Just as the name hints at, chronic fatigue syndrome is found in people who work for hours at a stretch and do not rest at all. The stress that they subject themselves to, leads to the fatigued state that they become a victim of.

This remains harmless till a certain time but when the strong adverse effects start, they seem to start affecting with headaches, earaches, chest pains, abdominal pains, joint pains and even more severe symptoms are noticeable at times. That is when people seek for help about chronic fatigue syndrome treatment.

The different kinds of chronic fatigue syndrome treatment are not specific, or similar in kinds, but they involve beta blockers anticonvulsants, muscle relaxants, analgesics, initiators, sleep stimulants, vaso-pressors and antidepressants.

These specific drugs are used to efficiently manage the different signs and symptoms, which are experienced by the patients. The different kinds of chronic fatigue syndrome treatments are there for different abnormalities or ailments. And specific drugs are used extensively over the particular ailments. Patients, who generally find it difficult or impossible to sleep, are obviously given muscle relaxants and sleeping pills.

Fibromyalgia Patients who have been subjected to bouts of depression are given strong or mild antidepressants, depending on the severity. Those patients who experience less or mentionable pain anywhere in the body, are generally given analgesics. For changes which are found in blood pressure, vaso-pressors and beta blockers are given. Stimulants are frequently given to perk up the energy levels and mental acuity of the patients.

While the above kinds of chronic fatigue syndrome treatments and medications are prescribed to patients frequently, herbs and supplements are never discouraged. Valerian and Melatonin roots are often used for prescription to induce sleep in patients, instead of the customary sleeping pills. To boost the levels of energy, DHEA, vitamin B complex, CoQ10, and magnesium malate are given.

For pain, white willow barks, Vitamin D, and B complex are used. To increase the mental capacity of a patient, ginkgo biloba is extensively advised, while olive leaf extract has been suggested for immune system support. Sometimes, physicians give supplement dosages of vitamin C and B along with magnesium and calcium in a cocktail which is known as Myers' cocktail.

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