Gaining lean muscle mass is a perfect choice for those people who wish to maintain body fitness. Aging, a common factor influencing each and everyone plays a significant role in decreasing the muscle mass of body. As per studies, it is found that decrease in muscle mass starts during 40s and heightens as you get older. If proper care is taken, you can build lean muscle mass at any age. Boosting energy production, controlling weight and reducing the risk of injury are some main health advantages of building good muscle mass. Nowadays, you can find several herbal products in market boasting muscle boosting feature.

Best supplement functions by addressing the actual cause of problem. Both physical as well as psychological causes play equally important roles in building body muscles. Main causes reported for the formation of low muscle tone include testosterone deficiency, low consumption of carbohydrate and protein rich food items. Now, let's see how to find best weight gain supplements to build muscle mass naturally.

Ingredients included for the preparation of the supplement plays a vital role in denoting the quality of product. If you are in search of best weight gain supplement to build muscle mass, it is advised to choose one made out of herbal ingredients. It reduces the risk of adverse action and ensures complete safety on users. Almost all the ingredients included for the preparation of herbal dietary supplement have been used for centuries for treating various health disorders. Ingredients are completely tested and approved by certified health practitioners. It acts as a perfect medicine for treating a wide range of health disorders like neck spasm, back spasm, back pain, muscle cramps and fibromyalgia. Regular inclusion of best herbal weight gaining supplements boosts metabolism and improves muscle gain naturally.

Intake of best weight gain supplements to build muscle mass is found to be as an excellent cure for treating a wide range of health disorders. Reducing soreness, boosting fat metabolism and lowering bad cholesterol level are some of the health benefits of using weight gain supplements. FitOFat capsule, enriched with multivitamins and minerals is a best recommended weight gain supplement to build body mass. It acts internally, boosts immune system and ensures faster recovery from strength training. Appropriate hormone level is a key factor needed to build muscle mass of body. Regular inclusion of FitOFat capsule in diet schedule improves hormonal balance and promotes the natural growth of body muscles.

FitOFat capsule, made out of traditional herbal ingredients ensures 100% safety on users. Key ingredients included for the preparation of FitOFat capsule include saffron, myristica fragrans, swarna, and zingiber officinale. It minimizes the action of free radicals and delays aging impact on body. This in turn promotes the normal growth of body muscles. At present, you can easily get FitOFat capsule from online market stores. In order to achieve satisfactory result, people are advised to intake this herbal supplement twice per day with milk or plain water. Adaptogenic properties enriched in FitOFat capsule enhances the natural systems of body and improves muscle strength safely with no risks.

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    1. deb

      I wrote this post for a fibro group I belong to:

      . I know it sounds too simple but these dietary changes can truly help. Its very simple and
      its something you can do on your own to improve your life:

      Im posting what I have found helps me and others here.

      Dietary changes:

      Avoid Caffiene in all forms. ( Coffee, tea, chocolate)

      Avoid Table or white sugar, all foods with them in it. Sugar lowers
      the immunity and it has been known to cause the “burning” type pain
      people with fibromyalgia.

      Avoid foods with MSG, and foods and drinks contianing the nutrasweet
      family of sweetners(aspartame). Avoid artifical flavorings and food
      additives. Avoid foods with High frutose corn syrup.

      Stop drinking carbonated drinks. Carbonated drinks contain Phosphates
      which block the action of ATP in the body and actually contribute to
      our sleep and pain issues.

      Eat small evenly spaced meals to lessen blood sugar swings.

      Suggested Vitamins , minerals and supplements:
      Our bodies do not process our foods properly and make it hard for us
      to get the nutrients we need to maintain a healthy body. Many of us
      have added the following to our treatment plans:
      Multiple vitamin, vitamin c for immune responces and gum health,
      Bcomplex for nerves and womens health, Calcium/magnesium/zinc blend
      for muscles , bones and immunity. (Calcium and magnesium work
      for muslce pain, zinc is added to booste immunity)

      DRibose works on lowering pain, increasing energy, clears fibro fog.

