Patients suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) suffer from abdominal pain, bloating and discomfort without any observable cause. There can be a number of causes for IBS. It is found that once it starts, symptoms are relieved only after a bowel movement. The patients may either suffer from diarrhea or constipation which is started after an infection or it can be caused by stress or some medical condition. To prevent IBS a diet rich in fiber should be taken but non soluble fiber should not be taken. Whole grain bread and cereals can be taken, and kidney beans and lima beans should be taken frequently. The fiber intake should be increased gradually as too much fiber can cause gas and bloating.

Drinking a good amount of water is suggested to avoid dehydration which can be caused by diarrhea and smaller meals should be taken instead of heavy meals at one time. Small meals prevent bloating. Food intake should not be fast. One should take food slowly to avoid swallowing air. Along with a good diet IBS also requires stress management, exercising, taking anti depressants and anti spasmodic medications. A balanced eating habit should be maintained and some of the food products which should be taken to control IBS are

1. Eat fibrous food which is soluble in water. The safest food which is easy to digest is rice, oatmeal, rice cereals, soy, pasta and noodles. It can be taken in every meal. Soluble fibers are found in most of the food products which are considered to have excess amount of starch. Soluble fibers dissolves in water and it helps in absorption of excess liquid in colon. It prevents diarrhea as it forms a kind of thick gel, which helps the muscles to easily make the peristaltic contraction. Soluble fibers are present in rice, pasta, barley, soy, corn meal, potatoes, carrots, turnips, mushrooms, avocadoes, mangoes, yams and papayas.

2. Reduce intake of fat by 25% and take only mono-saturated oils for cooking.

3. Avoid food products such as fried food, red meat, coffee, alcohol and soda pop as it can cause IBS syndrome. The food products which should be avoided include wheat based products, red meat etc.

4. Food products which contain gluten which is found in wheat, rye and barley should be avoided.

5. Low fat diet without animal meat and dairy products should be taken.

6. Do not take egg if it causes the symptoms of bloating and cramping, and in non vegetarian one can take chicken breasts and seafood instead of red meat.

7. Increase use of herbs in food and one can use baking extracts and mild spices to get the desired flavor.

8. Do not go for deep fried food, oils, fat spreads, coconut milk, solid chocolates, nuts and potato chips.

9. Do not take alcohol and caffeine as it can trigger the pain if taken empty stomach.

10. Carbonated drinks such as soda pop should not be taken to reduce bloating. Artificial fats called Olestra can cause diarrhea in people who do not suffer from IBS.

11. Artificial sweeteners and artificial fat can raise the problems of bloating and diarrhea.

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fibromyalgia and diet 7 foods to avoid

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    1. Gypsy Whitemoon

      Being vegan is healthier, than any other diet possible and that isn’t even touch the hormones and antibiotics, used in raising animals, and the possibilities and realities of meat borne illness, Mad Cow Disease etc. .

      Better for your heart. Proven to reduce heart disease, and even reverse coronary heart disease.

      Automatically lower s your cholesterol levels. The only foods that contain cholesterol are animal products, like meat and dairy. And since a three-decade-long study found that not a single subject with a cholesterol level below 150 has ever developed heart disease, that’s hard to ignore!

      Vegans have lower rates of obesity, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, large bowel disorders, cancers and gallstones.

      Reduces stroke risks and coronary artery disease.

      Reduces symptoms of fibromyalgia.

      Reduces food poisoning. 95% of food poisoning is linked to animal products.

      Your bowels will work much better, therefore, keeping your whole system healthier.

      Live longer healthier lives. One 21-year-long study that compared meat-eaters and vegetarians showed that the greater the meat consumption, the greater the death rate from all causes combined.

      Increased vegetable and fruit intake reduces your need for taking a multi vitamin plus increases your antioxidant intake.

      There is no proof, what so ever, that a person must eat animal flesh or any by products of animals to be healthy, yet there is overwhelming proof that it truely is best not to!

      The vegan lifestyle believes the following:
      1)Animal products are unnecessary.
      2) What you eat is a learned habit.
      3) Much healthier to avoid meat and dairy products.
      4) Much more environmentally friendly to eat a vegan diet.
      5) Feed more people on a plant diet than animal based one.
      6) Using animals is incredibly cruel. Why force any pain?
      7) Religion/ spiritual reasons “Thou shalt not kill.”
      8) Saves money….
      9) Reduces National debt.
      10) Vegan food tastes great!

      A vegan would live by this view

      “One can’t be a true environmentalist and still be eating animal products.
      Today’s “modern agriculture”, egg industry and dairy industry are just as cruel as the slaughterhouses, veal, pork, beef,turkey farms etc.

      All are simple facts, so can anyone justify still eating meat??”

      Having written the above which are exacts from Vegan Wolf – the vegan diet is very balanced if followed properly.

      here are 113 recipes from the vegetarian society that are vegan and that just mains

