Nephrotic Syndrome is a syndrome whose relapse annoys all patients. Most of the parents whose children are suffering from nephrotic syndrome feel puzzled, why the nephrotic syndrome relapses again and again. Currently, storids and hormone therapy is the common way to treat this disease. Is there alternative treatment for children with nephrotic syndrome except for conventional therapies?

Nephrotic Syndrome (NS) is a group of kidney disorders caused by depositon of immune complex that damage the kidneys' filtering system, the glomeruli. This disorder is featured by high protein in the urine, low protein in the blood, swelling of body tissues and high cholesterol in the blood. Corresponding treatment should focus on eliminating the symptoms, clearing up the immune complex as well as restoring the overall kidney function so as to avoid further relapse.

With powerful ability to self-repair and self-rectify, inherent immune system can protect our body from being affected by disease. However, immune dysfunction can result in immune disease like Nephrotic Syndrome. In this case, large amount of immune complex will be produced, and then they will deposit in kidneys, causing series of pathological changes.

In western medicine, hormone and immunosuppressive drugs are usually used to restrain the immune reaction and alleviate various symptoms. However, these medicines take no effects on damaged renal function, so Nephrotic Syndrome recurs easily.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can remove the immune complex effectively so as to eliminate the root cause.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can treat Nephrotic Syndrome through degrading the immune complex and then expelling them out of the body. Symptoms will disappear gradually. This therapy also has function of dilating blood vessels, anti-coagulation, anti-inflammation, so it can improve the overall immunity in a large degree. Therefore, it provides a favorable environment for self-repairing of the damaged but still reversible kidney function.

Stem Cell Transplant can guarantee a more satisfactory curative effect.

On the basis of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Stem Cell Transplant is conducted to restore the renal function as well as regulate the immune system.

After cultivation, umbilical mesenchymal stem cells and cord blood stem cells can differentiate into desired renal cells so as to replace the necrotic ones. In this way, renal function recovers. What's more, the immune system gets regulated.

From the above explanation, we can see that the combination of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Stem Cell Transplant is the best treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome.

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