I am sure you have heard lots of stories about inflammation and how it is a bad thing for you. I bet you didn't know that there is actually Good Inflammation and Bad Inflammation.

I had heard of an article in the Mayo Clinic Health Letter discussing the role of inflammation in specific diseases. I would like to share that with ya.

The article states that

'Acute inflammation – the kind that protects and heals the body after an injury or infection – is essential and normal. ……..

In the wake of a nasty cut or broken bone, the battle is on! Immediately, a biochemical cascade improves blood flow to the area. Nerve endings and other cells at the site of the injury or infection send out signaling molecules and other chemical components to recruit the body's equivalent of the Superhero – white blood cells that fight off foreign bodies. …….

That's acute inflammation. It's necessary and normal for good health.

However, the other kind of inflammation – named chronic inflammation, plays a more obvious role in diseases such as asthma, allergies, alzheimers's, Cardiovascular, fibromyalgia, Diabetes, arthritis, bercitis, joint pain, Respiratory & more.

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