      Cheezy Bean Bake”
      A Quiche to Build a Dream on
      Aloo Mutter
      Alu Kobi Kassa
      Autumn pumpkin barley risotto
      Bhutanese Barley in a Bowl
      Broccoli with Peanut Sauce, Coriander and Basil
      Carrot & Leek Parcels with Garlic & Basil Sauce – Vegetarian only
      CC’s Tofu Stirfry – Vegetarian only
      Chick Pea Curry
      Chickpea & Sweet Potatoe Curry
      Chickpea Curry
      Chilli Beans
      Chilli con vegout cocoa wine divine
      Chinese Style Eggplant
      Corn & Leek Soup
      Creamy Sun-dried Pasta, Dahl,
      Easy Dahl, Easy,breezy,no fuss,mum’s fat-free dinner, eggplant stew, Erbacious Pizza, Fast and Tasty Sausage Curry – Vegetarian only, Fettuccine Pescara, fluffles (with avocado topping: optional), French Onion Quiche, Fresh Lime & Chilli Soy Slices with pickled cucumbers, Friday Night Video and Nachos – Vegetarian only, Gnocci with spinach, pine nuts and fetta – Vegetarian only, Goodmorning Couscous, Gorgeous tomato quorn onion quiche, Healthy Vegie Pizza Turnovers – Vegetarian only, Hiziki & Cucumber with Ginger Dressing, Honey Mustard Noodles – Vegetarian only, Iron Plus Pasta Meal, KR Autumn Couscous, Laksa, Lasagna with Feta, Spinach and Pumpkin – Vegetarian only, Latkes: Potato and Tofu Fritters, Lemon Tahini Rice and Beans, Lentil and Vegetable Casserole, Lentil Barley Loaf – Vegetarian only, Lentil Cottage Pie, Lentil Loaf, Lentil Shepherd’s Pie – Vegetarian only, Lentil soup/mush with brown rice and tofu, Ma Po Tofu, Meaty Vegan Lasagne, Meowee’s Lentil Burgers, Mexican Bean Dip, Mixed Vegetable Curry, Mushroom & Capsicum Stuffed Potatoes, Mushroom and Cranberry Pilauf, Mushroom, Nut and Herb Patties,

      Oven-Fried Breast Of Tofu
      Pasta with Coriander and Eggplant
      Pasta with Mushroom-Hazelnut Sauce
      Pasta With Oil
      Pecan Nut Roast
      Pineapple Curry
      Pizza Bases, Potato Fritters Indian Style, Potato Nut Pie, Pumpkin & Spinach Cannelloni, Pumpkin & Tomato Rissotto, Quick Bean and Zucchini Stew, Rajna & aloo (kidney bean & potato) curry, Red Cooked Tofu, Mock Red Curry Duck and Bamboo Shoots, Red lentil ( dahl) casserole – Vegetarian only, Roasted Vegetable Pasta, savoury lentil spagetti – Vegetarian only, Sesame Soba Noodles, Shanes Bean and Tofu Tarts, Shepherds Pie,Shepherd’s Pie 2, Spagetti Lentil Bolognaise, Spicy Potato & Spinach Casserole, Spinach and ‘Ricotta’ (ie tofu) Canellonni, Spinich & Ricotta Ravioli in a Rich Tomato Sauce, Split Pea and Potato Curry
      Stir Fried Vegetable and Cashew Noodles, Stirfry tofu and vegie Noodles. Stuffed White Nut Roast, Sugo Pasta Bake – Vegetarian only. Sunday Roast, Superfast Saucy Bean Curd, Sweet & Sour Tempeh, Sweet Dahl, Tempeh ′Sausage′ Patties, Tempeh Teriyaki
      Thai Curry
      Thai Pumpkin & Broccoli Curry
      Thick Buttermilk Porridge – Vegetarian only
      Tofu with Shitake Mushrooms & Ginger
      Tomato Rice
      TVP Bologanaise
      Vegan Fettuccine Alfredo
      Vegan Lasagna
      Vege Lasagne
      Vegetable Curry Masala
      Vegetarian Bolognaise
      Vegetarian Shepherd′s Pie – Vegetarian only
      Veggie burgers with sweet chilli mayo dressing – Vegetarian only
      Veggie Curry
      Veggie Roast w/- Herb & Garlic Dressing
      Vietnamese Spring Rolls wth Soy/Lime Dipping Sauce
      Wild Rice and Mushroom Stew
      Zucchini pasta

      Here is a sample food plan from the Seventh day adventist web site


      2 Sanitarium Weet-Bix with sliced banana and a handful of walnuts
      Sanitarium So Good Lite soymilk (1 cup)

      Morning tea

      A small handful of dried fruit and nuts e.g. prunes, dried apricots, almonds, cashews


      1 sandwich made with wholegrain bread spread with avocado and filled with a variety of colourful salad vegetables e.g. mixed green leaves, grated carrot, tomato, beetroot, cucumber, mung bean sprouts.

      ½ cup baked beans

      1 piece of fresh fruit in season e.g. apple or orange

      Afternoon tea

      Hummus dip with vegetable sticks or;

      Fruit smoothie made with 1 cup Sanitarium So Good Lite soymilk and wheat germ


      Indian spinach tofu with rice (see recipe)

      Wholemeal roti (an Indian flat bread, also known as Chapati)

      Bowl of berries or fruit salad in season with low fat soy or dairy yoghurt

      Remember to drink 6-8 glasses of water each day.

      I would recommend accessing some web sites. I think its great you are wanting to know about the vegan diet instead of just
      saying “No”. Please read and research its not a crazy fad – there are lots of very healthy vegans and if done properly the vegan diet is great – it just takes research. The web sites are very help. Good luck.

  1. :-)

    Fibromyalgia….does anyone have this?
    Does anyone have this disease? My doctor told me I did a few years ago. I live with muscle/joint pain and stiffness. My pressure points (where I hurt the most) is rib cage, chest area and middle back. Is there anything our there that any of you have tried that helps?
    My thing is, when I exercise I hurt even more the next day. It’s crazy! You know when someone excersizes in general how they will be sore and stuff the next couple of days, well mine is x2 the pain.
    Oh and my sleep is terrible. I never sleep all night and it takes a while to even fall asleep or get comfortable. I went from my whole life going to sleep on my side with my knees curled to falling asleep on my back.

    1. msirismckenzie

      I’ve had Fibro for more than 7 years, though it took over 3 to get properly diagnosed. I tried at least 15 different drugs and combination of drugs/pain killers, til I found what works for me, and why. I was tested for everything under the sun, and a couple times, retested. I saw 6 different specialists, too, until I finally found the one with the answers for me. I knew what the cause of my Fibro was from the beginning, so at least I knew how not to excerbate the condition.

