Living with missing or decayed teeth can be embarrassing and wearing removable dentures can be even more painful, inconvenient and awkward. Do you often feel unwilling to talk to strangers or smile in public because of the shame and embarrassment of your missing teeth or ill-fitted dentures? Not anymore.

The days of living with old-fashioned dentures are over. You can now get new, permanent teeth in just a single day.

Same day implants, also called one-day implants or immediate load dental implants, are an innovative cost-effective dental implant solution for denture wearers. It is a revolutionary dental implant procedure that provides denture wearers with a permanent and cost-effective solution to their conventional poorly fitting appliances.


One of the biggest advantages of immediate load dental implants is that it can replace a full arch of teeth with new implants and restorations in just one day, significantly cutting short the treatment time for teeth implantation.

While the conventional two-stage dental implant procedure requires multiple surgeries over the course of a several months, the same day dental implants allow you to walk out with beautiful, permanent teeth in a couple of hours.

The procedure significantly cuts short the treatment time and gives patients a new smile on the day of the treatment. The whole teeth implantation process completes in less than 10 hours, involving extraction of fractured or decayed teeth (if you have any), placement of the dental implants, and installation of permanent prosthetic teeth.

Same day dental implants are especially a hit among patients who are deterred by the cost and length of the entire procedure.

The procedure not only gives you a whole row of missing teeth in less than 24 hours, but also helps you regain your smile and self-confidence, and restore your eating and chewing efficiency instantly.

Same day dental implants offer a host of other benefits.
It prevents further bone loss (atrophy) and gingival recession (receding gums). The new teeth enable you to eat all types of food. Following the same day dental implants, you get the teeth that look, feel and function like your natural teeth. Your prosthesis become as strong as your natural teeth and your jaw bone becomes denser as time goes by. Same day dental implants do not affect the adjacent teeth in any way. Hence, your healthy natural teeth are left untouched. Most importantly, it eliminates the need for bone grafting.
Who is a Candidate?

Although same day dental implants are a better option than traditional lengthy method of placing an implant, they may not suit everyone. Your jaw's bone quality and overall health condition play a key role in determining if this kind of implants is right for you.

If you have severe periodontal (gum) disease and inflammation in the site of implant, it is not recommended to have same day dental implants.

Individuals must have healthy gum tissues and adequate bone quality and quantity in their jaw to support the same day dental implants. Good oral hygiene is equally essential for dental implants to be successful.

Patients with HIV, diabetes, and lupus as well as smoker and those who consume alcohol are not good candidate for the implants.

Dental Implants Aftercare

Oral Hygiene plays a key role in implant success. For same day dental implants oral hygiene aids remain the same as for natural teeth.

As with natural whites, these replaced teeth are also susceptible to plaque build-up so keep the mouth as clean as possible. Brushing and flossing twice times a day are essential to eliminate plaque that may occur on the surface of the implant/prosthesis and between the teeth.

Regular dental check-ups are important for the long-term stability and safety of the implants.

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