There are a vast amount of patients who walk into a clinic desiring relief from their allergy issues. But what about those patients who suffer from Autoimmune diseases or Autism, also? Is there an allergy link there that the patient may not even be aware of? The National Institutes of Health (NIH) estimates up to 23.5 million Americans suffer from autoimmune disease and that the prevalence is rising. Researchers have identified 80-100 different autoimmune diseases and suspect at least 40 additional diseases of having an autoimmune basis. These diseases are chronic and can be life-threatening. Autoimmune disease is one of the top 10 leading causes of death in female children and women in all age groups up to 64 years of age. Then add Autism in it’s now epidemic and climbing rates. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates 1 in 150 children are diagnosed with autism. These statistics mean that every 20 minutes another child in America is diagnosed. [1]

Although there is much additional treatment necessary for both autoimmune disease and autism the fact remains that allergies play a significant role in these health concerns. When a patient walks through your office door with symptoms or diagnosis of one of the over 80 various autoimmune diseases, wouldn’t it be wise to address immediately any allergies that patient may have? Autoimmune disease studies are finding the correlation of allergies triggering the disease itself. A new study by researchers at Children’s and the University of Washington (UW) identifies a connection between allergic diseases and autoimmune diseases. The study was published in the April 1 edition of Nature Immunology. “Our study implies that allergic and inflammatory diseases may actually trigger autoimmune diseases by relaxing the controls that normally eliminate newly produced, self-reactive B cells. This is important because many autoimmune diseases are caused by self-reactive antibodies produced by such B cells” said Dr. David Rawlings lead researcher and section head of Immunology at Children’s Hospital and the UW. [2] If an allergy can actually trigger such diseases quick implementation treating those allergies is simply basic common sense.

In regard to autism, which not only affects a child but extends beyond to his / her family, schooling and as we are discovering; society in general every possible aspect for treatment must be considered. Therefore any allergy link needs to be addressed. Dr. Stephen M. Edelson from the Autism Research Institute writes, “People with autism are more susceptible to allergies and food sensitivities than the average person; and this is likely due to their impaired immune system. The best way to stop a reaction to a particular food substance is to remove that food from the person’s diet. Other treatments include taking nutrients to strengthen the immune system and giving the person sublingual drops, i.e., very small amount of the substance. In general, it is important that people realize that allergies and food sensitivities can affect one’s health and behavior, but these problems are treatable.” If treating these allergies is as simple as Allergy America’s sublingual drops makes it, shouldn’t every doctor offer this simple therapy as a means to help elevate symptoms in those suffering with autism?

Often we miss some of the basic measures that can produce relief from various ailments because we bypass the immediate opportunity for treatment, instead jumping ahead to tackle the greater issue. With sublingual drops, immediate treatment and recovery from a patient’s allergies not only happens, but in the case of autoimmune disease and autism, could also assist with reduction from symptoms or perhaps triggers of the disease manifesting itself.

1. American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, Inc. (2008, November 22) Autoimmune Disease Stat Sheet

2. Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center of Seattle (2007, April 6). Connection Between Allergic Diseases And Autoimmune

41 thoughts on “Diseases In The Lupus Family

  1. Allison

    Does anyone know of any amazing family doctors in Vancouver, B.C. who are currently accepting new patients?
    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows of any really good doctors in or around the Vancouver, British Columbia area who are really good? I’ve seen a lot of doctors regarding my condition and none have really been able to help me with a clear diagnosis. Some doctors have diagnosed me with fibromyalgia, while others have diagnosed me with an autoimmune disease or with lupus. Most have just prescribed me with antidepressants and the pain in my muscles and joints have not gone away and I still get really bad migraine headaches as well, and I still get sleep disturbances. I’ve seen some reviews for the really good doctors but they’re all not accepting new patients anymore.

  2. momzpeachy

    What if I have Lupus?
    I have posted a few questions lately. I’m just really scared. I’m a real mess. I feel sick, have chronic pain and just ache all over. Ihave been having trouble going to the bathroom now and I just feel so swollen everywhere. I feel like the goodyear blimp! But yet in a lot of pain! I want this to stop! I’m afraid the Doctor’s have really screwed up and made things worse for me. A year ago I started having problems with pain, fatigue and headaches but all they wanted to do was prescribe migraine medicine. Now I’m so much worse and went through several course of treatments with nothing working. I am worried that I may have lupus and/or rheumatoid arthritis. Both run in my family. My cervical spine is falling a part and believed to be a cause for my neck and arm pain. I have all the signs of degenerative disc disease. Here’s the rest…my hair falls out every day…barely growing any more..I have a rash (it comes and goes) on my cheeks. It kinda looks like wind burn.Uh oh

    1. Dr. Joe?

      I’m sure your aware that your symptoms share more than a passing resemblence to lupus. The rash on the face, often caled butterfly rash is a symptom of lupus; as is the hair loss. Of course other auto-immune disorders can cause such symptoms. Lyme disease shares many similiar symptoms with lupus.

      But since you have a family history of lupus, it seems the logical assumption.

      I think you already know that this is quite likely.

  3. s.g.

    Q for those knowledgeable about the body, esp. kidneys. proteinuria question?
    Two years ago I went to my primary care physician for a routine annual physical. My lab work came back abnormal. I was spilling very high amounts of protein and creatine. More tests followed and the same result was shown. I was sent to a Nephrologist.

    She was sure that I had some form of kidney disease. I was checked for the big diseases like lupus, cancers, etc. None. I held off on my kidney biopsy for several months; during that time I had frequent trips to the hospital for more blood and urine samples, all of which turned out very very high.
    I finally had a kidney biopsy. The results turned back negative for everything. She said my kidney tissue was very normal. She herself was shocked, and even had my test results ran through extra times and by different specialists, including those at the Mayo Clinic. Normal.
    However, the fact still remains to this day that I am spilling excessive amounts of protein in my urine.
    This is not normal.

    I never heard from my kidney specialist again. I was never diagnosed with anything, nor put on medicine, nor told to see anyone for checks on the matter or follow ups.

    The last time I saw my kidney specialist- when she told me I was fine she said “Well you probably had some IGA (nephropathy) brewing but stopped it by taking fish oil.” wtf???