      First, you need to break the cycle of pain and sleeplessness. I am currently on Cymbalta (60mg) and Lyrica (75mg), and the improvement has been nearly miraculous.

      As for excersize, go to a gym, find a personal trainer who is knowledgeable about Fibro and pain management, and take their advice. Basically, it will be to do minor isometric excersizes, basic stretching, and probably an elliptical machine for cardio. My husband is a personal trainer, so, luckily, I get the best advice for free!

      Second, check your diet. Fibro is finally being understood as a neuro-transmitter disorder, and that is why these two drugs seem to work. They are most often prescribed for (and initially developed for) diabetic neuropathy…nerve pain diabetics experience due to poor circulation.

      There are two substances almost everyone ingests without realizing it, and they are both very, very bad for you if you have Fibro, Chronic Fatigue, Alzheimers, Dementia, and a host of other neurological disorders. They are MSG (monosodium glutamate) and Aspertame.

      MSG is found in most prepared, frozen and packaged foods, as well as snack chips, soups, salad dressings, and pretty much everything that has a ‘savory’ flavor.

      Aspertame is the usual sweetener in diet sodas. It is also used in most everything called ‘low-cal’, but it is also used in many things to ‘boost’ the sweetness, even things that already contain sugar, high-fructose corn syrups and other sweeteners.

      These additives are ‘analgous’ substances, which means they react in the body in pretty much the same way. Specifically, they are both neuro-excitors, and they both cross the blood/brain barrier. With Fibro, even if you don’t get headaches or other symptoms from Chinese food, which is where most people notice MSG reactions, you could still be having reactions, but are contributing them to Fibro.

      Try to go for 3 weeks without ingesting ANY MSG or Aspertame, and see how your symptoms are. Chances are very high you will notice a dramatic improvement. Even if you don’t, avoiding these additives is a good idea, as the evidence seems to be that there is a ‘threshold’ of tolerance for these substances, and once it has been crossed, there can be all kinds of symptoms and problems.

      It can be a pain in the butt, but it is worth knowing what is in every bite of food you put in your mouth. I have not had a single gram of MSG in my system for over 7 years, and know how hard it can be. You have to ask questions in restaurants, there are times when literally all you can eat is a plain salad, or learn to like oil and vinegar and lemon on your greens. And while I do still have Fibro, my symptoms are now comparatively mild, and mostly digestive.

      I have been on these drugs for the better part of two years now, and I have gone off them two seperate times for 3 months at a shot. The first time, my symptoms came back, pretty quickly and viciously. The second time, I had learned about removing Aspertame, and though my symptoms did return, they were much milder. In another 2 months, I will again try going off the drugs to see where I’m at, because the idea of taking these medications for the rest of my life is too depressing to contemplate. So, I am always on the hunt for more answers, more ideas, the newest studies and info out there.

      I hope this helps, but if you have anymore questions, post back.

  2. asdf

    how to deal with gaining lots of weight due to hormones?
    I’m 19 and I put on 60 pounds in just about 8 months, and my doctor think it’s been caused by a hormone problem…

    it happened so fast I barely even noticed it! my clothes weren’t fitting and my parents and brother were treating me like I’m a glutton, they still do. it’s like they have this subconscious hatred for fat people and they take it out on me.

    we moved to a new city recently and I’ve had a hard time making friends because i’m unhealthy, overweight, shy and get lots of anxiety (my body chemistry is kind of out of it i guess). I’m a wreck and I’m only 19 🙁

    I’ve been working out and walking a lot and making sure to eat healthy, I just don’t know what to do. the weight is not coming off. I’ll hear back about a blood test this week. i hate this so much
    my life has really been crap lately, and I have to postpone moving out again because I am not well. seeing old friends and family this summer is going to be so awkward. people treat you differently when you’re fat.
    and it’s surprisingly shallow of them.
    fuck you APPLE! you don’t know me. I don’t overeat. I exercise a lot. it’s people like you that make me miserable. this time last year I was SKINNY! I don’t know what the hell is going on with my body and morons like you should think before you fucking type.
    I never did overeat either, didn’t you read my effing post?
    I never did overeat either, didn’t you read my effing post?

    1. ~LyberTpiXie~

      I had 2 steroid treatments for a pulmonary infection a few (7?) years ago and began craving beef by the lbs. not ounces!!!…By the time my liver damage was found I had a spot the size of a nickel on my liver x-rays that was my HEALTHY liver left. I had gained over 80 lbs! I am a petite person and I am still pi$$ed and have had to shed (2-7 lbs a month!) weight with a VERY VERY VERY restrictive diet and take Meridia (Rx) daily.
      I have PPH which is untreatable because of my other organ problems.
      My PPH is an unseen lung/heart disease that prohibits any exertion!
      It is fatal. And I am beyond that mentally. I will go out fighting and not laying down.
      So,I try to exert but it is forced & with otc meds. (geuiffiesin-for fibromyalgia) and it requires using my oxygen during any activity. I go as long as I can w/o the oxygen because to me, using it is the same as being tied to a leash.
      I will only go there when it is demanded.
      The best bet for you if you have insurance is to get on a
      Rx for Meridia. I am on this to continue the wt. loss other
      wise I gain 3-5 lbs a month (while on my diet) with my liver dysfunction. It will curb the appetite, make you nauseated by any fatty foods (you learn to avoid them and choose better) and it will rid I think 30% of the fat intake in your diet which is an extra for me because my body does NOT do this on it’s own.
      People see FAT people as a choice they have MADE to be.
      In my case IT was a case of anything but. My healthy size is a HUGE struggle!!!!
      Good Luck and my wishes of a healthy size to you soon.

