The effects of stress whether it’s from a business you run, a job you work, a relationship, or just life itself, can be very detrimental to your physical health. Many people fail to recognize certain symptoms of stress if they can’t relate it directly to their emotional state of being. The assumption is that stress only ravages our emotional health. Well nothing could be further from the truth.

Although anxiety and panic attacks are commonly recognized as signs of stress we often tend to overlook other stress symptoms that are more physical in nature. Many conditions or discomforts we experience are often erroneously attributed to external factors other than stress. As a result these discomforts are generally ignored.

Having the ability to recognize certain stress symptoms both physical and emotional can be a key factor in the quality of life you live.

Learning to recognize these signs early on will enable you to take the corrective actions needed to minimize the negative effects they can have on you.

With that said our focus here will be 5 common physical signs of stress you need to be aware of that often times are quickly dismissed:

Sleep Deprivation

Although lack of sleep can often times is attributed to a restless mind the ultimate damage is physical in nature. Not enough rest leads to an inability to maintain focus, irritability, and diminishes your overall physical performance.

Weakened Immunity System

Without the proper rest your body’s auto immune system weakens leaving you susceptible to all kinds of sicknesses ranging from the common cold to ailments of a much more severe nature.

Even with adequate rest stress can still create a constant strain on your system thereby again challenging your immunity system. Medical science has documented that stress can in fact even accelerate the advancement of cancer and other existing ailments or diseases in patients.


Fatigue is another by-product of constant stress. The lack of energy you feel from being under a continual siege of stress leaves you without the drive to fully engage in the world around you. By not being able to be your best professionally or enjoy yourself socially can take quite a toll on your life. In fact shortchanging your social interactions will only worsen your stress being that time with family and friends is a terrific way to defuse the harmful effects stress can have.

Chronic Aches and Pains

With an overload of stress and no measures taken to relieve it, tension builds up in the body often times resulting from achy joints or stiff muscles. If there is a pre-existing condition such as arthritis or even an old injury the tendency for these to ‘flare up’ is common and directly attributed to the stress you’re experiencing.


The most common and identifiable sign of stress is a headache. Pain relievers are available to alleviate the discomfort but these are only temporary solutions. Unless measures are taken to better manage the stress that causes these headaches they will return.

The effects of stress can open a Pandora’s Box to an assortment of physical ailments that can literally debilitate you. Your failure to recognize certain symptoms of stress can ultimately lead to a state of poor physical health. Your knowledge of this better prepares you to recognize the signs we discussed above. With the proper corrective actions you can then manage and minimize the damage it can do to your health, happiness, and productivity.

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