    My questions for you are:
    -should i be worried or do something about this?
    – am i okay just because my doctor sent me on my way or was she negligent?
    -can this proteinuria cause problems in the future or develop into a disease eventually?
    – would having proteinuria itself affect daily life? because i’m always tired and i wonder if this has anything to do with it
    -any other helpful comments

    to perhaps help you answer my question better; a little health info about me:

    -5’6″. 120lbs.
    -17 at time this occured. currently 18
    -no drug use, do smoke cigarettes
    -no health history except for asthma and iron deficient anemia
    -family history includes heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, one case of teen leukemia, survived. other than that no other cancer, no kidney or strange diseases, no obesity.

  4. tscherma86

    autoimmune thyroid disease, fibromyalgia & polycystic ovarian syndrome…is there a connection?
    when i was 15 i was told i had PCOS because i had very irregular periods. ultrasounds were done and it was confirmed. i got pregnant, without treatment, and delivered in 06 with my son and 07 with my daughter. nothing eventful happened for a couple years and then in july of 09, my younger sister lost her 3 year battle with leukemia. when i was getting a haircut for her funeral, my hairstylist (who i have been going to since i was born) said that my hair was really thinning and i should get my thyroid checked. it wasn’t on the top of my list at that point. i started medical school in sept of 09 and was having really bad knee and joint problems. i went to a rheumatologist and she diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. she wanted to do some more blood work because there is a history of lupus in the family. i just got a call from her yesterday and she left a voicemail saying i do have an autoimmune thyroid disease (she didn’t say which one on the voicemail) i have an appointment with her monday, but i was just wondering if there could be a connection between the PCOS, fibromyalgia and autoimmune thyroid disease because i know they all are hormonal problems. anyone know??

  5. ~Krissy~

    from some of ur symptoms it sound like asthma. i have asthma and usually having a hard time beathing during physical activities is a symptom and the wheezing too. maybe ask your parents to take u to the doctors to see whats wrong. if it is asthma they will give u and inhaler and that will help a lot when u get an asthma attack. i looked it up for u and ur symptoms seem to match so check it out!

  6. MMM

    Hi Lady! Did I ever suggest to you that you contact Oprah? Make sure you have a video camera and document the event…all events. Keep a running diary. Get sound bites. Send press releases out to every TV, Radio and Print outlet within a 100 mile radius. Make posters and put them on every bulletin board you can. Don’t forget, I already volunteered my studio to you! Best of luck as always.

  7. ADAM

    I want to go to a Wilmington University in Delaware. Most of my family lives in Baltimore,Maryland. Which is about 2 hours away. I live in Northern Maryland. So its about 45 minutes away.

    My mom has a diseases called Lupus. Im sure you know what it is. So my family wants her to get some help. At John Hopkins.

    She told me I should be able to go where I want to go. But my family does not want us to stay up here. There constantly on my mother about moving.

    I have my schedule and everything ready to go. But I do want to go to school in Baltimore. They will not accept no for a answer.

    They keep getting on my mom everyday all day. She told me I can go to Baltimore for help every weekend just go to the school you want. But I dont want my extended family including grandparents to ride her about me going there and her making the wrong decision.

    My uncle and aunt on my grandfathers side live in Delaware so I can move with them. But they will be on my mom about that.

    What should I do because im very stressed out.

    1. Lauren

      Why does your family interfere with your life ? You depend economically on them ? Then, become independent: that’s the only solution.

      Now, if you are economically independent and they are STILL bullying your mom, then she has to have some self respect and dignity and cut ties with them. She might even recover when she gets rid of such toxic people.

      Unfortunately, the most probably, is that she will never be able to get rid of them. She is pretty old and she probably does not have the fortitude and strength to remove herself from this toxic relationship, but you’ll have to find the strenght to do it if you don’t want to be bullied all your life, which will probably push you into self destructive habits.

      You have to overcome their control and the fear of loneliness. You will probably have to distance yourself from your mom too, if she chooses to remain under their control. That will be the most difficult.

  8. Malisha

    Can my 27 year old daughter get a kidney from someone, after being 10 years on dialysis?
    Her name is Emi, she is American from DC. She has been on a transplant list for 4 years, but in vain. Where shall we turn for life saving help. Her blood type is A+ and her underlying disease is Lupus. She has been a TV and printed media advocate for ethical virtues, family values, healthy nutrition (her studies). She is willing to donate acres of land in Europe, inherited from he grandfather, for this life saving organ. Without function in both kidneys, with 3 times a week, four hrs at time, chained to the machine for 10 best years of her youth, deprived her of knowing what happiness and freedom is. Is there someone out there to want to contact us for a life-saving gift of the most precious that God has given to us: healthy living, upon which all prosperity on earth depends?!

  9. Jana

    lupus, kidney disease, anemia, diabetes?
    I recently had bloodwork done as well as a urine sample.
    I gained about 25 pounds last year in a short period of time.
    I have been very tired as well, for most of the year.
    I took depoprvera and ended up having bloodclots for 6 months (not very fun if that was my first six months of marriage)
    And have been miserable since….

    My mother has lupus, but in our family it seems to skip generations.

    things that were ‘out of range’ were:

    platelet count: 431 (when it should be between 150-400.)
    urine: cloudy.
    urine protein: >0.15 (when it should be <0.15.)
    urine keytones: >1.5 (when it should be <1.5)
    ferritin: 14 (normal range is 15-180)

    Anyone know anything about any of this?

    Please let me know, thanks so much!
    I am going to add symptoms like: night sweats, always itchy, want to pass out after lunch, go pee in the middle of the night, veeeeery tired all the time, no energy, always hungry but nothing appeals, blood clotty periods, cold feet.

    Might I also add that I have been on anti-depressants (zoloft) for about two years, (I have very unstable emotions).


    Scottish, English, Irish, Norweigian, Hawaiian, Indian (like canadian aboriginal), Italian and Flemmish.
    Also, I might add I was diagnosed with anemia in grade 2. My mother said when I was 11, when I got my first period, she took me in for a blood test, and they said I was anemic then too.

    And also, when I was 16, I had a kidneystone. I never found out why, or what kind it was though...

  10. P S

    Have a relative that might have cancer need to know why tests being done?
    Ok ive got a relative 48 years of age female.