  3. nedoglover

    what can i do to lose weight?
    besides dieting, how else can i lose weight. i know that it is important to exercise but i can’t do much because i have fibromyalgia. also, i don’t want to take pills or anything like that because i am only 17 and i know how bad they are for you. any tips?
    for all of you that don’t understand, it is difficult for me to even walk for 15 minutes. there isn’t a lot of exercise i can do.

    for those of you saying that i am lazy and don’t want to eat right, you are wrong. I have a hard time exercising because i have a medical condition that makes it difficult to exercise. i try to eat right and have tried diets, even weight watchers, but it doesn’t seem to work. For those of you that won’t take the time to research a medical condition that i gave you from the beginning, don’t even bother to answer any more questions because you are the lazy ones.

  4. chris r

    Can anything be done for my fibromyalgia?
    I have been diagnosed with fibro for almost 3 years, but I have suffered my whole life. I remember that I hurt when I was 4 yrs. old. My symptoms worsened while pregnant and my daughter is almost 3. I have gone to chiropractors and massage therapists. My rheumatologist and pain dr. gave me klonopin, ultram, ultracet, hydrocodone 10/325, soma, effexor, paxil, zoloft, cymbalta, elavil, flexeril, zanax, oxycodone, etc… at different times. Some I had to use together. I had to quit my job and now hurt 24/7. I sleep all the time and cannot to anything on my own. I also try to do pilates every other day. I can’t carry my daughter or take her shopping. I can’t hug my husband. I snap and yell at everyone. I have been told to stop smoking. I quit, and the condition worsened for at least 6 months. I currently smoke again to try to get my mind off the pain. I’ve read book after book and tried everything in my power. I feel like I’m dying. If I can’t get help I don’t know what else I can do. HELP

    1. Cherokee Billie

      I have had Fibromyalgia for over 35 years, so I know what you are going through. I’ve tried all of the treatments and medications that you have. I do find massage therapy gives me great relief. Perhaps you should try a different therapist. It may make a difference.

      There is a new medical treatment that is being used for Fibromyalgia, Lyrica, many people are getting very good results with this medication. Talk to your doctor about taking this.

      I strongly recommend you take a Multi vitamin twice daily. Believe me this will help your body with the nourishment it needs. Smoking destroys all of the B vitamins in your body. So it’s important to replenish daily. For energy I really find Co Q 10 in soft gel form to be the best. Take 100mg three times daily. You should see a difference within two weeks. Also a powdered mixture of green supplements will give you enormous energy. You can find these at any health food store.

      Nutrition is very important with this condition as with any serious physical condition. Avoid caffeine products, sugar, processed foods and fried foods. Low blood sugar (Hypoglycemia) is often a factor in causing the person with Fibromyalgia to feel fatigued. That is why a good nutrition program is very important, eating frequent small meals with some protein is very important in keeping the blood levels even. The object of this is to prevent blood sugar starvation by keeping a certain amount of usable sugars constantly going into the bloodstream. Only the proteins needed by the body at the time of digestion are utilized as proteins-the rest are changed into sugar and burned as energy food, increasing blood sugar level.

      Whole grains, seeds, nuts, yogurt, chicken, Turkey, organic beef, eggs, natural cheese and cottage cheese should form the base of your diet. Accompanied by Appropriate vegetables and a minimum amount of fruit.

      if you have any further questions please let me know.

      best wishes,

  5. LoveBeingAMum

    Alternative foods?
    I have fibromyalgia and IBS. I have noticed that there are certain foods which makes it worse. I can’t eat bread at all, and I can only have small amounts of red meats and alchohol. Any ideas on things I can eat to substitute bread and do you know of any other foods that could trigger worse symptoms in these conditions?

    1. Alex F

      You listed about half the foods all the alternative health practicioneers think should be avoided because they are generally bad for the body, and mess up your health. So odds are (since autoimmune diseases tend to correlate with messed up homeostatis), the full list might be applicable to you. This is everything I can think of that you didn’t directly list. Probably are some others

      1) Processed foods.
      2) Random chemicals (ie those in processed foods).
      3) Sugar
      4) Artifical sugars (Stevia is fine though),
      5) Corn
      6) Wheat
      7) White Rice
      8) Most potatoes
      9) Greasy friend food
      10) Non grassfed red meat. (most beef is raised on corn and is thus mostly corn), grassfed normally has positive effects though.
      11) Pasteurized dairy products.
      12) Soy (this is a big one).
      13) Caffine

      Well filtered water probably will make the biggest diffecence for your health, and switching to a diet which is more fruits and vegatables has awesome effects.
      There are random whole grains most people don’t know about which are fairly good for the body (ie. kooskoos), you can get the full list from a naturopath.
      Buffalo and ostritch are the two most healthy meats you can eat (pretty random I know).
      And um, if nothing else just stay away from processed foods. Fresh things gotten from farmers tend to make the biggest difference towards health.

      hope that helps. I’m gonna need to look up your condition more 😡

  6. .

    Anyone managed to successfully lose (a lot of) weight?
    I am 22 and I weigh just over 12 stone, I have always been big, but never as large as I am now.
    I didn’t really realise how fat I was until I went out to buy a bikini, tried it on at home, looked in that damn full length mirror and saw a load of jellified fat looking back at me.

    I have tried dieting (atkins), eating healthily and crash dieting.
    I have failed every single one. I try to avoid chocolate and crisps, but I live with 2 friends and they have a really fast metabolism, so the fridge is always stocked full of junk food and a few of my apples. But I just cannot stay away from the chocolate to get the apples.

    Can anyone offer any advice?
    Any websites or words of motivation that may help me?

    Ideally, I’d like to weigh between 9-10 stone and be a dress size 10. (I am a 14/16 now, UK sizes.)

    Many thanks.

