|Prior to developing AIDS, there is a period of time where a man who has been infected with HIV will simply live with the virus. It may take years to actually develop into acquired immune deficiency syndrome, or even show any signs that the man has contracted the virus. However, there are some symptoms that can be an indication that you may have this condition.
Many men who have been infected with HIV will experience the symptom of a mild to moderate fever. Often, it will simply be confused with a cold or the flu. This fever will often be accompanied by a headache. Sometimes this symptom will present itself in as little time as 2 weeks.
Swollen Glands
Another common symptom of HIV is the development of swollen glands. These may be any of the lymph glands within the body.
Sometimes, a man infected with HIV will notice the presence of a rash somewhere on his body. This will typically be a reddening to a patch of the skin or a flaking at this same area.
A later sign of infection of HIV would manifest as diarrhea. This may or may not be accompanied by other symptoms, such as the fever, rash or swollen glands.
But The only way to know for sure if you are infected is to just get tested.
Weight Loss
According to the CDC, as with an initial HIV infection, you cannot rely on these signs and symptoms to establish a diagnosis of AIDS. The symptoms of AIDS are similar to the symptoms of many other illnesses. AIDS is a medical diagnosis made by a healthcare professional based on specific criteria established by the CDC.

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