    Has very low iron levels – gets puffy easily has recently seen doctor who has ordered the following tests – feels very fatigued, probable anemia

    Full blood count, FGY test, CEA test. A CT scan, colonscopy and endoscopy. Family history of chrons disease, also lupus.

    Doctor isnt saying what could be the problem ( anything from ulcer to pollop – GP suggested that it was unlikley to be cancer) though said testing was urgent, suggested could be a GI bleed. Otherwise healthy, no blood in stool, no lumps around abdomen area but has had some minor stomach pain.

    Celiac disease is one of the blood tests indicators thats being looked at, what is the chance or thoughts on what could be im a bit worried thinking it could be colon or stomach cancer, could be something as simple as malabsortion , in the last 4 months has had glandular fevor anyone with any thoughts ?
    I should add my relative asked the doctor what the likelihood of cancer was and was told doctor would be surprised if it was cancer. Indicating that it probably was an outside chance – tests are happening next week anyway – so doctor is being level and tests being done

    From what ive read if it was more cancer concern feacel stool testing would have been done plus an MRI which at the moment hasnt been ordered. So could the be looking for something else and if something else what could that be
    In reply to the third contributor ( thankyou for the additional information) based on the information i have ( i dont think a stool sample was asked for) other elements of the blood test are testing for chrons disease and a marker for celiaic.

    If it isnt cancer what other problems would fit the general medical area that the doctor might be looking for ( ie what could be the possible disorders or other medical problems they would be lookign for) if its cancer my relative is well prepared for treatment and so forth. It would be hopefully caught in early stages) but what other conditions of a less serious nature be likley to be what dr might be looking for

  11. Nat

    Lupus.. what is it?
    I just got back from the clinic and am a slight bit worried now.
    I went in for back pains, during this he asked if I had other problems so I mentionned my reynolds. He then asked me if there’s history in my family with clots (my grandma does), if I’ve had kidney disease, I’ve had kidney infections (disease I wouldn’t know?), if I’ve had unexplained rashes.. well right there I had a rash on my neck, I had no idea, he’s the one who saw it. He asked if I had a history of psychiatric problems.. I have had severe depression along with some great insomnia in the past. He asked other things that I can’t remember anymore.. the only thing that didn’t fit, which was mainly why I came in, was if my lungs were inflamed.. What was wrong was my muscle behind the shoulder blade was inflamed hurting when I would breathe.
    Ok so, now that he’s gone through all that and only 1 out of all symptoms he’s asked don’t fit… what??
    I don’t really know what lupus is safe for what I’ve just googled..
    I know he can’t diagnose based on history alone. He asked me a series of questions that made him think it’s possible. Although, it didn’t go much farther then his questions. Now what I wanted to know was the symptoms/how to get diagnosed. Basically, where would I go for help on this. I don’t have my own doc so I’m kind of on my own.
    It had me concerned as many of the symptoms of lupus are similar to things that are happening with me. It’s not to say I have it and don’t wish to, I’m wanting to get informed.

  12. Gabe

    Please help me, getting depressed, i want to be in the Military so bad, but would have to lie my way in?
    I’ve been diagnosed with Acid reflux disease. Doctors believe i may have lupus, or heart problems. I am diagnosed with major depressive disorder w/ psychosis in the past, bipolar 1 with psychosis, anxiety depersonalization

    I really want to be in the Military. I want to be honored and remembered for something good, not my failures like my diagnoses’ and disease. I want my family and friends to be proud of me, not looking down on me for having all this wrong with me.

    Its just one of my biggest dreams. I have the chance to lie and get in in less than 2 weeks. But i dont want my symptoms to come in boot camp. im torn. idk what to do. please help me.

    i’ve been once to enlist in the Marines, and need to go back on a psychological evaluation.
    and to people wondering or who might ask, I have been diagnosed by doctors and psychiatrists, and have had 2 seperate stays in psychiatric facilities.

  13. Jenna B

    My little sister died of Lupus on sunday and her funeral is tomorrow… i dont know what to do with myself. Her last words to me were, “My suffering is ending, please do not cry for me! I love you!” All i seem to be thinking about are those words, her weak selfless face and concerns, and the suffering she was going through. In her last month all she did was worry about me and my family and what it will be like for us when she passed, she never felt sorry for herself or anything nothing was ever about her. I loved and still love her so so so so much!!! I want to remember the good times but it is hard. As long as i can remember this disease has put a ristriction on her life and now it has taken it! does anyone know how painful it was for her?!? I dont know what to do with myself and my whole family is a wreck! and i dont know what to do i mean why her none of us have this disease no one we know. Why her she was the smartest most talented selfless person i have ever met and now she is gone! Do any of you have the disease how hard is it for you?!?
    my sister was diagnosed at the age of 8 which is rarre for the disease so they told her then that it was going to be a fight for her life

  14. mudawryyy1

    very serious family/moral issue i need help. please read!?
    good day. i mean that as a greeting, not that it’s a good day. for it’s a horrible day for myself. why you ask? my mother is dying of cancer. shes my last living relative and i’m really afraid of what i’m going to do after shes gone. i’m only 17 and don’t have a job. she doesn’t have much money either, so i nothing ot live off of. at the rate i’m going, i’ll be dropping out of school one year shy of a diploma. no prom for me. no graduation ceremony. no getting to finally be an upperclassman. i’ve never known my father, as i was a product of rape. i hadn’t actually known this until around the time my mother was diagnosed. she broke down and confessed this to me, probably thinking that i had a right to know before she died. it only made things worst though. can YOU imagine being told your mother is going to by dying and leaving you all alone to fend for yourself with no money and then finding out you were never wanted, all on the same day? as you can see, i’ve had quite my share of hardships for such a young age. the reason i mostly feel bad (and the reason i’m psoting this all) is because of a event that took place just tonight. she was discharged from the hospital, since she didn’t have any way to pay the bills for treatment, and didn’t want to leave me with a dept when she died (her own words). when we were finally back at home, possibly the worst thing that could have came on tv, came on. it was an episode of House in which the patient was being treated for the wrong disease. and then House utters the line “it’s not lupus”. this was startling to hear, as it’s exatly what happened to my mother, and what the doctor said. she was diagnosed for lupus rght off the bat, and the treatment for it only made the cancer worse. and the words that amde her cry when the doctor told ehr this were “it’s not lupus”. so there in the living room, my mother broke down crying. she didn’t tell me why, but i knew. it was obvious. i tried to comfort her, but she told me to just go away, and that things would have been easier if i were just never born. and i think i’m starting to agree. if i wasn’t born, she would have had a normal college life, found a nice husband, and be able to pay for cancer treatment or insurance rather than having to support a teenager as a single mom. i lost my temper at that moment though, and slapped her. she slapped back and all of a sudden, i was fighting a dying woman. i got in one little fight and my mom got scared and said your moving with your auntie and uncle in belair. i whistled for a cab and when it came near the license plate said fresh and had a dice in the mirror. if anything i could say that this cab was rare but i thought man forget it yo home to belair. i pulled up to a house about seven or eight and i yelled to the cabbie yo holmes smells ya later. looked at my kingdom i was finally there to sit on my throan as the prince of belair.

