Fibromyalgia is a condition that affects millions of Americans, and it is one disease that has more mystery to it than almost any other. As it stands right now, there is no one specific way to even diagnose fibromyalgia, and this is one of the reasons that it is so hard to diagnose. But the American College of Rehumatology has stated that fibromyalgia is a condition that can be classified by having widespread body pain for a period of at least three months, in at least eleven of eighteen designated areas. What this says is that despite how difficult it is to diagnose this disease, plain and simple, fibromyalgia is painful. Here we will talk more about what fibromyalgia is, its symptoms, and how to treat it effectively.

Because of the mystery behind this condition, identifying the specific cause is vary difficult. It has been said that fibromyalgia may have something to do with a certain brain chemical that is present in spinal fluid, and that fibromyalgia patients have more of this substance than the average person. Because of this excess substance, the brain responds to pain signals faster, and amplifies this pain as it spreads through the body. Sleep disturbances as this pain works its way through the system is one of the most common symptoms of fibromyalgia, and in some cases, this sleep disturbance may actually make the problem worse as brain signals are interfered with.

Besides sleep disruption, pain is the most common symptom of fibromyalgia. Pain is generally described as all over body pain, and often occurs when pressure is applied to the joint areas affected, such as the knees, hips, back of the head, elbows, or even the neck. Because of the chronic pain associated with this condition, fatigue also is a primary symptom, as patients are not getting adequate sleep, and are exhausted from chronic pain. The back, neck, and shoulders are common areas affected, and as a result, headaches may be a result of fibromyalgia as well. In addition, an increased sensitivity to smells, touch, noise or lights may be experienced as well.

Can fibromyalgia be treated? Yes it can, but because of the mystery behind this disease, there is no one official cure. The FDA has approved a number of medications for the treatment of fibromyalgia, once it has been officially diagnosed. But because this condition is so difficult to diagnose in the first place, and is a lengthy process in itself, treatment for pain is often the first step. Today many treatments for pain are provided to fibromyalgia patients, but addiction to pain killers can quickly become a side effect. Treatments that offer a low addictive potential and combat the location of pain are often the best methods to begin treating fibromyalgia.

Ultram is being used more and more often as a treatment of choice for those suffering with chronic pain conditions. The reason for this is that it falls into an opiod class for pain killers, but is much less addictive than some stronger and more narcotic pain medications. Fibromyalgia patients have enough going on that addiction is the last thing they need. If you are struggling with chronic pain that you think might be fibromyalgia, talk to your doctor about Ultram, and get relief fast.

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  1. luvmyboys

    Alternative pain relievers during pregnancy?
    I have fibromyalgia and am planning to have another child. I am needing some ideas about how to relieve my fibromyalgia pain. I do go to a chiropractor and use warm baths when I’m really sore… what else? Thanks in advance.

  2. elle

    I’m extremley depressed. And having really bad sucidial thoughts and want to act on them now because of pain?
    I have terrible fibromyalgia pain, where I can barely move an inch. In the past I was prescribed vicodin and it worked wonders I just took one pill a day. Know my Dr won’t prescribe it anymore and gave me an antidepressant that doesn’t help with the pain at all. I can’t stop thinking about just doing it tonight.

  3. Dustin A

    Can anyone tell me why i cant take prilosec and cymbalta together?
    I suffer from stomach ulcers so i need prilosec. Im planning on starting cymbalta for anxiety, panic, joint pain and fibromyalgia pain. I read that its not good too take together, But can i safely.
    if i could ask the pharmacist i would but i cant its closed

    1. 2Blessed

      Dustin, it seems that the Prilosec can cause your gastric pH to change, which can cause the Cymbalta coating to dissolve a little more quickly in your digestive tract. This may cause the Cymbalta to wear off a little sooner than usual. You can simply take them at different times (about 4 hours apart) if you’re worried about taking them together.

      If there is any other major concern, your pharmacist will let you know. You should be fine continuing both medications. I’ve been on Cymbalta before with Prevacid and had no problems at all. It’s always good to be aware and informed of your medicines- good for you!
      I hope the Cymbalta works well for you!
      Take care!

  4. Doris

    Does anyone know of good ways to keep fibromyalgia pain down?
    excercise makes it worse for me and i cant afford to go to the doctors and get pain medications so i need some helpful advice to help keep my pain down cause it is horrible.