      Exercise ! Start slow and slowly add, dont overdo or you will cause a

      Warm water work outs are great if you have access toa warm water
      pool. Water work in general is good because there is no stress on the
      joints in the water.

      Yoga or stretching( the same arent they?). Helps elongate the muslces
      causing less spasms.

      Walking is free . It can be done outdoors or indoors.

      Weight lifting. Start slow, lifting little weights building slowly so
      you dont hurt yourself. We need to work on maintaining our muscle
      because muscles are needed to keep our bodies aligned and working
      properly. This may take a long time to accomplish but its worth the

      Practice “Sleep Hygiene”.

      A positive attitude ! If you always think nothing will help, its
      self fulling prophecy. You set yourself up for more pain and

    1. Katherine J

      Its 5-HTP that boost the serotonin level in the body. It acts as a SSRI but do not take 5-HTP supplement with any other SSRI because it interacts with other SSRI resulting in decrease efficacy of that SSRI.

      Serotonin appears to regulate appetite, sleep, memory, learning, temperature, mood, behavior, heart functions, muscle contraction, endocrine function and depression. Low levels of serotonin have been related with depression, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, altered mood, insomnia, PMS and headaches. It may also be used as an aid to loss weight, to prevent migraine headaches, to reduce the discomfort due to fibromyalgia, to improve sleep quality and to reduce anxiety.

      Basically, serotonin is produced by 5-Hydroxytryptophan that is also called as 5- HTP, and 5- HTP is produced by the metabolism of an amino-acid called L-tryptophan.

      5-HTP may be helpful in the following symptoms, sleeping disorder, feeling down and depressed, have muscle pain, moreover the studies have shown that it is also helpful in the enhancement of mental alertness and weight loss.

  1. jennykins

    What dietary supplements should I take?
    I’m currently taking a multivitamin, but that’s it. I just have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and mono, and I currently have a virus. Is there any supplements you recommend that I take? Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. LoveBeingAMum

    Fibromyalgia? Are there any alternative treatments?
    I have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. The doctor started me on antidepressants, but I don’t want to take such strong drugs. Do you know if there is anything else I can do to ease the pain?

    1. Candace C

      Noni Juice: A Miracle (?) “Cure” from the South Pacific
      From Deborah Wirtel

      Too Good To Be True?
      Recently, a woman who had the “cure” to Migraine “headaches” contacted me. She found this “cure” in Tahitian Noni Juice, and claimed that after using Tahitian Noni Juice for just a few weeks, her chronic daily Migraines disappeared. She now only experiences an occasional Migraine, which she says she quickly relieves with a tablespoon or two of Tahitian Noni Juice. Does it sound too good to be true?

      Tahitian Noni Juice comes from the morinda citrifolia fruit, found in the South Pacific region. The claim is that natives of the region have used it for their health for thousands of years. Advocates for Noni Juice claim it is found on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s and Department of Agriculture’s list of generally recognized safe products.

      They point to many alleged nutraceutical benefits.
      According to the International Noni Communication Council, and Dr. Neil Solomon, the Council’s physician, Tahitian Noni Juice is dosed in four phases: a test serving used over three days, a loading serving used for one month, a therapeutic serving, used for two to six months, and a maintenance/prevention serving for month seven and beyond. Depending on your age, Solomon lists the number of ounces per day a person should use in each phase.

      Noni advocates say it can be used for several conditions and to achieve many goals: increasing energy, lessening allergy symptoms, improving asthma, losing weight, improving arthritis and diabetes, decreasing pain (including headache pain) and to lessen symptoms of cancer, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and stroke.๏€† The advocate who contacted me claimed it was safe to take with all medicines, even, she specifically pointed out, blood pressure medicines. Such claims scare me to death. With just a little research, I found not only was this juice risky, but many advocates making these claims are in violation of FDA acts.

      According to the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, morinda citrifolia taken with potassium sparing diuretics might increase the risk of hyperkalemia, a condition where potassium builds to possibly fatal levels in the blood stream. Use of the fruit can also interfere with diagnostic tests.