  15. need2know

    If you visit a family member in the hospital,with I.T.P disease,can you give them infection?
    I wanted to go and visit with them.They tested negative for lupus and HIV. They have had transfusion and their spleen has to be removed because it is enlarged.
    A family member said it was best to not visit because they are at risk to catch something from visitors! But I can find any information on this!
    I don’t have flu or cold. Thanks for info.

  16. princessarah77

    Any idea why my fingers/hands swell during exercise?
    It intensifies as the activity intensifies. I’ve done some internet searches and there do not seem to be a lot of explanations out there. Auto Immune Disease is plentiful in my I worry about Lupus. Any thoughts? Thanks!
    But it just started a couple months ago..and the swelling isn’t always that mild..I can’t make a fist and they hurt for awhile after.

  17. Elise

    How accurate is the diagnosis of Lupus from the results of a skin biopsy?
    I developed a rash three weeks ago. It began as one scabbed-over little hole in my thigh. Then it spread all over my stomach, eventually to my arms, and neck. They start as little red hard bumps, then kind of look like a pimple, but you cant pop it, then they become little indents of scabs in my skin for weeks. I have been extermely emotional lately, crying very easily and generally feeling depressed. I have also skipped my a few periods (and Im sure Im not pregnant) The doctor performed a skin biopsy on one of the bumps. He mentioned he was looking for excema, but i don’t know if that has anything to do with the type of skin biopsy or test he ordered. The results came back as lupus, however i don’t have the butterfly rash or joint pain that are symptoms of lupus. My skin rash symptoms are not sun related, since the rash began in areas of my body that never see the sun. I also dont have a family history of lupus. How accurate are the results of a skin biopsy? Could this be lyme disease?

  18. sweet_thang0792

    Rheumatoid Arthritis/Lupus? Whats wrong?
    Hello. I am a 28 year old female and have a few questions and appreciate any response. I have been having numbness in my legs particulary from the back of my knee/leg down thru my toes where it is tingly, numb, and throbbing pain that will last all day off and on. Somtimes, I can be walking and my legs go numb to where i cant move and have to stand still till i can walk again or drag myself to something to lean on. They did a EMG and it came back normal, so then they did bloodwork and said that my Sed Rate was 47 and Rhunmatoid Factor was 10 and i have a appt schedlued for Rhuemotologist. They did a MRi of my back and it shows there is loss of signal in the L4 and L5, T11-T12 and T12-L1, also buldging discs, disc protrusion and multi-level degenerative disc disease. I get sick a lot and was in hospital in april with symptoms of meningitus, but wasnt (I had meningutius 2007 so i know the symptoms) they never knew the cause, i get sick a lot, always feel tired. I have nausea and frequent migraines. Doc asked if anyone in the family has had Lupus. Does these symptoms/diagnoses mean there is something wrong, and if so what? Does it sound like it could be Lopus? Your help is greatly appeciated.

  19. Afhr4

    I am a 32 year old, up until recently, generally healthy female. Took a trip in Feb. to AZ and came back with?
    a cough.Then had some teeth pulled. They put me on amoxicilian,a steroid and pain killers. Then everything started falling a part. By day 3 on the meds I began to have swelling in my whole body. Day 4, I was like a round ball.Gained almost 20 pounds in water weight.So swollen the skin under my feet were cracking and bleeding.I began having extreme pain in the right side of my jaw.Went to the E.R,after calling the dentist he said I might be having an allergic reaction to meds. Never had a problem with penicillin before. The hospital kept me for 3 days. I.V. antibiotics and steroids.Tested my blood for everything from Lyme disease to Lupus to rheumatoid arthritis. They said I was now allergic to penicilan.All blood work came back normal. Extremely high white count though. Said I had some sort of infection.They sent me home with a months worth of Doxycyline and more pain meds. Went to reg. doc. they did more blood work came up empty,except for slight anemia,always had that though. Then I began with a weeks worth of prednisone,still on the Doxycyline, pain meds and sleeping pills. Still hadn’t slept through the night for about two weeks. Now begining to get extreme fatigue,then developed night sweats and chills and more swelling and alot of pain. Went back to the doc for more blood work,still all normal. Then developed a painful red bumpy rash ONLY on chest and started coughing up blood.Not alot just dime sized every couple of days. Then getting dizzy and seeing white blurry spots sometimes. They sent me to the specilist,he came up with Valley Fever. Went for that blood work and cultures and also diabetic blood work. Now 2 weeks later the cultures haven’t grown anything, all the blood work has come back normal and have had 2 more trips to the E.R, with all those symptoms and having chest pains,numbness and tingles in my left side of body only. Also having moments of forgetfullness. Everytime I have been to the E.R they did chest x-rays and blood work all kept telling me it was normal. Now on my last visit to the E.R they said I have pnuemonia.Last two chest x-rays were three days part. The first one they said was clear. They are sending me to a Pullminary doctor. Except for having mono in high school and a severe case of pnuemonia 2 years ago(hospitilized for a week) I have never been sick.I have not had fevers or weight loss. Though my appetite has decreased I am still gaining weight. I am only 5’2″ and almost pushing 190 pounds. NOT normal for me. I am not pregnant,had four children then had my tubes tied. I do smoke but am trying to quit. Down to less a pack a day. Can anyone PLEASE PLEASE give me some ides. The doctors have told me they don’t know what is wrong and only treating the symptoms and not the PROBLEM. I have a family history of Lupus,diabetes,heart disease. It all runs rampant through both my parents sides,,them included.
    Let me clear up any confusion. The first specialist I saw stopped all the steroids. As of right now I am taking only Naproxen for the joint swelling and pain killers. He is the one that thought I had this Valley Fever. But the cultures have come negative. They keep dumping me from Doc. to Doc. because of all my tests comming back negative. No one seems to know what is wrong. They are trying to handle only the sypmtoms and not the underlying problem. One says now I have pneumonia. I am not sure about that though. I had it two years ago and it isn’t anything like that.