  7. bubbles

    I need to lose weight!?! Help!?
    I have gained around 35 pounds in the past seven years. I need to lose weight for my health. I have bad knees, a heart arrhythmia that I take medication for. I am pre diabetic. Diabetes runs in my family. I also may have fibromyalgia. The muscle pain makes it hard to exercise, but i am willing to do anything! I have gained 11 pounds since November!! I dont know how. 🙁 I am so confused about what to eat. That is my main problem. I am also addicted to sugar. I quit smoking 2 years ago, and replaced it with sugar. Any suggestions? I need healthy snack ideas and mainly how and what to eat1 Thanks for any advice you can give. 🙂

    1. toughguy™

      Weight Loss is not only about, low calories intake, and dieting. But more of exercising, healthy eating, and good lifestyle. Consider my routines below.

      Cardiovascular Workout for weight loss.
      Cardio Exercises makes you heart intensity high and melt fat overall from your body.

      :Cardio Workout – X 3 to 4:

      1. Jump Squats – X30 Sec
      2. Leg Raises – X30 Sec
      3. Side to Side Push Ups – X30 Sec
      4. Plank – 1 min
      5. Double Crunch – X30 Sec
      6. Burpees – X30 Sec
      7. Mountain Climbers – X30 Sec

      Do these exercises at time told and then complete the whole series and then rest for 3 min and then do it again do the series for 3 to 4 times. But remember you need to do all. These all are equipment free and you won’t waste $0 on it.

      These exercises will not only make you lose weight but it will turn you fit, get you a lean body The two exercises Mountain Climbers and Burpees are strength exercises which will strengthen you.

      If you can’t do these exercises, or don’t know how to do, then search on Google images or YouTube you will know.

      Consider your diet properly.


      1. Eat healthy.

      2. Take meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, whole grain foods, fish oils, nuts, peas, soya beans, eggs. These will help you lose your fat and build muscles.

      3. Avoid these foods / drinks-

      > Sugar, Sweet foods, Junk foods, Fast foods, street foods.
      > Oily foods, over fried foods.
      > Anything Excess. If you eat more protein and don’t workout it will be stored as fat in your body.
      > Carbonated Drinks such as Coca Cola or Caffeine.
      > Avoid Liquor totally.

      :LIFE STYLE:

      1.Don’t sleep late at night.
      2.Don’t be hungry for too long or starve.
      3.Take super small 5 to 6 meals a day.
      4.Minimum 6 to 8 max hours of healthy, cold and soundless & non disturbance sleep.
      5.Jogging and moving out 1 hour after you eat your food.
      6.Stay happy, depression also causes fat.
      7.Always workout after 1 hour after or 20 mins before your meal.

      . . . . .
      Good Luck!

  8. sunshine

    fibromyalgia questions?
    I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia and had my first pain clinic appointment this afternoon. it was just a preliminary consult to get history and physical. I will see my Dr. next week. meanwhile they gave me adequate medications to keep me comfortable until my next appt. which is nice, i finally was able to get up off the couch and do some housework. which i am sure i will pay for tomorrow. anywyas, my question is people with my condition or that are knowledgable in that subject…. aside from narcotic pain medication are there other things i can do to help? are there things i should avoid? i am just new to this and was just hoping for some advice. any foods that help? supplements? i am 30 with a history of mental illness which is well under control…. i would just like some feedback about what has worked best for you, or things i should avoid, such as foods, etc…anything will be helpful to me. there are so many websites about this that i hardly know what to believe in.
    i am already taking lyrica, but the problem with that is after this bottle i dont havee any more. they gave me all the samples they could and my ins doesnt cover lyrica yet because it is so new. and it is frightfully expensive living on a tight budget. ive also tried ultram (tramadol) and ibuprofen 800. the ibuprofen worked wonders but the ultram gave me massive headaches and nausea due to spinning feeling. almost like being car sick or seasick. i get motion sickness a lot, at the drop of a hat. hate it. so i will avoid it if i can. the vicodin they gave me is helping immensly, as it should. it is the highest dosage they have, and then they move on to oxy. i am not that bad yet and hope to be better here soon. i atl least want to be able to walk out side and feel the grass and smell spring. and as of now, i dont get that. call me a whiner but i can hardly leave the couch much at all.. swollen ankles and feet so bad it hurts to walk. and besides that… all my friggin “fibro fog”
    my fibro fog aside from everything else is making me a jaekyl and hyde. i can tell it, and my family is getting tired of excusing me when i say something awful. i am totally not aware of things that i do. i know that sounds like a cop out, but i swear its true. last week i told my mother, my dearest and closest friend. my best friend actually…weve been thru some crap together. any one else have this issue? last week i told her to f**k off. golden rule of mom:No Swearing in my mothers presence. ive known that for 30 years. and have respected her wishes against bad language. so who the heck am i when i say these mean things? my poor family. i dont know how they get thru dealing with me and everything else….They are Troopers. and they havent given up on me yet. i told my fiance that he couldnt leave because my fingers are swelled up like sauages and i cant get my engagement ring off. haha he says he will just cut my finger off then. i have to say, him going in blind w/ me! i love him!
    i know i know this is making my questions very public and personal. i dont need people to tell me im lucky or to say anything bad about my fiance (very soon to be marrried, so i just call him my husband.) or my mother. they are just calling me out on these situations, trying to decide what is going on… see i am bipolar and have anxiety issues and borderline personality with schitzoaffective disorder. so not only do i have to manage my fibro pain, i have all these other meds too. morning pills including a vicodin, there are 12. 12 frikken pills and thats just in the morning, its about double when i go to bed. i got alot going on in my life right now but i am mostly worried about my family and giving them one more thing to worry about. i have been hospitalized like 12 times i think….(locked psych ward)tp keep me away from myself for a while. i hate the hospital though. too many rules. i dont get manic really, i just get more attentive and more ambitious when i am manic.