      The dosing information provided on the International Noni Communication Council’s web site “make” it a drug, under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the Act).๏€‡ Many advocates with web sites selling Tahitian Noni Juice have received warning letters from the FDA. The claims these web sites make may cause the product to be a drug under the Act.

      Further, in relation to these claims, the FDA has noinformation that the juice is generally recognized as safe, thus it may also be considered a “new drug” under the Act. New drugs cannot be legally marketed in the United States without prior approval from the FDA according to the Act.๏€ˆ

      The Federal Trade Commission publishes a brochure called Miracle Health Claims: Add a Dose of Skepticism for consumers who might consider using nutritional and/or food supplements that make grandiose claims of cures and good health. Fraudulently marketed health-related products promise quick cures and easy solutions for many problems. The FTC and the FDA say health fraud promoters target people who are overweight or have serious conditions for which there are no cures.๏€‰ Some of these conditions include cancer, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, arthritis and weight loss.

      False claims are easy to spot. Look for products that claim a quick effective cure-all; statements that claim the product can treat or cure diseases. For example “shrinks tumors” or “cures impotency.” Claims of a scientific breakthrough, miraculous cure or secret ingredients are also warning signs that the herbal or dietary supplement may be too good to be true.๏€‰

      Products sold online are also suspect. Buyers have no way to investigate the product and may not receive what they thought they were buying. Cost is a consideration in examining these nutritional and food supplements. The price of a bottle of Noni Juice varies, ranging from $30 – $100.๏€‡

      With any nutritional or food supplement where there are fantastic claims of cure or great improvement in health, careful examination is prudent in order to make sure the claims are true, safe, and legal. That said, we don’t want to “throw the baby away with the bath water” either. If a product seems reasonable to you, gather information and discuss it with a doctor you already know and trust. Always do your homework, and always consult your physician before trying any health product.


      Noni Testimonials – Morinda Citrifolia: INCC.

      ๏€‡ Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, 2000, p. 735-736

      ๏€ˆ Food and Drug Administration cyber warning letter, 9-15-2000

      ๏€‰ Federal Trade Commission brochure, Miracle Health Claims: Add a Dose of Skepticism.

  3. jc_dr

    what are the common causes of back pain and how can you prevent them?
    i need this for my assignment.
    10 points for the person who answers this the best!!!!

    1. Jenn

      There are several underlying reasons why back pain occurs. Muscular strain is among the common causes of back pain. Other cause are:Ligaments sprain, herniated discs, radicular type, spinal stenosis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, pregnancy, fatigue, stress, and poor posture.

      Regular exercise, eating food with good dietary supplements, drinking lots of water are best to prevent if from occurring. Another is by using a posture brace to help maintain a good posture.

  4. saslogrill

    besides taking pills, what else is there to do about controlling pain for fibromyagia?
    i am a single mother and i am trying not to be in pain all day and have more energy, but my doctor wants me to take 25-50 mg of amitriptyline every nite and i have tried taking both doses and both have made me groggy for days at a time. I am a young lady and dont want the effects to ruin my life and/or my sons. what can i do?

    1. โ˜ฎJen Dโ˜ฎ

      Natural treatment protocol for Fibromyalgia:

      Co enzyme Q10 75 mg daily (improves oxygenation, boosts immune system)
      Acidophiles as directed (replaces friendly bacteria)
      Lecithin as directed – with meals (promotes energy, improves circulation)
      Malice acid & Magnesium as directed (energy production, chronic pain)
      Manganese 5 mg daily – (influences metabolic rate)
      Photolytic enzymes – as directed- (reduces inflammation, aids tissue repair)
      Vitamin A – 25,000 iu daily for 1 month, then slowly reduce to 10,000 iu daily.
      Vitamin E. – 800 iu daily for 1 month, then slowly reduce to 400 iu daily.
      Vitamin C – 5000 mg daily – (antiviral, boosts energy)
      Vitamin B complex – 100 mg 3x daily (energy)
      Amino acid complex – as directed- (repair tissues)
      Grape seed extract – as directed – (antioxidant)
      Garlic – 2 capsules 3x daily (immune function, energy)

      Echinacea, Astragalus, Burdock Root, Dandelion, Red Clover
      Ginkgo Biloba.