  20. Objet_Trouve

    Quitting smoking with a patch, just hit week 3…should I be having asthma and vomiting problems?
    I started at 19, I’m 24. It’s been three weeks with nicoderm cq patch, step 1. I used to smoke 1-2 packs a day, depending on stress level. I was diagnosed as having severe asthma growing up (doctor said I had the lung capacity of someone with emphysema), and it actually went away around the same time as when I started smoking. Now it’s back.

    I’m also vomiting every time I change the patch, but it goes away within a few hours. During that time I get badly susceptible to motion sickness.

    I also have had (since quitting) severe insomnia, severe mood instability (I’m on lithium for bipolar disorder, and on risperdal and cogentin to help me with PTSD, I was doing very well until now), dizziness, nasal drip/sinus congestion and (my favorite) poor blood circulation, only in my arms (the only place I didn’t gain weight when I managed to put on 60 pounds in four months without changing my diet and exercise routine two years ago).

    Also, I’m out of shape and just finished physical therapy (doctors are unable currently to diagnose a problem with severe leg and back pains and rapid weight gain, I’m on vicodin for the pain, it appears to be hormones, and the doctor says I have all the symptoms of an auto immune disease, like lupus, which runs in my family but all my tests have been coming back normal).

    Hooray for me. Have fun kids. Also, I can’t see a doctor again until late July. Public health care just isn’t that effective when it’s on a small scale.

    And no, I haven’t cheated. Not even a drag. I have the will of a tiger when given enough of a reason to give a damn (my fiance and I are marrying in December and he wants kids in the next couple years) and enough hope that it will help me achieve my goals (I’m pretty sure not smoking helps with pregnancy).

  21. Chris[Curtsy]Fingers

    What is this sharp pain my my chest and shoulder?
    I have a sharp pain over my left lung in the lower left side back, my heart, and goes into my left inside shoulder. It lasted for a few hours, and the pain got pretty intense to the point it was taking my breath away. It got worse when I took a breath, laughed, or coughed. and then I went to sleep and woke up and it hasn’t hurt in about two weeks. I don’t smoke, drink, do any drugs. I havn’t had any injury’s, or had any trauma. But since its went away, I havn’t seen a Dr.

    Lupus and breast cancer runs in my family. So does heart disease. But If I had one of those wouldn’t I still have the symptoms?

  22. sm729

    What can I do to get rid of numb hands/arms?
    For about 2 weeks now, the pinkie and ring finger on both hands and a bit of my hands/arms have been numb. I’ve been to the ER but they told me there was nothing they could do. I’m really fusterated not knowing what is up, so I thought i’d ask yahoo answers to get some ideas.

    I think its worth mentioning that I have t1 Diabetes, but I hear Neuropathy starts strictly in the feet first, but my feet are completely fine.

    The ER doc said it probably was not carpal tunnel (even though I use the computer alot) because the numbness was in the wrong part of my hands.

    I should also mention that computer usage does make it worse, I can’t feel hot or cold very well, it tingles just like your legs do if you’ve been sitting down cross legged and stand up. There is slight pain from time to time and I have never had any pain in my neck (i’ve heard you can have this problem if you have neck pain problems). Thats all I’ve got.

    Any idea?

    one more thing, I have a history of auto immune diseases in my family (especially lupus) if that helps any.

  23. LoveMe!

    If you have LUPUS or know about the disease please read?
    Im a 17 year old African American female, I DO NOT have anemia, I dont have a butterfly rash, I dont have fatigue, but I have this weird feeling in my knees and. Its NOT a pain its like a ache and its off and on. I could probally ignore it if I wasan’t so focused on every time I feel a ache. No one in my family has lupus. Could mild knee aches be the beginning signs of lupus? I dont have any other symptoms.

  24. JoJo

    I am nauseous every night?
    Tonight is the worst. Sat in front of the toilet for 15minutes waiting and trying to throw up.

    For the past three weeks I have been nauseous only in the evenings. I am on birth control; been on my birth control for almost a year and never had this problem. I took a pregnancy test two weeks ago and it came out negative. It happens either before I eat (which causes me to not eat much) and then most of the time around 8- 10pm.

    The only major diseases in my family is Diabetes and Lupus, those are rare

  25. AspiringAsh

    Odd stomach/bowel symptoms for about a year or two now?
    The symptoms include: rectal bleeding (I’m fairly confident it is caused by an anal fissure), mostly constipation with occasional diarrhea, pain in my lower to mid abdomen, nausea occasionally, weight loss of nearly 20 pounds (5′ 3″, went from 153 or so to 128 in about 8 months), and severe stomach sensitivity to stress/anxiety.

    I know I should probably see a doctor, but I’m afraid that I’m merely going to be told that all the tests are normal and that I’m overreacting to a couple of odd symptoms.

    I tend to also have horrible symptoms for awhile, with alternating periods of feeling wonderful.

    Any doctors that have a clue or guess to what could be bothering me?

    (Health conditions that run in my family: lupus, Crohn’s disease, diabetes)

    Thanks for taking the time to help!

  26. Cynthia

    18 year old with fatigue,weakness,hair loss, and mouth sores.?
    for about 2 and a half weeks now ive been feeling like i have the
    flu. tired, very achy and extremely weak. recently ive also began
    developing alot of hair loss as well as mouth sores. i have never
    had a very good immune system but i am usually quite healthy. i
    am an 18 year old female and i have a family history of many
    cancers, diabetes, as well as heart disease and autoimmune
    disorders. i am very worried about lupus being a possibilty because that is a main disease in my family. any thoughts would be helpful! even websites where i may be able to actually get answers.

