If you have symptoms of HIV infection after contact with unprotected sex or disease, which can be tested to ensure that their concerns. Notably, the type of test used to diagnose a blood flow measurements with some pretty accurate diagnosis. There are also non-traditional methods can be used in special circumstances, to identify any possibility of contamination.

Standard and common test is always currents are ELISA and Western Test Site. Current diagnostic methods for detection of antibodies in the blood markers very accurate and precise. These methods have been used as a basis for the testing process during the year.

Each method used to detect possible contamination of my standard protocol that can zrazumets testing process. But there is a need for alternative tests as reliable test in certain mental illnesses to prevent infection in those countries. ELISA method using a little blood test to detect the presence of viral antibodies.

ELISA method used in western blot analysis and confirmed as free. In addition to standard therapy diagnosis, there are other testing protocols for donated blood and to examine clinical research on viral infection. However, the method requires a lot of money because it uses modern technology and education, so this method is limited.

Another way to control HIV infection is called test or RIPA Radio immune precipitation, it takes time. Confirm the diagnosis process is used when the levels of antibodies to HIV seroconversion is little or discovered in the west test site. The method of RIPA is very expensive and often run a qualified laboratory, is a powerful diagnostic tool.

Another way to protest the presence of viral infection called blot immunobinding point, which is cheaper but effective solution to the initial phase and we are in a number of private testing facilities. The analysis of HIV capture a different method, such as blood, as a preliminary examination is recommended for the protection of blood given. This method is known as a precarious that the evidence of p24 antigen markers unpredictable and this can be misleading

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