  5. Sonya S

    what strengths does darvocet come in and is generic as good as name brand?
    i was prescribed lortab 10/500 mg for my fibromyalgia pain. however i’ve been on the same meds for 2 yrs now. i was prescribed darvocet 100-650 mg and was told to alternate. is the darvocet good enough for the pain or should maybe i go stronger and is there a stronger if i need it.

    1. Mad Roy

      Darvocet N -100 and its equivalent generics contain 100 mg of propoxyphene napsylate and 650 mg of acetaminophen. Only you subjectively can decide if it is good enuff for your pain. Do not exceed the prescribed dose or change your regimen without your doctor’s permission.
      For a great discussion of FM see the references listed; much good advice too
      Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine – Murray & Pizzorno
      Prescription For Natural Cures – Balch & Stengler
      The Miracle of Magnesium – Carolyn Dean
      Good luck!

  6. Leisa

    if you have fibromyalgia are pain medications bad?
    I have been taking pain medications for years due to an accident.I have spinal injury, nerve damage, and fibromyalgia the pain medications worked fine for years but now my doctor has decided to stop them and I have no quality of life due to the pain. His reason is because people with fibromyalgia don’t respond to pain medications, but I have other issues. What can I do?

    1. Donald

      Find another doctor.

      If the medications were helping you–whether or not for fibromyalgia–then they should be continued unless there are contraindications. Some pain medications, for instance, can damage kidneys. Others are highly addictive. There can be overriding health reasons to reduce, change, or suspend pain medication. However, if the situation is as you describe–the pain medication was helping with other conditions you have–then (again, unless there are overriding contraindications) there’s no reason to stop them.

      Hope that helps.

  7. Dialysisdiva99

    Are there any natural supplements that help with arthritis and fibromyalgia pain?
    I have recently been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and am being tested for fibromyalgia as well. Are there any natural supplements out there that really work?

    1. oldtimekid2

      There are actually a few that have helped many people (including my Mom, who also has Fibromyalgia). You could try D-Ribose, Magnesium, a good B Complex (B-50 is usually adequate), Malic Acid, Methionine, and/or TMG (Trimethylglycine).
      I would personally suggest adding only one of these to your regiment every month or so, just to see how your body reacts to each one (so you can see which ones work well and which ones don’t help).

      As far as joints, there are several natural supplements that help joint health, which may remove the cause of the pain. The most popular are Microlactin, Tart Cherries, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Hyaluronic Acid, Danish Rose Hips (specifically Danish ones), and Bromelain.
      The only thing to really watch out for is allergies. Glucosamine is typically from Shellfish and Microlactin is from milk. As long as you’re not allergic to those, you should have no problem. Good luck and I hope I helped!

  8. christinak

    What is the best remedy for Fibromyalgia pain?
    I’m on lyrica and still in pain and my body is stiff… I’m on the highest dose so I guess I need to find other ways to combat the pain… Anyone know anything I can do?

    1. 2Blessed

      Hey Christina. Sorry you’re still struggling. We all respond differently to meds, so it’s hard for anyone to tell you to take a specific one for your pain. If the highest dosage of Lyrica isn’t helping, you do probably need to try one of the other meds. I’m in the same boat. I’m on Lyrica without much change. I’ve already taken Cymbalta and Savella. Some doctors are giving LDN (low dose naltrexone) for fibro, but your doctor has to agree to this first because it’s not FDA approved for fibro.
      I will tell you that my best results have come from a supplement called malic acid with magnesium. My rheumatologist told me to get it at the health food store. It’s not a pain killer at all, but it has made a significant change in my pain level. I have a friend who uses the magnesium cream with good results.
      Another medicine that helps me is a muscle relaxer. I take Zanaflex; although, there are many out there. I like the one I’m on because I can take 1/4 or 1/2 when I need it. I really hate feeling woozy from drugs. You might want to ask your doctor about muscle relaxers since so much of our pain is due to the muscle fibers being knotted up all the time.
      I wish you luck in your search for more relief! If you ever want to talk to others with fibro, there are several good yahoo groups. They are free to join. You can join a few and then decide which one(s) you enjoy.

  9. Tess

    Does a higher dosage of thyroid medication help fibromyalgia pain?
    I do not have a thyroid gland and take meds to regulate. My doctor put me on a higher dosage because she heard it will help my fibromyalgia pain? What are the effects of being over medicated and is this actually a good idea?

    1. Topper (Linda)

      The symptoms that are commonly lumped together and labeled as Fibromyalgia are often a case of a person that is hypo thyroid and under dosed.