  27. Matthew Neifert

    What autoimmune disorder do I have?
    When I was 11, I presented with Autoimmune hemolytic anemia. About 5 years later, I developed ITP (which I self-diagnosed before going to the doctor). Both were extreme cases (Less than 10% HTC, and 2,000 platelet count.) Both were also cured with prednisone, though the latter took a gram or more per dose (It was only a temporary fix at first. Then it just sort of disappeared on its own.) IVIg had no effect at all on my thrombocytopenia.

    The results for SLE testing changed. Certain tests were positive, then later negative, and vise versa. Ultimately it was deemed inconclusive, and considered negative when my symptoms cleared up.

    I know online opinions aren’t a replacement for an actual diagnosis, but I don’t want to waste my time if it’s nothing more than a cured case of Evans Syndrome. I did have a few bouts of anemia between the two events, but they were diagnosed as dietary deficiencies.

    No history of lupus or any rheumatological disease in my family. Drug-free, aside from OTC meds, and occasional amoxiclav for my recurring infections (common ear infections, long-term undiagnosed sinus infection, and occasional URIs.) Post ITP, I’m an occasional marijuana and Excedrin user for my migraines, which have gotten slowly worse since I turned 14.

    The AIHA was spontaneous, but the ITP occurred while I was getting less than two hours of sleep per night, and self-medicating with diphenhydramine to get those few hours. I was extremely depressed for months, and shortly after my depression cleared up, the disease hit. (I was in a really bad relationship, but then I met someone who actually made me happy.)

    I’m 17 now, and I’ve been completely healthy for a year, come this May. It’s a lot of reading, I know. I’m sorry, but information is important, I think. I’m studying to become a doctor, and science has always interested me, so please don’t dumb down your answers. Either, I’ll understand, or I’ll learn something new. 🙂

    Thanks for your time.
    @sunnny: The prednisone wasn’t given until well after the testing was completed, so the tests weren’t influenced by it. The sinus infection seems to have stemmed from my ear infections, which are bacterial. Both were treated well with antibiotics, but keep recurring, even when I take every last pill. My doctors have never much trusted me with information, which disappoints me, because I’d much prefer knowing what’s happening. I had rheumatologists, nephrologists, hematologists, dieticians, oncologists, and peds all working my case, but I left with the original diagnosis I proposed. My primary physician is a pediatrician, because she has yet to direct me to a GP (doesn’t want to lose business, I guess).
    Does that help at all?
    @Linda R: I don’t see why anyone without medical knowledge would click on a question titled “What is my autoimmune disorder?”
    I’m not asking for a diagnosis, only for ideas. I wouldn’t hold an answerer responsible for a misdiagnosis. Especially since I wouldn’t accept any diagnosis before researching it.

  28. davidsilva86

    How Can I Help Someone with lupus?
    Hello i just met a girl over the internet i’ve talking to her for about a month she is a great person,and i can say that i’m falling for her, but just recently after not talking to her because she was in the hospital for about a week she told me she has lupus,it made me angry that someone i thought it was in excellent health could have such disease she is only 24 yrs old. But that doesn’t scare me i actually feel like i want to know her more and help her cope with this disease, she does not have friends or much family that can give her that emotional support.
    and i just want to know how can i help her? and for her not to feel bad and push me away. any books i can read that explains how to approach and deal with someone with lupus?

    please help. i want to make her know that she can have a much better life than what she is projecting her self.

  29. j

    help! lupus and no one believes me.?
    i have just been diagnosed with husband,mother and sister do not believe mom says i am a lying piece of shit and she can not stand sister says the only illness i have is mental. my husband says that i am making it all up for attention and that i forced the doctors to give me 21 prescriptions a day and that i like to take all the toxic meds with nasty side effects.most days i am so sick i just cant get out of husband says i am just being lazy and dont want to do housework.i have somehow managed to keep up with 2 kids,6 pets and a large house despite how sick i husband is cruel and lazy. i am in tremendous joint pain all day.the pain of hearing my mom and sis call me a liar and the pain of my own mom calling me a piece of shit are enough,then add in my own husband.i can not work because of this disease and so i have no friends,no family and no one at all to talk to.i have never felt so all alone and terrified in my husband comes home from his 8 hour a day job,eats the dinner i cooked and sleeps away the evening on the couch while i continue with dishes,kids,pets laundry and all the other chores i allready have been doing since 4 am.i am exhausted and lonely and terrified and sick of all the meds, and hospitals and doctors.i am just sick of liveing. i ask myself,what for?

  30. bab3luvinu4ever

    Endocrine case study   The Case of the Sweaty Salesman?
    Endocrine case study
    The Case of the Sweaty Salesman

    Chief Complaint: In a routine physical exam Michael, a thirty year old salesman complains of excessive sweating, intolerance to heat, irritability, shortened attention span, difficulty in sleeping, weight loss with increased appetite.   He does not smoke, practices safe sex, has no family history of cardiovascular disease. He has a family history for autoimmune diseases. His father suffers from idiopathic thrombocytopenia, his mother has been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and his oldest sister was recently diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus.

    Physical findings: (1) 15 lb weight loss since last physical; (2) tachycardia with slight hyperthension; (3) protruding eyeballs (exothalmic); (3) some degree of alopecia and palmar erythema; (4) palpitation of the neck revealed the presence of goiter.

    Based on the physical findings his doctor did some blood tests and sent him to an endocrinologist. The endocrinologist diagnosed _____________ , and suggested several treatment options. These included treatment with chemicals (propylthiouracil and methimazole) that decrease the production of thyroid hormones by the thyroid gland, or radioisotopic destruction of the thyroid gland by the use of 131I, or surgical removal of the thyroid gland. After considering all the options, especially the possible effects of radiation on sperm development, Michael chose surgery. Following successful surgery, Michael was prescribed synthetic thyroid hormone to ensure that his body was receiving adequate thyroid hormone and told to return within 2 months for a follow-up evaluation of circulating thyroid hormone concentrations. He was also cautioned to carefully monitor his calcium intake.