      Eat a well balanced diet of 50% raw foods and live (fresh) juices. The diet should consist of mainly vegetables, fruits, whole grains, raw nuts and seeds. Do not eat meat or dairy products as they increase inflammation- increasing pain, and interfere with circulation- increasing fatigue.

      Eat 4-5 small meals per day, and drink plenty of filtered water, herbal teas and juices.

      No caffeine, alcohol, sugar or honey, as they increase fatigue.

      Avoid green peppers, eggplant, tomatoes and white potatoes. These contain solanine, and may increase pain or discomfort.

      Rid your environment of chemicals: cleansers, detergents, pesticides, perfumes, air fresheners etc. Health food stores and large grocery stores carry natural alternatives.

      Get moderate exercise and plenty of sleep.

      Best of luck.

  5. David

    How to cure a leaky gut?
    Who would i need to see about my leaky gut syndrome? I do have some of the symptoms and i’m worried about it because i want to feel healthy again!

  6. brcrro

    Does anyone have suggestions about dealing with fibromyalgia?
    I currently take tramadol (non-narcotic pain reliever) and it works but I dont want to be on it forever. Any suggestions that have worked for you?

    1. deb

      I have found my body is incredibly sensitive to many things. Many of them are diet related. By changing my diet I was able to lessen my pain. I’m not telling you that dietary changes will make you able to give up your tramadol but they may make you have less pain.

      I also have found supplements that help me with my pain. The one you should try is D Ribose. It is generally safe for most people except for those with diabetes, those with uric acid problems or pregnant women. Please read my 360 blogs to learn more about the things I have found that helped me to lower my pain level.

      We may never be completely free of meds but with work we can take less meds and maybe have more normal lives.

  7. The Wandering Blade

    Has anyone used any of the products from Pure Healing, or know if they are a reputable company.?
    This company offer range of natural cures for things but I want to make sure it isn’t a scam. I nearly got caught out on the internet before………my husband was not happy! Any info gratefully recieved.

    1. NaturalBlake

      I have not heard of this company but judging from their website there does not appear to be any human studies conducted on their product and published in medical journals. They say there is a study published, but do not give a reference to the study nor mention whether it is in humans so it is probably in a test tube which means very little.

      These products look pretty expensive for a simple mixture of essential oils. Also, they are making claims for curing CFS and fibromyalgia, these are drug claims however they are selling their products as a dietary supplement — which is illegal.

  8. kaykay

    Anyone have suggestions on how to boost my immune system using natural and/or herbal, dietary supplements?
    I was negligent with my diet in younger years, ingesting large amounts of sugar daily, I also had repeated bouts of bronchitis and I didn’t have the funds to visit a doctor for treatment.
    Consequently, I now have “fibromyalgia”, very low energy level, salt cravings, and am very easily stressed by things such as crowds, loud noises, bright lights, people who talk too much, etc. I know that my adrenal glands are “depleted”.

    1. oldtimekid2

      First and foremost, make sure you are eating a proper diet, getting enough sleep, and doing at least some form of exercise (even if it’s walking around) at least a few times a week. That’s the basic way to stay healthy in general, but if you find that you are getting sick more often than you would like, there are some natural options to help boost your immune system.
      Some of the most popular natural products for boosting the immune system are Colostrum, Mushrooms (Maitake, Shiitake, and Reishi), IP-6 (Inositol Hexaphosphate), Beta Glucans, Elderberry, Echinacea (should be taken short-term only), and any antioxidants.

      Now, have you been diagnosed as having Fibromyalgia, or do you just have some of the symptoms? If you actually have it, there are some nutrients that specifically can help with some of the impacts of it. Specifically, Malic Acid, Magnesium, Ribose, Methionine (an Amino Acid), and even CoQ10 have shown some benefits towards some of the symptoms of Fibromyalgia (especially muscle health and neuromuscular sensitivities).
      Good luck!

