug-seeker” because I was making up these dramatic stories about my life in order to get pity. I asked him how he expects me to pay for these procedures and tests if I can’t work due to pain, and he once again made me feel like I was a drug-seeker. And let me just say that I’m highly against street drugs, alchohal, and medication abuse.
    So now I’m at a loss of what to do. I’m not asking to be put on super strong pain meds like morphine or something, I just want something that works, and enough of it that my quality of life improves for me so I can take care of my son, work, and go back to school. I’m seeing a rhuematologist on november 9th, and hopefully he will be more concerned and caring then how I’m being treated right now.

    But my main question is, is there anyone living here in Las Vegas, NV that has a doctor who has a good bedside manner, listens to their patients, and isn’t against pain meds??? I’d really rather not be on any meds at all but until I can get a diagnosis, I can’t be living in extreme pain like this.
    I haven’t had an MRI of my spine yet, or even and x-ray. But, my neurologist prescribed me Lyrica and that helped with the pain in my body but not in my back AT ALL. I’m on oxycodone 7.5mg/325 but its not even worth taking because the pain is so severe that it doesn’t help. I try explaining this to doctors and they think because I’m petite that I should be able to to take a lortab and be fine. I feel like i’m being undertreated due to people who actually do abuse drugs.

    1. JMITW

      a doctor is going to want to do tests to find out what is wrong before prescibing a lot of meds

      this does not sound like fibromyalgia

      you say your back seems to be the focus of the problem.have you had mri of the spine?

  18. Out on a limb returns

    What to expect with a diagnosis of Purpura Fulmicans and Lupus Anticoagulant w/possible Phophosilid syndrome?
    My 20 month old daughter was recently diagnosed with this in a Children’s Hospital she was sent to. I’ve looked on line, but I can’t find anything on living with it, life expectancy, or any preventative measures to take. All I can find is some descriptions and a few pictures. I know it’s rare, but surely someone can give me some advice.

    1. mgunnycappo

      God, I’m so sorry about the diagnosis. Purpura Fulmicans is usually associated with some underlying infection such as meningitis. It can decrease the blood flow/pressure, sometimes causing digits to be amputated. The Lupus Anticoagulant/Antiphospholipid Syndrome is a clotting disease that can be treated with blood thinners/aspirin. Blood clots are common in people with APS and early onset usually implies greater complications.

      The primary issue is finding the underlying cause of the Purpura Fulmicans and treating it. Usually this will subside after the cause is treated. APS is a different story and is a lifelong issue. There is a much higher rate of heart attack and stroke in people with APS, however, with vigilant treatment lifespan can be normal.

      My wife has APS and Lupus and is doing just fine. She has had two blood clots and a heart attack but survived them all because we knew what was going on.

  19. Girl

    Does this count as a suicide attempt on my record?
    I was 15 yrs old at the time… going through a very hard time and puberty.. My mom had recently beeen diagnosed with LUPUS and she was having thyroid problems. She was taking all her frustration on me by demanding extra chores and being mean to me. One afternoon after spending ALL DAY at the hospital because my grandmother had surgery I went home and the first thing my mom says was to clean my room. It was 11pm and I was exhausted so I ignored her.. she went ballistic and started threatening my dad to kick me out of the house or she was going to abandon him and my siblings… so when my dad heard this he almost slapped her but he contained himself then she said “I’d rather not live here with her because it’s HELL!”

    I ran to my room and I took like 5 tylenol pills thinking “She wants me gone so i’ll be gone!” and soon after that my sis found me taking them and was rushed to ER without any damage or anything. I was not even depressed… i was just very Shocked and scared by what my mom said.

    I WANT TO JOIN COAST GUARD should i be honest? or will this disqualify me immediately?
    I was not depressed, nor have I been depressed. Also, during college I went to the counseling services and I was being treated for minor school related stress and some trouble dealing with my grandfather’s death. I was also having trouble with my abusive boyfriend and this gave ground to my counselor “with only a master’s degree” to categorize me as a BIPOLAR hahaha i immediately stopped going because this was outrageous! this lady with a master’s degree and no P.hD was not authorized to make a diagnosis.

    I later went to the psychiatrist to straight things out and my so called counselor, tried to influence him on saying that I was in fact bipolar but otherwise showed no signs other than (loving and not loving one day my abusive boyfriend) He tried to put me on anti-psychotics but I’ve been keeping a 3.00GPA and perfect attendance NO PROBLEMS.

    So, what happens now? Do I have to go with the psychiatrist and have him evaluate me again and dismiss all this crap as nonsense? Can I go to a different one? How can I get myself out of this mess?

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