    Blood test results:

    • Free T4: 20  mcg/dL (normal range: 4.8 to 10.4 ug/dl).
    • TSH: 1.5 mIU/L (normal range: 0.3 – 3.0 mIU/L)
    • Calcium: 15 mg/dL (normal range: 8.5 – 10.2 mg/dL)
    • Positive for thyroid autoantibodies.




    This is the question please help


    1. What is your diagnosis?
    2. Define the bold terms in the text.  
    3. Why is the T4 levels elevated?  
    4. Thyroid hormones exert their effects on cells in a manner similar to steroid hormones; describe the mechanism of action of thyroid hormones.
    5. Why would an imbalance in thyroid hormones have such widespread effects on the body?  
    6. Why was goiter observed in Michael’s case?  
    7. Why would calcium homeostasis be impaired in response to removal of the thyroid gland?
    8. Why is 131[I] used to specifically destroy the thyroid gland and have minimal effects on other cells and tissues in the body?  
    9. Given that Michael and his wife may want to have more children, why was 131[I]  treatment ruled out

  31. blahblahblah

    Does this sound like lupus?
    let me start with i am sick with doctors , & that’s why im posting on here , yes i am going to see another doctor yet again soon , but i just want a fresh perspective on this ! im a 15 year old girl , im a little underweight , and i admit im not the healthiest eater , i eat a lot , but not always healthy , but i do have tons of fruit ! to make a long story short this is what has happened to me in the past
    * i used to have stomach issues , they did tons of testing and found nothing (5th grade)
    * i had something with my heart that came back inconclusive (4th Grade)
    * i had a neck kind of twitch , they ruled it out as stress (3rd grade)
    * i have always been very prone to infections
    * not sure if this is related , but i have always had messed up fingers , my mom does too , the bones grew crookedly & the joints are messed up in them too
    * my knees are also ‘odd’ i have sort of a slight odd walk , they don’t straiten out when i walk

    * i have just been diagnosed with iritus (an inflammatory disease in the irus of the eye , i have it from an unknown cause – which is common)
    * i often get lower back pain , not to bad , just annoying
    * my spleen area also sometimes hurts , not super bad or anything , i was at the doctor for it before , they took xrays , (you can see a lump where it hurt , but they were looking at my kidneys?)
    *i always seem to have a cough , not always a bad one , but it seems like its always there
    * my knees also feel stiff sometimes , not to severely though
    * my hands & feet have always been odd colored , when im cold they usually turn kind of a purply color
    * i always have a strong heart beat , i can feel it , and if i hold still i often can see it through my shirt
    * im almost always light headed when i stand up or move to quickly (where everything goes black)

    i have had many conditions in my family , my uncle has most types of skin cancer , my grandpa passed away from lymphoma , my grandma and uncle have a heart condition , my second cousin has lupus . Those arent all the conditions i have in my family , just the ones i could think of off the top of my head ! I did have a few doctors bring up the idea of me having lupus , but never tested me for it because they are usually concerned about testing me for something else at the time . sorry about this being long , for all i know im just an unlucky person with all this , but i would just really like to be healthy ! thanks for all your inputs on this !

  32. musicgirlie44

    Unfortunate Family….help?
    My aunt was diagnosed with Lupus about 3 years ago. In the past year my uncle found out that he has a serious disease where his brain is swelling too large for his skull. The pain is getting near unbearable becasue the swelling causes HORRIBLE headaches, as you can imagine. He can not drive or work because he gets dizzy. He was bedbound for a long time, but now can sit at the computer for about 5 minutes before irritating his headache even worse. He had three brain surgeries when he was a baby, so doing surgery would be life threatening and way too dangerous. A spinal tap was discussed but was ruled out for health reasons as well. Our family is kinda stuck and would like to provide this part of our family with comfort and possibly some suggestions or help…any ideas???

    Thank you and prayers are appreciated for the Hawk family!

  33. benraze2001

    For people with Lupus, is there any way to counter the effects of sunlight exposure other than sunscreen?
    I have only recently been advised that I may be suffering from a connective tissue disease. Upon doing some research it appears that the most appropriate diagnosis is Lupus. I have an appointment with a rheumatologist in a few days, but I was wondering if anyone with Lupus has any tips for coping.

    I turn 28 in a few days, I’m married and have three children under the age of 4. After even a half hour in direct sunlight, I will wake up the next morning with a debilitating migraine that takes 5 excedrin migraine and about 16-20 hours to get rid of. I want to be able to take my family to the pool, water park, Disney, etc. without them having to accommodate for my issues. (I also recently bought season tickets for the Jaguars and I’ll be darned if I’m gonna miss a game ^_^ ).

    Anything I have to do in terms of treatment, drugs, etc. I’ve got no problem with if it only effects me, but the things that affect my family or my ability to interact with them are what hurts the most. Any suggestions or personal experiences are greatly appreciated.

  34. samantha

    been very ill- could i have lupus?
    for the last year ive been really sick. ive had numerous test done and been put on a hole mess load of medications. but nothing seems to help and im just getting worse. im in constant pain and cant hardly eat. my entire stomach hurts and my food doesnt digest and i have no bowel movements. it hurts to empty my bladder and my lower back feels like its breaking. mostly i get pains under my ribs and on my sides. but i also get shooting pains every where at different times.

    well ive been doing a lot of research on my own because my doctors cant seem to find out whats wrong with me. and i came across lupus. all i know about it now is its an auto- immune disease and it can affect your organs and make you lose function of them. so i wondering if i could have it. i dont have a history of any gastric problems in my family except acid reflex but ive been tested for that.

    what are the symptoms of lupus? how do you test for lupus? how do you treat lupus?

    i just what to know as much as possible about lupus or any other illness that can cause my symptoms. if any one could give me some information i would really appreciate it!

    thank you


  35. Jewels

    Lupus has severely affected my life as well and as a nurse i am upset to know that its not as well known as other helath problems, I have found that Lupus Research Institute donations are one hundred percent to research for a cure because their board pays their salaries so no donation money is used for administration costs. I found this uplifiting, also lupus foundation of america is great to help anyone who is interested in raising money for lupus research get started. My sister contacted them and they sent her a box of educationakl material, bracelets to give out or sale, ideas for fundraisers envelopes to mail donations in etc. they also answered all her questions about lupus and fundraising in a very kind and fast manner. You can sign up on their website to be informed of all bills going to washington that would help fund lupus research so that you can contact your representative and congressmen to vote for it.

