Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) has become a common problem all around the world. There are many controversies around this syndrome. Some say that this is not a true physical condition but a mental state. Others say that these people are just more sensitive and are more affected by the world we live in. In fact, CFS is not recognized by most medical doctors or physicians as being a real condition. Rather, they attribute the symptoms to anxiety or depression. As more people are diagnosed with this condition, however, the medical field is going to have to take a long hard look at the symptoms, causes and cures for CFS. Thankfully, there are remedies through naturopaths, chiropractors and other health experts who have studied CFS enough to know that it is not only real, but it is also treatable.

There are many thoughts on CFS, its causes and its treatments. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is often referred to as Adrenal Fatigue because some feel that the condition is caused by a weak adrenal system. The symptoms of CFS and AF are exactly the same, so it is not unusual for them to be treated as one, although CFS has gained more approval by the medical field. Fibromyalgia is a condition that often co-exists with these problems. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Adrenal Fatigue bring fatigue to the body, while Fibromyalgia brings pain to the joints and tendons.

Even if a person has all of the classic symptoms of CFS, it's difficult to get a diagnosis. It is not classified as a health issue. A group of symptoms that are unexplainable and that occur in many people is often referred to as a syndrome. When enough of the same symptoms bother enough people, it is then referred to as a syndrome. However, there is no medical explanation or tests to prove the existence of such a condition and therefore, the medical field generally disregards the significance of CFS and AF.

Health professionals are more likely to recognize and diagnosis Fibromyalgia because of the obvious pain issues. Fibromyalgia brings soft tissue pain that is unexplainable but sometimes helped by pain medications, sunlight and rest. Fibromyalgia causes pressure points, places on the body that hurt to the touch. Oftentimes, a person with CFS or AF will develop Fibromyalgia symptoms as well.

All three of these conditions generally require the support of a health advisor or professional who can give them direction. It can be hard for a person to diagnosis himself because of the varied symptoms. People who suspect that they have CFS can often find many resources on the internet and at their local libraries.

Getting plenty of rest is the number one help for people with CFS. It is common for them to have insomnia even though they are tired because their bodies secrete too much cortisone, making them feel wired. They need to avoid caffeine and stressful situations so they can rest when their bodies are tired. People with CFS sometimes become too worn out and then they “crash” meaning that they can't even get out of bed because they are so exhausted. The best hope for recovery is rest.

Having CFS means being extra careful not to over-do it at home or on the job. While working, they may need some extra breaks and chairs that offer comfort and support. Oftentimes, people with CFS have unstable blood sugar so they need to eat high protein snacks throughout the day, along with plenty of good water. At home, they may need to rest often, taking a daily nap and not doing too much physical exercise. Gentle exercise is good, but too much exercise will result in extreme fatigue and sore muscles.

Many people with CFS have found herbal supplements and vitamins to help them. Licorice, ginseng, Vitamins B and C, withania root and adrenal drops are some of the supplements and vitamins that people have found helpful. Some people don't notice many improvements from using supplements while others seem to feel much better. Natural supplements do not work as quickly as prescription medications. Before expecting any improvements, be prepared to take supplements and vitamins for several weeks.

A person with CFS needs to plan to slow down and make some lifestyle changes in order to get better. This may include getting help around the house, not working as many hours and limiting social functions. Trips can wear her out physically, mentally and emotionally. Therefore, she may need extra help getting to appointments and the grocery store.

Because a CFS sufferer looks and acts normal, the syndrome is often referred to as an invisible disease. He may be completely exhausted, however and unable to cope with too much stress. Taking care of your body, reducing stress and getting extra rest are the best ways to help your body recover from CFS.

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