    1. MinPin QtPi

      I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis; I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia years ago, along with 3-forms of inflammatory arthritis, degenerative disk disease in my spine, and a host of other pain-causing conditions, so I know where you’re coming from. Welcome to the confusing world of pain diagnoses.

      I think you’re on the right track, being tied to a good pain clinic; you need to listen to what they tell you and follow their lead as much as possible. They will have tried and tested most everything on the market to see what works and what doesn’t, so learn to trust them early on. The more you’re able to place your faith in them, the easier it will be for you to develop a working relationship with them that’s based in trust.

      One thing I think would have been helpful to me ~ had I been able to implement it in my life ~ is a schedule for breaks and rest. Fibromyalgia is a condition that really wears a person down; you’re constantly fatigued, in part due to the disorder itself, but also because being in pain is very tiring. You need to plan rest periods into your day to make sure you get enough appropriate “down time” to care for your body the way it needs to be cared for. If you fail to do this ~ if you run around thinking “I can do it all” now that you’ve been diagnosed and will be under treatment ~ you will only harm yourself all the more.

      You may need to sit and rest for an hour every morning at 10:00am; if so, then build that into your day, every day, and don’t let anyone take that time away from you. That’s time when you don’t answer the phone, you don’t run errands, you don’t do anything but sit with your feet elevated, head tilted back and eyes closed ~ with an alarm set so you can get up and move again at 11:00am. If an hour is too long, then shorten it to 30-minutes; if it’s too short, then extend it to 90-minutes and see what happens. But, you’ve got to start somewhere, and you’ve got to make it a part of your schedule from the beginning.

      I can’t begin to tell you how important it is to take your medications on schedule each and every day. My father doesn’t understand why I have an alarm that rings on my cell phone each day at 3:00pm to remind me to take my medication — it’s because I’m not always aware of what time it is, and I don’t want to be late with my meds and throw the system off track. It’s more important that I stay on schedule than whether the alarm annoys him. My alarm rings at 7:00am, 3:00pm, 7:00pm and 10:00pm, 7-days a week. I stay on schedule with my meds, and they work better for me that way.

      And always, before you even think of adding any herbs or nutritional supplements to your diet that you’ve heard may improve your health or mood ~ for instance, I believe that it’s St. John’s Wort that’s supposed to help with depression, and Valerian Root that’s supposed to help with sleep disorders ~ always check with your doctors first. Some of these herbs and nutritional supplements can be dangerous when mixed with prescription medications ~ some reduce the amount of the prescription medications your body will absorb, where some will increase the amount your body will absorb. You can cause an accidental overdose, if you’re not extremely careful. The same goes for alcohol and recreational drugs ~ you can really hurt yourself without even trying.

      For me, it’s just easier to stick with traditional medicine at this point in time; I take over 14 prescription medications on a regular basis, and the chance for a bad reaction with some herb or nutritional supplement is just too great to risk. I leave the pharmaceutical end of things to the professionals.

      The only other thing I can suggest is to relax. As one doctor told me, Fibromyalgia is not fatal; you won’t die from this, it will just make your life miserable. 🙂 Don’t panic, and you will be fine; you can work with this and adjust your life around it as necessary. Be kind to yourself is the best advise I can offer.

      If you have any questions or need specific advice, check into the Yahoo Groups, or feel free to contact me via e-mail.


  9. 007butterfly

    Urgently need help for fibromyalgia!?
    Has became chronic and severe after birth of my son, though I try not to pick him up that much. He is now 6 months old. Ttied physiotheraphy,acupuncture, iburofen plus, Synap Forte (50 mg dextroprophyxelene hydrocloride + 500 mg paracetamol per tablet -take 2 twice a day. Last resort was a cortsisone injection 2 days ago that is supposed to last 2-3 months, but had not help a bit yet. Had an opiod injection 2 weeks ago that worked very well, but only lasts 8 hours. Spend so much money on doctors bills and family think I am a hypochondriac.

    1. jessica d

      Have you thought about the effect diet can have on Fibromyalgia?

      Although there isn’t one proven diet for fibromyalgia there are some dietary choices that seem to be symptoms triggers for a lot of sufferers.

      Here are some of the common food triggers that you should aim to cut out or at least reduce if you haven’t already done so:

      1. Sugar in all its forms. Make sure you read labels carefully as sugar appears in many products.

      2. Caffeine – this can impact on sleep patterns and if like many fibro sufferers your sleep is pretty disturbed caffeine will only compound the issue. If you feel you can’t go without a cup of coffee then stick to one before lunchtime to give the caffeine a chance to leave your system before bed. Caffeine is also in a lot of sodas, medications and can be in chocolate.

      3. A lot of fibro sufferers have food allergies – common ones are lactose and wheat intolerence. It could be worth getting tested as these could be causing your symptoms to worsen.

      4. Eating a balanced diet is important – try not to overload on carbs.Strike a balance between carbs and protein and ensure you include lots of fresh vegetables. Avoid preservatives where possible too. Also rather than eating the traditional 3 meals a day, try to have 5 or 6 smaller meals spread throughout the day. This can help keep energy levels up and reduce fatigue.

      5. If you enjoy a glass of wine or two then try cutting it out for a few weeks. Alcohol like caffeine can interfere with sleep.

      6. Avoid artificial sweeteners. These can have the same toxic affect as preservatives do on the body.

      7. To reduce muscle pain avoid glutamates. These are found in red tomatoes, some potatoes, and certain peppers. They can be a muscle pain trigger for a lot of fibromyalgia sufferers.

      A good way to see if diet is effecting your symptoms is to keep a food diary for a month. This is where you write down everything you eat and also what symptoms you are having to see if certain foods or beverages are worsening your symptoms.

      Other options include regular gentle exercise. Although you may not feel much like it, studies have proven that it helps to relieve pain.

