Perioral dermatitis is a condition of the skin which appears and has the same characteristic with that of an acne flare up, although the most usual sign of this condition is that it typically occurs and appears around the perioral area in one's face, more in particular in the chin, near the lips and the nose. This skin disorder mainly affects women aged around 20 to 30. The trademark rash of perioral dermatitis is red, bumpy with great chances of peeling and pustules. There are also times when there is an eczema-like itching or burning. The underlying cause of this skin disorder is perceived to be bacterial. In many cases, long-term cure with the use of antibiotics may be effective. There may be other prescription medication such as hydrocortisone given to patients of this skin disorder.

Perioral dermatitis may also be cured with the use of topical creams and proper diet, although, there is no assurance that these would likely recur in time. To some sufferers, this ailment is hereditary in nature and that this makes the disorder very hard to entirely treat and supportive measures in lessening the symptoms become limited. While it cannot really be said that there is an existing way to prevent this skin condition, there are something that you may do in order to lessen the risk for inflammation and aggravating the skin disorder. Your diet for instance should be corrected in order to get adequate nutrients to your body and second, there are certain stress factors in your lifestyle that should also be reduced.

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