      The key is to properly dose the replacement thyroid hormone to provide the hormone needed for body function, then the ‘fibro’ symptoms will lessen, or go away… depends on how severe they are and how long they have been manifest.

      If you and your doc is serious about addressing this, my suggestion would be to run the properly labs and adjust accordingly.

      By proper labs I mean TSH, as well as the thyroid hormones, Free T4 and Free T3, to be sure that your dosage is correct AND your body is properly converting the replacement hormone that you are taking into the hormone that your body needs to function in an healthy manner..

      It’s not just getting the blood levels of the hormones ‘in normal range’ it’s getting them to the proper levels within those ranges to be sure that you body has what it needs to be healthy.

      You still don’t want ‘over medicate’, you don’t now want to have so much of the replacement hormone to become hyPERthyroid.. you want enough for your body to function properly.

  10. Brandon O

    How long does fentanyl withdrawal last?
    I was on 100mcg/h fentanyl patches for bulging disks and fibromyalgia pain. I lost my job so i couldn’t afford the medicine and shortly before that they had given me a week supply of suboxone. Well ive been without medicine for over 2 weeks and yet i still am experiencing withdrawal. I’m getting despereate because of the anxiety. Please tell me this is over soon
    I did take the suboxone for a week maybe twice a day seems like it helped at first but now i’m worse off

  11. ChemicalWolf

    How long does it take for tolerance to Hydromorphone to go down?
    I hope someone can help me here. I have been prescribed 3mg and 6mg hydromorph contin capsules and lately they have stopped working well enough orally so I have started insufflating them to relieve my fibromyalgia pain. It completely relieved all of my pain the first time but then I built up a resistance and they no longer alleviate any of my back and neck pain. can someone tell me how long I must abstain before I can get the same results as I did the first time? Thank you in advance.

    1. S

      I doubt you’ll ever get the same results- if you’ve already said you have a tolerance to them. sounds like your doc needs to try something else. Lyrcia (sp. not sure of), but several people i know say that works for fibromyalgia- you can also try the herb side of things too. Pain killers won’t typically by themselves help the pain in the long run just relieve it for the time being.
      May try massage therapy too! it’s been known to help a lot with fibromyalgia clients and their pain levels.

  12. *Heaven Sent*

    Is this a normal symptom of fibromyalgia?
    Ok… last night I was watching tv and as I was sitting there my fibromyalgia pain kept getting worse. Eventually, it started travelling down my arms stopping at my elbows and from my elbows to my fingertips I had this numb feeling like my arms fell asleep and wouldn’t wake up. My fibro pain feels like fire under my skin and is usually located over my entire back, throughout my shoulders, and up into my neck. At times I can barely get out of bed. Does anyone have advice on fibromyalgia?

    1. JMITW

      educate yourslef

      most docs are incompetant when it comes to fms

      be sure tahts what you really have–most docs misdiagnosi it–

      tehy use it as a gernal label for pain

  13. LaLa

    what are some good ways to relieve fibromyalgia pain?
    My legs seem to be the pain target where pain likes to go. Are there any natural pain remedies?

    1. vlsart4u

      There are several natural remedies for this pain (I prefer them)! YOGA or mild STRETCHING helps tremendously if you can do it. Another help on very painful days is a hot bath with Epsom salts. This seems to take out the toxins and provide comfort for me – on days when I can hardly stand to get out of bed. If you are looking for more – let me know. I hope this gets you started.

  14. Sarah

    what are some home remedies for fibromyalgia pain?
    I have fibromyalgia which is chronic pain and am having a hard time getting pain control at home and with my doctor….what are some inexpensive home remedies for fibromyalgia pain?

    1. whisper33

      I also have fibromyalgia for over a decade. I recently bought some books thru the book club listed. The Green Pharmacy is my favorite and i’m always looking thru it for help.

      I take up to 15 or so herbs and vitamins daily. I was on several medications but went cold turkey a few years ago after a fall from one medication made me dizzy & now have perm. damage in my ankles and knees. I don’t recommend going cold turkey thou. But I feel better now off all but one’ pain med’ that i still take as little as possible. i don’t like “being numb” to the pain if it means taking several & risks damage to liver / kidneys. I’d rather try to deal with it.

      Walnuts help with migraines and some pain. I take fever-few every day, When I run out, and a week goes by, my migraines come back. Its not to say you won’t have headaches, but not constantly as you might have.