  10. Missymae

    How do i tell the Dr, that I have pain without her thinking Im a pill popper?
    Morning all! There is this office that I go to that has nothing but Nurse Practitioners. The doctor I have NEVER met. They are all great women, I just don’t care for the one they keep sticking me with. On my last Visit she had me sign a pain contract, because i get vicodin for my feet. I have 8 neuromas in both feet and bone spurs. Fine I have no problem signing. This lady intimidates me because I was in the medical field, and she likes to talk over you. Now when i say i get vicodin i get 30 that last me 6-8 weeks. but here recently i have been having pain in my knees and my hands. I have an appointment this morning but I feel she is the type to think that I am pill searching or something when I come in complaining of these other 2 pains. plus i have had a few chest pains here and there that i plan on mentioning. How do i tell her with out looking like a junkie. Because i feel she has already classified me as such.
    I have had 2 neuromas removed, and the bones spurs, but they keep coming back. I have orthotic’s they help 25% of the time..

    1. Moped Mama

      well, if your growing neuroma’s whose your neurologist, rheumotologist! you need lyrica savelle type drugs, you sound like fibromyalgia, vit D vit B12 magnesium deficient, what about your thyroid? your endocrine system plays a role in our well being? diabetes? medical field such as what? i am a walking nightmare medication don’t like me, soo i go natural for most of my issues.. chiropractic, massage, try Acupuncture if your desperate… stay off NARC’s, vit mineral supplements DIET changes avoid wheat avoid red meat for a week see if your body is sensitive to foods? allergy testing!
      Despite its benign nature, Morton’s neuroma can induce enough discomfort to make walking difficult. Patients classically experience sharp pain, a burning sensation, and paresthesias during weight bearing in the region of the intermetatarsal spaces. The pain is relieved by rest and shoe removal. On physical examination, a mass can be palpated in one third of patients. This finding is often accompanied by a characteristic click or Mulder’s sign [5]. In some patients, the diagnosis may be equivocal, and other causes of intermetatarsalgia may be clinically entertained. The differential diagnosis includes intermetatarsal bursitis, true neuroma, inflammatory arthritis, pigmented villonodular synovitis, osteomyelitis, foreign body granuloma, stress fracture, Freiberg’s infraction, and metatarsophalangeal joint dislocation. In these instances, MR imaging has proven valuable in establishing the underlying cause of intermetatarsal pain [6,7,8]. Additionally, if surgery is considered, MR imaging can confirm the diagnosis and reveal the number and exact location of neuromas.

      i’m growing painful lipomas waiting on insurence!

  11. Modene

    Phlegm/mucus in throat- any ideas?
    I m still recovering from reflux, but even when i did have reflux without actual meds i could only taste the acid on the back of my throat when i lie down, but recently when I lie down , i get this pile of phlegm building up and it puts alot of pressure onto my throat area, it makes it impossible to sleep as i choke on the phlegm/mucus. What is going on? I know i am alergic to cows milk but this is getting worse each day *note i also have asthma which the phlegm seems to triggering as well
    my throat also feels numb when i wake up

    1. gracemarie1234

      The reflux, phlegm and asthma are all symptoms of your cow’s milk allergy. You may have other problems, but I suspect that you have not totally eliminated milk from your diet yet. If you are newly diagnosed with your milk allergy, it can take a month or more to eliminate the milk protein from your body.

      Are you being strict enough with your diet? If you cheat just once…just one little lick of an ice cream cone… you will suffer the consequences for up to another month.

      These are the things you MUST eliminate from your diet to be well:

      Milk and all obvious milk products (milk, butter, cream, yogurt, ice cream, cheese, sour cream, etc.)

      Caramel color (made from milk, sugar or milk AND sugar – no way to know which, so avoid all)
      Lac (any ingredient with the letters lac in that order… l-a-c… lactic, lactate,, lactylate, etc.)
      Lactic acid (sometimes derived from plants – only use if so stated)
      Natural color (may contain milk)
      Natural flavor (may contain milk)

      Most packaged snack foods, breads, salad dressings, lunch meats, sausage, bacon, “fresh” raw meats (when “solution” is added even if it is “natural”), imitation sea food, canned/packaged ready-to-eat foods like chili, soups, gravies, sauces and pasta/rice/potato dishes contain milk.

      Also beware of items advertising “added protein” or “added calcium” such as 7-Up Plus. The beverage is clear and fruit flavored, so milk as an ingredient does not come to mind, but it is there!

      Look for package allergen warnings. If an item is processed using shared equipment – equipment also used to process milk containing items – even if your ingredient list does not include any milk products the item may still be cross contaminated enough to make you sick.

      Read ALL labels.

      If you can get your diet right, you WILL feel better and (unless you have other triggers) you WILL be able to stop taking meds for reflux and asthma.

      If you also have other gastrointestinal problems (gas, bloating, diarrhoea, nausea), skin problems (eczema, dermatitis, hives, acne, boils), frequent infections (sinus, ear, bladder, etc.), arthritis, migraines, edema (swelling from excess fluid), fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, restless leg syndrome, insomnia, depression, fatigue, anxiety, these conditions will clear up also (again, unless you have other triggers). 🙂

      Good luck and be well!

  12. Frankie P

    anyone else have Fibromialgia?
    I was just told that I have fibromialgia and It sounds fishy to me.It sounds like something made up because doctors have NO idea what it is.does anyone else have it,if so…what symptoms do you have? are you on medications?

  13. Amanda H

    fibromyalgia ?
    i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia & would like to learn more about it.
    i have viewed many web sites but would like to hear what other’s have experienced, thanks so much
    i hurt all the time
    the medicine just seems to make me bloated & gain weight despite watching my calorie intake.
    help please

  14. Archer Sweetie x

    Has any one here suffer from Fibromyalgia OR Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
    How long have you had it for? and Have your symptoms improved over the years?