  36. Confused>.<

    Is this many disease in a teen normal?
    Im a 16 year old girl and i have been perfectly healthy and active all my life, until about a month ago. I suddenly became fatigued, sore, nauseated, and i put on quite a bit of weight (About 20 pounds) even though there was no change in my activity level or diet. So finally I went to the doctors and got quite a bit of blood work done, and since then I have been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (also known as JRA), and Lupus. Now I do have a history of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus in my family, though they all developed it in there late 30’s-early 40’s. Now what I dont get is how all these symptoms and diseases appeared so suddenly, for none of this showed up in my blood work last year. I guess what im asking is if its normal for a healthy teen such as myself to be diagnosed with so many things so quickly?

  37. P S

    Is it cancer or something else – many tests?
    Ok ive got a relative 48 years of age female.

    Has very low iron levels – gets puffy easily has recently seen doctor who has ordered the following tests – feels very fatigued, probable anemia

    Full blood count, FGY test, CEA test. A CT scan, colonscopy and endoscopy. Family history of chrons disease, also lupus.

    Doctor isnt saying what could be the problem ( anything from ulcer to pollop – GP suggested that it was unlikley to be cancer) though said testing was urgent, suggested could be a GI bleed. Otherwise healthy, no blood in stool, no lumps around abdomen area but has had some minor stomach pain.

    Celiac disease is one of the blood tests indicators thats being looked at, what is the chance or thoughts on what could be im a bit worried thinking it could be colon or stomach cancer, could be something as simple as malabsortion , in the last 4 months has had glandular fevor anyone with any thoughts ?

    * 17 hours ago
    * – 1 week left to answer.

    Additional Details

    17 hours ago
    I should add my relative asked the doctor what the likelihood of cancer was and was told doctor would be surprised if it was cancer. Indicating that it probably was an outside chance – tests are happening next week anyway – so doctor is being level and tests being done

    From what ive read if it was more cancer concern feacel stool testing would have been done plus an MRI which at the moment hasnt been ordered. So could the be looking for something else and if something else what could that be

    16 hours ago
    In reply to the third contributor ( thankyou for the additional information) based on the information i have ( i dont think a stool sample was asked for) other elements of the blood test are testing for chrons disease and a marker for celiaic.

    If it isnt cancer what other problems would fit the general medical area that the doctor might be looking for ( ie what could be the possible disorders or other medical problems they would be lookign for) if its cancer my relative is well prepared for treatment and so forth. It would be hopefully caught in early stages) but what other conditions of a less serious nature be likley to be what dr might be looking for
    In reply to kateyn i live with this relative and its definetly not a eating disorder. She is off work and im pretty well around her all the time. There were confirmed low iron levels a few years ago was put down to respiratory issues those cleared up but there has been a recurrence of low iron levels ( plus folate levels) b12 levels were ok. This woman who is 48 eats quite a bit its more the absorption thats the issue, the real issue is whats causing the low iron absorption

    Thanks for youre contribution anyway, eating disorders are a serious concern but in this case no its not the focus

  38. Dance-a-Holic

    I need help editing my research paper. I’m really bad at papers…..please help!?
    Well, its on lupus. I have the intro and two body paragraphs, and I still need to do the conclusion. So, I was wondering what I should change on my paper, and what I need to add..? I also have to do a powerpoint based on the paper, that should last a minimum of 5 minutes up to 15.

    The reason why I chose this topic was because my dad has lupus, and I wanted to know more about the topic. He was diagnosed with lupus when he was about fourteen years old. He still receives treatment for it by going in for blood tests and taking medication He has the most common form of lupus, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), in which causes the antibodies to react against his own normal tissue. He has arthritis and joint problems, but nothings wrong with his internal organs. To support my dad and other lupus survivors, my family and I all go to the lupus walk in honor of remembering the people who had lupus that died. The things the audience can expect to read in this paper are the different types of lupus, the symptoms, the treatment and cures.
    Lupus is the result of an unbalanced immune system that can be destructive to any organ in the body. It can be categorized into three groups: discoid lupus Erythematosus, systemic lupus Erythematosus, and drug-induced systemic lupus Erythematosus. DLE is always limited to the skin and is identified by a rash that may appear on the face, neck, and scalp. It can evolve into the systemic form, which can affect any organ or system of the body. Systemic lupus Erythematosus is more severe than discoid lupus and can affect almost any organ or organ system of the body. No two people with SLE will have identical symptoms. Drug-induced systemic Lupus Erythematosus occurs after the use of certain prescribed drugs. It is more common in men, because the drugs are given to them more often.
    Lupus is hard to diagnose because it has a wide range of symptoms involving various parts of the body; and symptoms differ from each person. Most people develop painful joints and a rash, but lupus may also cause fatigue, depressions, and kidney problems. The treatment of lupus varies from person to person because each person has different symptoms. Most people with SLE require a regular blood test to check for lupus flares. Medication is the primary medical treatment for lupus. Presently, there are no other methods available to treat lupus because there is nothing else that can have the necessary impact on the immune system. Currently, there is no cure for lupus, but with early diagnosis and proper medical treatment it can significantly help control the disease.

    thanks. it would be much appreciated!!!!

  39. Moriah D

    What are the chances a military spouse with lupus would get cleared for joining their husband in South Korea?
    My husband is stationed in South Korea and has recently been asked if he would like to extend his tour to get command sponsorship for his family. From what he has been told, they are trying to get everyone stationed there for longer periods of time like the other Army bases located in Europe. In other words, they are trying to make it a regular duty station. I have to enroll in the Exceptional Family Member Program because I have recently been diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosos. Then, from the medical records and physical I provide them, they will decide whether I qualify for placement overseas. I have not had any major complications with the disease, but I am on prednisone and plaquenil. My husband is really excited about the possiblilty of being together again and I would like to know as much as I can about the process and the probabilty of me being able to go. My husband was not placed at an army base in the states before he was shipped to Korea. He went to Korea right out of AIT. Basically, I am wanting information on the EFMP screening process and any additional thoughts that may be relevant. Any milspouses that have been in my situation, your advice and input will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for any ideas you can contribute. Happy Holidays to All!!! Thank you, again.

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