DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid; it carries the information of the genes in the body cells. The DNA is located in the cell Nucleus. The Human body consists of nearly 3 billion bases of which approximately 99% are similar in all human beings, what distinguishes each human being from the other is the arrangement of the DNA i.e. its sequence and order and pairing.

An important characteristic of DNA is that it can duplicate itself and make exact blueprints of itself. It becomes vital when cells divide because each new cell has an accurate copy of the DNA present in the old cell. It is a thin, long and looks like a string. A person's colour of the eyes, hair, and density of bones, built is governed by DNA.

DNA testing is also done for immigration. There is an extensive choice of testing methods available to ascertain the biological relationship for immigration; it includes both paternity and maternity tests.

At Determigene, DNA testing immigration is a simple process. For undertaking the DNA Testing for immigration, Paperwork from the Embassy is needed that requests for the proof of relationship between the client and the beneficiary. Complete contact information of the person is recorded before the test is taken like full name, residence address and contact details. Before initiating the test a half payment is submitted by the client.

After the preliminary formalities are completed, the DNA collection kit that consists of Forms for submission, instructions on sampling & is sent to the Embassy. Thereafter the Embassy arranges the beneficiary's appointment to collect the sample in the foreign country. This sometimes can be time consuming due to limited staff availability at the embassy. As for the client within the country arrangement for sample collection at a convenient location is made.

Post collection of the sample it is sent back to the laboratories. After all the required samples have reached the laboratory the DNA test is completed within a time span of 2-5 days, this depends on the kind of test performed.

The DNA tests are released once the full payment has been made, the DNA test results with vivid explanation are sent to the immigration officials and the client.

A few tips to keep in mind while going for a DNA test are as follows:

1. To ensure that the DNA test is taken at a Laboratory that has the required accreditation to carry out such tests.

2. Technical assistance and experienced staff will help make the process very easy.

3. Ensure the testing company chosen has the premier quality of testing tools.

4. It is very important to choose a place that keeps the test results private and confidential and under no circumstances it should be revealed to unauthorized people.

5. There are various testing companies, important to pick that are reasonably priced price to test the DNA.

6. Time taken to deliver the DNA kit and the time taken to give the DNA results.

Today the DNA testing immigration is widely adopted practice during immigration.

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