How many diet food list have you known? Have you ever heard about HCG diet food list? Have you ever tried of HCG diet food? Now, I'd like to introduce the best HCG food list for weight loss to you.

HCG diet food list is closely connected with Dr. Simons HCG diet protocol which demands the patients to take 500 calories per day during the course of the treatment.

Low calorie requirement don't mean vegetarian and dull food variety. Fruits, vegetables, beef, veal and chicken are all included in the list. So there is no need to worry about losing nutrition and interests in the treatment course.

You can choose different combinations and try different flavors every day. However, another important reason for you to choose this list is that the food in the list helps your body function cycle and your physiological function. Vegetables and fruits contain plenty of vitamins, mineral and dietary fiber which can supply some of the daily needs of our body. What's more, the vegetables and fruits can also help to get rid of the body waste to keep the “environment” of our body clean.

In addition, some ingredient contained in the vegetables and fruits can prevent some disease. Beef, veal and chicken contain less fat than other kind of meat but higher protein. This can be helpful to our weight loss.

Now, you must get to know the reason why I inclined to introduce HCG diet and its food list to you. So what else hold you back?

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