  9. carrie

    Really tired, down, and lacking in energy!?
    I have possible fybromalialgia and recently i started sweating really bad, hot fushes and feel really tired and have no energy at all. I went to the doctor because of this and the are testing me for all sorts of things because this is an ongoing thing, could this be connected to the fybromialgia or could it be something else?
    I am looking for ppl who have had a symilar experience. Thanks

  10. .

    Will magnesium tablets help for joint pain or only muscular cramps etc?
    It’s really humid, I over did it at work today and my fibromyalgia is playing up badly. I felt OK and then in the space of 15 minutes I got so stiff and sore that I can now barely move.

    I’ve taken magnesium before for cramps and it seemed to help but this pain seems to be from my joints…will it help with this or not?

    Any other ideas appreciated

  11. del445

    are my dietry supplements still safe to use?
    i have kept my supplements in a car parked under the umbrella and left the windows half opened for 1 whole day and the weather was hot like 90 F Maximum? are my dietry supplements spoild? they’re vitamin C, Glutathione, Protien Powder and some herbs??

    1. phillip b

      i think they will be fine
      dont forget magnesium

      Magnesium is a mineral needed by every cell of your body. About half of your body’s magnesium stores are found inside cells of body tissues and organs, and half are combined with calcium and phosphorus in bone. Only 1 percent of the magnesium in your body is found in blood. Your body works very hard to keep blood levels of magnesium constant

      According to the U.S. National Academy of Sciences (1977) there have been more than 50 studies, in nine countries, that have indicated an inverse relationship between water hardness and mortality from cardiovascular disease. That is, people who drink water that is deficient in magnesium and calcium generally appear more susceptible to this disease. The U.S. National Academy of Sciences has estimated that a nation-wide initiative to add calcium and magnesium to soft water might reduce the annual cardiovascular death rate by 150,000 in the United States, ”

      . However, the literature indicates that deficiencies may exist in both third world and industrialized nations and may influence cardiac and vascular diseases, diabetes, bone deterioration, renal failure, hypothyroidism, and stress. Because Mg in certain forms is not easily absorbed and no classical symptoms exist, the problem of Mg deficiency is readily masked, especially in high risk groups such as diabetics, alcoholics, those taking hypertension medication, and some athletes. The current Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for the US is 6 mg/Kg/day, which translates to 420 mg for a 70 Kg man. The estimated intake in the US is 300 mg/day. Studies show that as much as 3 times this amount may be needed by the general population and especially by those predisposed to cardiac disease states. This report summarizes recent research on Mg in human diets and the results of Mg deficiencies.

      Many diseases are related to magnesium deficiency, and may be prevented or treated with magnesium-rich water:
      Aggressive Behavior Alcoholism Amytrophic Lateral Sclerosis Arrhythmia Asthma Cancer Cerebral Palsy
      Cerebrovascular Chronic Fatigue Cluster Headaches Constipation Diabetes Fibromyalgia
      Fluoride Toxicity Head Injuries Heart-Related Conditions HIV Hypertension Kidney Stones
      Migraine Multiple Sclerosis Osteoporosis Pregnancy-related problems Premenstrual Syndrome
      Psychiatric Disorders Rheumatoid Arthritis Sickle Cell Disease Sports-related problems Stress
      Toxic Shock

      To meet the new RDA’s for Mg established Sept. 1999 by the NAS 275 , reduce disease, and prevent violence, it is proposed that juvenile delinquents and inmates be switched to naturally magnesium-rich hard-water sources containing at least 100 mg/L or fortify tap-water supplies of corrections facilities to that level with magnesium bi-carbonate (which tastes like good, sweet hard water). If inmates consumed 1.5 liters of Mg-rich water per day, they would be getting 150 mg/day from water, covering the shortfall for all non-pregnant juveniles and inmates.

