In most cases, lupus develops slowly, with symptoms that come and go. For some people, lupus is a mild disease. But for others, it can cause serious problems. Even if you feel your lupus symptoms are mild, it is still a serious disease which is not to be ignored and demands treatment. Lupus can harm your organs and put your life at risk if untreated.

The Sarcoidosis Is No Mystery is systemic disease and can affect any organ. The common symptoms of this disease is vague. They are fatigue unchanged by sleep, lack of energy, weight loss, aches and pains, arthritis, dry eyes, swelling of the knees, blurry vision, shortness of breath, a dry hacking cough or skin lesions. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish sarcoidosis from cancer because they may mimic one another. The symptoms that are cutaneous vary they will range from rashes and noduli (small bumps) to erythema nodosum or lupus perino.

Obviously, any combination of these lupus erythematosus symptoms can drastically affect the normal working of the body. For example, kidney inflammation can greatly diminish the ability of the body to eliminate waste, leading to toxin build up and permanent kidney damage. In some sufferers, the central nervous system can also be affected, with the individual having to deal with headaches, memory loss, blurred vision and possibly seizures.
Another aspect of early lupus symptoms would have to be muscular discomfort and sensitive joints. Although less common than the fatigue this will still present itself to around 70% of lupus patients often as the initial symptom. This will commonly happen early in the day along with a little swelling, some warmth and redness may also be evident. The most likely place to feel this is in the wrists along with the minor joints such as elbows, hands, knees and ankles.

Not surprisingly, there is no particular way to check for the incidence of discoid lupus.Symptoms present themselves and might offer a medical expert adequate details to make a diagnosis. The medical expert will often consider the nature of the symptoms, their severity, the patient’s medical background, the results of any finished blood tests along with a multitude of other aspects when deciding whether someone should be diagnosed with discoid lupus. There are a variety of lupus signs and symptoms.

Lupus is often described as the great pretender among diseases because it causes such a wide range of symptoms, the most common of which are fatigue and joint pain. But other manifestations may include a chronic low-grade fever, hair loss, weakness, weight loss, dry eyes and mouth, muscle aches, swollen lymph nodes, loss of appetite, nausea, and mouth ulcers. About half of all patients develop a butterfly-shaped rash over the nose and cheeks. Depending upon the organs affected, SLE may also cause severe headaches, anemia, inflammation in the lining of the heart or lungs, kidney failure, and mental disorders.

Modern medicine, at the present time, has not been able to determine the real causes of systemic lupus erythematosus. It is believed, however, that there are many closely related factors that are used to determine the occurrence of the disease: genetic abnormalities, environmental factors and hormonal factors. Because the disease predominantly affects women, it is believed that estrogen is involved in the disease occurrence.

3 thoughts on “Early Signs Of Lupus Arthritis

  1. freckles

    could lumps in back be a sign of lymphoma?
    My mom has these lumps in her back kind of under the skin, and she has had them for sometime now. She went to the doctor and one told her it was prob. due to her lupus and one told her it was just tissue build up. She is taking a medical assistant class and her instructor who is a RN told her that she would go have them looked at again for another opinion, because in a recent lung x ray there was some strange dark spot that appeared but no in a place where cancer is normally found, which she said lymphoma can cause strange spots like that to appear. She was being treated for a lung infection. I have read that lymphoma can cause swollen lymph nodes in the neck, groin, armpits and organs like the spleen etc. but haven’t seen anything about the actual back.
    could it be a sign of lymphoma.?

    also she has been told it could be a result of her lupus or even her rheumatoid arthritis could this be it?
    she hasn’t really had much other symptoms the only fever she has had is when she had bronchitis, and hasn’t had one since finishing her antibiotics.but i have also read that in early stages no signs may appear. she has had these lumps for years.

    my grandpa (her father) also has some disease that i don’t recall the name that causes the lumps some are also painful if that helps, my grandma has them to. they are located mostly on the back, they itch and some of them have little to no pain and some of them are quite painful.

    any incite on this would be really helpful she has a doctors appointment in the morning but I cant sleep so was hoping to get some answers.

  2. Karen W

    Could this be Lupus?
    My 15 yr old daughter has swollen ankles and knees, I took her to the doc diagnosis was a reaction to ant bites (aprox. 8 on both legs, she scratched so the were scabbed) the doc prescribed an antibiotic it has been 6 days and the swelling did not go away. I thought maybe arthritis but everyone says there would be discoloration, she has some pain but not severe and the pain minimized after taking antibiotics. However, the swelling remained and is not improving, and there seems to be slight fever. Could this be early signs of lupus? There are family with Lupus but test are very expensive. Help

    1. mistressspoiled2003

      I am a 20 year survivor of SLE. I also have reactions to insect bites especially bee stings. This is something common my children are the same way even though they do not have lupus, it is often an reaction to the insect bites not enough criteria for Lupus. Check out lupus clinical research in your area, my children were tested for free as part of research that determines if others in immediate family have it also.

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