Chemical poisoning is also referred to as multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) syndrome and environmental illness syndrome. All of these are real conditions there are not all in the mind, as some doctors tell their patients. Usually, doctors say that you will just have to live with it. According to Dr. Sherry Rogers, MD, who suffered from devastating environmental sensitivities, you do not have to learn to live with it. In her book, The E.I. Syndrome, An Rx for Environmental Illness, she explains her dramatic recovery and now is helping others understand this destructive and very real disease.

Each year the number of toxic chemicals in our environment is increasing. The waste material that is generated by industry is often improperly disposed of and ends up in the drinking water, open fields, and in the air we breathe. This causes is to eventually end up in our bodies. More than six thousand chemicals are used commercially, with thousands of new ones added every year. In addition to these chemicals, we have radiation, petrochemicals, industrial waste, medical and street drugs, pesticides, and herbicides that end up in our food and are extremely dangerous to the human body. Combining two or three chemicals in our bodies disrupt hormone function far more powerfully than one chemical alone.

Dioxins are among the most toxic chemicals that are known to man, as they are often linked to birth defects and cancer. These toxic chemicals are emitted by municipal and industrial incinerators. Also, dioxins are used in many household goods, including toilet paper, face tissues, tampons, paper towels, milk cartons, juice cartons, coffee filters, tea bags, paper plates and cups, the packaging of TV dinners, and other foods. These chemical toxins are developed by a chlorine bleaching process. It is found in our environment and in the air and water. Dioxin is only one of the chemicals that is suspected in immune suppression disorders, liver congestion, cancer, and birth defects.

The Gulf War syndrome has been shown to have a devastating effect on soldiers. Not because of one toxin, but because of a combination of several. The vaccinations that are given to soldiers suppressed the part of the immune system that combats viruses and cancers, while another part of the immune system, which ordinarily reacts mildly to pollen or house dust mites, became hypersensitive to outside irritants. This caused the soldiers to become extremely vulnerable to common diseases, experiencing highly allergic reactions to what are normally harmless substances. This syndrome created new diseases that caused birth defects and autoimmune diseases.

Dr. Zane R. Gard stated in a special issue of What Doctors Don’t Tell You that he believes exposure to chemicals leads to autoimmune diseases such as lupus. He sees patients with muscular aches, muscle weakness, joint pain, swelling, or early arthritis. In analyzing them, he found volatile or aromatic hydrocarbons, which are typically found in closed buildings with new carpet and poor ventilation.

They are responsible for poisoning people. Diseases from chemical poisoning can lead to autoimmune diseases such as polymyositis, ankylosing spondylitis, bacteremia, cancer, Epstein-Barr, multiple sclerosis, tuberculosis, glandular problems, intestinal disorders, depression, headaches, fatigue, and eye problems. Symptoms of chemical poisoning include chronic problems like headaches, sinusitis, and nasal cavity inflammation.

Avoiding these toxins and taking natural herbs for detox can help restore health and wellness.

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