      I have cut out sugar in 90% of stuff. I use stevia in place of sugar. You will be surprised how easy it is to change things you never thought you could. I never thought i’d give up coca cola …but now I can’t stand the taste. I don’t even like yoplait yogurt, something “suppose to be good for you” the sugar sweetness is so over whelming. I have noticed that some tomato products cause some burning pain. But haven’t narrowed that down quite yet. Its basically you can eat most things, just incorporate more fruits and veggies in your diet “the fresher/rawer the better.” And water. I drink tea all day long with a couple glasses of water prior to bed…which is well anywhere from 3-6 a.m. to 1-3 p.m.
      One other thing that has helped me is bilberry and cranberry faithfully keeps my from having “female” issues. I hope this helps. Feel free to write back.

  15. Rani

    Medical mystery: Can anyone explain why after sickness with fever, arthritis symptoms disappear for a while?
    I’ve experienced this several times. I have severe osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia pain, and pain from a back injury. I almost look forward to getting sick— because it seems like the sicker I get, the better I feel for a few days after when I get better!
    The joint and muscle pain is so greatly reduced.
    Could it be the semi-fasting? I could pretty much only drink small amounts of juice for three days. Or does the fever do something?
    Can any smart person with medical knowledge enlighten me?

    1. ME

      all anti fever drugs are analegisics and most importantly anti-inflammatory. so it is propably the over the counter analegesics that you take for the fever. even if you are currently on some antiinflammmatory for the fibromyalgia, the over the counter drugs may have an addative effect.

      But please remember that all over the counter drugs can be very harmful on long term use so you must consult the doctor to make sure which drug will work better for you.

  16. qbee

    Has anyone switched from celexa to cymbalta for pain relief of fibromyalgia?
    I am in the process of switching from 40mgs of celexa to cymbalta. Just wondering if there are any withdrawal symptoms in the process and if cymbalta really helps with fibromyalgia pain. How long does the process take?

    1. nrsebone

      I work in health-care. I have had patients switched from celexa to cymbalta and they say they do better with cymbalta. It helps with their depression and pain from neuropathy. No side effects noticed.

  17. KoRnZ.BiOtCh

    is Norco or Ultracet better for Fibromyalgia pain?
    im currently takeing a lower dose of Norco for fibromyalgia pain and its not helping much, and i went to see my new rheumatologist who is starting me on Ultracet just wondering which is better for the pain im in never tried ultracet yet I start it on Monday just want to know what to expect.

    1. DaveW79

      My sister-in-law was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and suffered for years. Then she found out that vitamin D deficiency is often misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia. She took large doses D3 for three days and then 10,000 IU per day. She said the pain was completely gone within three weeks.

      Dr. Cannell from the Vitamin D Council suggests 1,000 IU per pound of body weight D3 per day for three days. So, if you weigh 120 pounds, you would take 120,000 IU per day for three days.

      I would expect you to research this and you’ll find that in Europe and India, it is common practice to give a single dose of 600,000 IU.

    1. cslisacs

      My opinion below, and I am not a doctor.

      It’s possible that there may not be much of a distinguishable difference. And, it may not be important because what will help one will help the other.

  18. Kristen White

    What is a pain medicine that will help me with my Fibromyalgia pains and Migraines?
    I have had migraines since I was 7, I am 26 now and they are just getting worse. I have been on almost every medicine prescribed for migraines and none work to great. Now I have been diagnosed with acute fibromyalgia too!

    1. Mr E

      your endocrine system is and has been in rather bad condition. it is thyroid dysfunction that causes fibromyalgia and adrenal dysfunction that causes migraines. there are many other possible accompanying symptoms, such as depression, cfs, anxiety, etc.. the cause, in case you are interested, is usually nerve interference from upper cervical vertebral subluxation. see an hio method chiropractor for correction. (you can ask your m.d. about what i have told you, but don’t be surprised if they are completely clueless, they typically are, which of course is why you’re getting worse and not better under medical treatment.)

  19. Josh

    Pain management clinic, or doctor that treats fibromyalgia with pain medication?
    I need a pain clinic or doctor that treats fibromyalgia with pain medication in the sacramento area and greater. I recently changed insuraces and my doctor doesn’t take my insurance. If anyone knows of a clinic or doctor that would help treat me I would really appreciate it. I was taking oxycontin, and oxycodone for breakthrough pain.

    1. D.markle

      Call around and ask the clinics around area. Most major pain clinics treat with narcotic pain medications if needed. Go online and there is a organization that help patients with pain issues. I’m sorry I’m on my cell and can’t post links. Type in pain organizations/advocates. Good luck. I too have fibro also and pain issues.

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