Type 2 diabetes also known as, ‘non-insulin dependant diabetes’, is something not to be taken lightly, because unlike normal diabetes, type 2 diabetes is not recognized easily and it is seen most of the time that a person suffering from type 2 diabetes is totally unaware if he has it or not.

A person with a diabetic family history is most prone to getting type 2 diabetes. He or she stands a risk of developing increased sugar level in the blood because their metabolism gradually becomes averse to insulin.

Some type 2 diabetes symptoms are:

  • Feeling lethargic or tired almost too easily, without undergoing much exertion.
  • An undue increase in appetite.
  • Frequent feelings of thirst due to the constant drying up of the mouth.
  • The urge to pass urine in very close successions.
  • Weakening of the eye-sight.
  • Sudden and excessive weight loss.
  • Persistent headaches.
  • Frequent fainting fits.

These are some of the symptoms of the early stages in type 2 diabetes, these symptoms often go unnoticed due to which the patient stands a chance of developing this disease even further the symptoms of which are a little more evident and easy to diagnose such as:

  • Advance in the blurring of vision.
  • The skin of arm pits, neck and groin turns dark. This is also termed as ‘Acanthosis Nigricans’.
  • Developing of yeast and other such fungal infections in the skin surrounding the private parts.
  • Very slow healing of cuts and bruises.
  • Sore gums and infected teeth.
  • Infertility or loss of potency.
  • Minimum or almost no sensation in limbs.
  • Unexplained weight gain in the later stages which is a complete contrast from the early stage of weight loss.

If you are vulnerable to any of the above such symptoms then you are most likely of having type 2 diabetes. The expert advice of the physician is the only way you fight this deadly disease. Not taking proper step at proper time will make you repent later in life.

Remember that the early symptoms are tough to detect so instead of waiting for symptoms to become completely evident and the disease to become incurable, you must take guard of the situation immediately by visiting your doctor and undergoing proper examination as prevention is always better than cure. So help us in making people aware of type 2 diabetes before it is too late. Let us all join hands and fight against this disease.

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