      Some Drugs cause loss of body magnesium:

      Why depend on Mg-in-water instead of Mg in food?
      There is no established way of fortifying foods with magnesium without adversely affecting texture or flavor. Magnesium in water is 30% more bio-available than Mg in food. The food supply has been steadily becoming
      Explanations for the decline of magnesium in the American diet include more food processing, soil-exhaustion the FDA’s destruction of the American mineral water industry in the 1930’s, and the development of softer tap water reservoirs to replace the hard water of streams and wells.
      Numerous studies show a relationship between magnesium intake and asthma symptoms and it is suggested that intakes of magnesium in the general population are deficient.
      Extensive metabolic balance studies done by the USDA Research Service showed that the ratio of dietary calcium to magnesium that best maintained equilibrium (i.e., output equaling intake) was 2:1 (Hathaway, 1962).
      Patents with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome are often found to be low in Mg. Supplementation with malic acid and magnesium is a common treatment for fibromyalgia.

      Tight, painful muscles are a primary factor in fibromyalgia.
      Magnesium is needed to release muscle contractions. Without Mg, tensed muscles stay in a contracted state.
      Mg supplementation is an established treatment for muscle cramps, as well as an established treatment for fibromyalgia.
      Mg is a needed co-factor for vitamin D utilization, meaning that a lack of Mg can cause vitamin D to be unavailable to the body. The result is that a Mg deficit could, in turn, cause vitamin D deficiency symptoms. Magnesium supplementation is sometimes needed to treat rickets that have not been responsive to vitamin D or calcium treatment.

      Table of Food Sources of Magnesium (3)
      100 percent Bran, 2 Tbs4411
      Avocado, Florida, 1/2 med10326
      Wheat germ, toasted, 1 oz9022

  12. junebug

    Is candida really something i should be worried about, or is it just a scam?
    I was told by my acupuncturist that i probably have candida and that i should do a cleanse… i think i might have it, but on the other hand i’ve heard that they tell everyone that they have candida.

    1. prettysmartideas

      candida is nasty stuff… you could live all your life without doing anything about it, but you would keep on having all sorts of physical issues caused by candida.
      some of the issues that stem from candida (or candidiasis) are
      acid reflux
      skin eruptions
      yeast infections
      athlete’s foot
      and others…..

      cancer often involves yeast infections, and the first step in eliminating cancer via natural methods, is a candidiasis cleanse, to eliminate the candida funus from the system (this is why cancer chemotherapy often eliminates many symptoms of candidiasis.

      If you follow your acupuncturist’s suggestion, you would be wise to do a one to two month colon cleanse, such as ParaGone (one of the best I have seen, and what I use personally and recommend to my clients.)

      If you want to eliminate candidiasis forever, it would be wise to read “The Yeast Connection Handbook” by Dr. William Crook (this is the first and still most authoritative book on candidiasis and how to eliminate it. As far as I am concerned, if you have this book, you do not need any other book — I continue to look a candidiasis books, but I have found no other book which covers the issue so thoroughly, suggests “nutritional supplements” to eliminate the condition, and provides dietary therapy information.


  13. MommaBear

    Results of being on the Guaifenisen Protocol for Fibromyalgia ?
    I am going to just be starting the protocol of the Guaif for Fibromyalgia, after reading Dr. Amand’s book.
    I know I have gotten other e-mails from people saying that they have been on it, but has anyone dealt with being very nauseated?
    My doctor is ok with me trying it, but he says his other 2 patients have tried and could not tolerate the nausea.
    Does anyone have any suggestions or advice they can give me about the nausea?
    Has anyone else dealt with the nausea too?

    Thank you for your time and consideration ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. deb

      If that doesn’t work for you try DRibose. Don’t listen to people who don’t have fibromyalgia who try to tell you about how to treat it. Listen to those who have it and with time you will be able to find the things that help you to have a better quality of life.

      No one just uses one thing to improve their lives, it takes lots of different things. Amongst those may be traditional medicine, alternative treatments, dietary changes, exercise, physical therapy, pain meds, supplements.

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