    What what teh cause of you getting the condition?

    Have you beaten it?

    I have had it for 7 long years and im down the last bit of it i can feel it leaving it my body daily but its extremely stubborn and brutal still.

    Also, have you been able to work and function like you used to. I myself have not. i have been working 22-28 hours a week for about 4 years and could not work for the first 2 years of my condition. im wondering if il ever really be like my old self or will it still remain in my body even on some small level….

    1. Georgie

      I have CFS & Fibromyalgia, diagnosed with CFS 1991 (but I had been unwell for around 2 years) & properly had Fibromyalgia from about the same time, but was not diagnosed until 2003 🙁

      The CFS symptoms had improved some what, but stress can exacerbate the CFS & Fibro, as does colds, flus etc. But late last year or early this year, I caught a nasty virus (Ross River Fever), which I still have, because of this virus have had a full Fibro & CFS flare up.

      I have tried many times, to go back to work full time work, but I am only allowed to work part time now, usually one day on one day off. Because of the virus I have not been able to work much at all this year a total of 3 hours lol.

      I run a support group, and have found that everyone is different in how they recover, some are lucky enough to fully recover and others might only get half way better, and then there are those who will continue to struggle for many years. Those who have recovered cannot pin point exactly what helped them recover, but certainly maintaining a food healthy diet and taking some nutritional supplements do help, and keeping well hydrated, and avoid coffee, alcohol or other stimulants as they can make you feel good for awhile, but you fall flat after.

      As you know each of us a different in what may have been the triggering factor to CFS & Fibro, so the “treatment/management” (I use the term loosely) will be some what different.

      I have had to learn what my limits are, self pacing is very important, and when you having a rough patch do only what you have to do, and when your feeling good try not to over do it (many people fall into this trap).

      As support group convener I tell people the importance of self pacing, write up a priority list, the lest important at the bottom, and do the most important stuff first, with a break if needed between the tasks if need, especially if its house work.

  15. lovesleep

    Is the frontal lobe part of my brain damaged? In case it is, do I have the chance to recover from it?
    I have been suffering from chronic insomnia for over 7 years, and this mystery is still gone along with me now. I find that my symptom of insomnia seem to be appeared when I was 13 years of age, and have invaded my kingdom entirely when I got 17 years old of age. My time was difficult that it made me hard to overcome my miserable time. And some kinds of mental abnormalities, Fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, suicidal thought, schizophrenia: most of the disease closely related to insomnia also have come along with me.

    From the starting point of insomnia till now, it’s been over 11 years since I met insomnia. I have ever met with so many doctors in our country. But they could not have done any forwarding condition for my insomnia, instead might I have been the victim of their knowledge in meeting with them. Due to the impact of this sheer chronic insomnia, my brain around the temple area got hurt inside. It does like something blocker to my intensity of falling asleep. My brain a little hurt now. Over the last 3 years,(at that time it didn’t seem to be cleared whether I have a feeling of something on my temple or not espy when I get to bed) I took a CT Scan but I didn’t show any abnormality in the scan. The Neurologist I met last said that ” Your insomnia is not a treatable disease and the only thing I would like to advice you is “ You have to accept your insomnia as a fate” , and adapt to it and find a suitable career to go on your lifetime” .

    Virtually most of the different kinds of insomnia symptoms have I ever experienced. And it’s hard to specify symptoms. 27 days unbroken awaking, 3 day could sleep, and 3 day insomnia, waking up early, couldn’t sleep back, difficultt in falling asleep, fainting, fatigue, stress, get frustrated, angry easily, feel groggy in the morning I couldn’t name what kind of my insomnia was/is. Now is my pattern 3 days alternatively that is “could sleep after three day insomnia”. I feel sometime my life not so cool to live on. I will not ok at my work in the very near future i have to roll (coz got an offer ) owing to my insomnia problem, and there is something on my temple which just sort of that blocks my feeling of falling asleep. My sheer problem is there is something inside my temple. At the around the frontal lobe area like a headache. That might be due to the impact of over 7 years long time chronic insomnia that been going with me till now. I would be very grateful if should there is some advice I can get from you.

    The medications have I ever been prescribed for after noon medications over the last three years are the following: (taken them over the long time of 8 months)

    Name Capsule /tablet

    1. Estazolam 1mg 4 capsule
    2. Pirazetam 400mg 1
    3. Micellium 4
    4. Clomiframine 3
    5. Clonidine 1-1/2
    6. Miarsellin 6
    7. Mirtazafrine 4
    8. Gingobibla 1
    9. Mogadon 6
    10. Clonazepan 6
    11. Natural Pollen 5
    12. Clozapine 25g 3
    13. Reboxetine ½
    14. Profrazolol ¼
    15. Trazodone 1
    16. Paroxetine ½

    The spelling may be wrong. Now I don’t take any medication to relieve my sleep disorders. As the last Neurologists said, I try to adapt to it though it make me hard on floating with it. Have been wanting to get a normal sleep pattern for years. I have tried most of the techniques, though sometimes i could sleep , i don’t like the feelings running through my temple that make me to be the one with the problems of the followings;

    # Loss of spontaneity in interacting with others.
    # Loss of flexibility in thinking.
    # Persistence of a single thought
    # Inability to focus on task (Attending).
    # Mood changes
    # Changes in social behavior.
    # Changes in personality.
    # Difficulty with problem solving.
    # Inability to express language sometime hard to recall the words what i know much and used to

    I think these symptoms and what i feeling sound like a match.

    I understand if you are professional and have concerns about insomnia; it is surely that you can’t give any idea what I should do with a little fact of data given.But anyway I appreciate your feedback.

    Is the frontal lobe part of my brain damaged? In case it is, do I have the chance to recover from it?

    Once more thanks again.

    Best Regards,

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