Behcet's disease is a disorder in which the immune system attacks the healthy cells in the body instead of attacking bacteria, viruses etc. When this condition occurs at an earlier age, it tends to be more severe. Oral ulcers, genital ulcers, inflammation in the eye and skin lesions are some of the outward signs of this disease. Mouth rinses and other agents are recommended to reduce the pain of mouth sores.

Behcet's syndrome can involve inflammation of any area of the body including the arteries, veins, retina, brain, joints, skin and intestines. The Ayurvedic treatment of this condition focuses on treating immune dysfunction and controlling the presenting symptoms. Uveitis and Retinitis are treated using medicines like Arogya-Vardhini, Punarnavadi-Guggulu, Triphala-Guggulu, Panch-Tikta-Ghrut-Guggulu, Triphala-Ghrut, Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus), and Triphala (Three fruits). Local eye drops are used, containing Triphala, Haridra (Curcuma longa), Daruharidra (Berberis aristata), rose water and camphor.

The primary symptoms of Beh

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  1. pamtallglass

    what are so ways i can deal with having lupus without taking medication?
    i have faith and i don’t beleive that God didn’t put cures on this plant if he knew about all the disease that were out here.

    1. Linda R

      Has it occurred to you that autoimmune diseases might be caused by the poor stewardship of the planet? It is not “natural” to have your immune system turn against you. And hydroxycholorquine and the other antimalarials used to treat lupus are derived from plants. Hello!

      Maybe God did not put a cure for lupus on the planet becuase God didn’t cause lupus.

      But believe what you will, untreated lupus can lead to permanent organ damage and premature death. The choice is yours. When you pray for help and God offers it through the skill of scientists and chemist, whose brains God made and the elements with which they work as well, and you deny that help, what do you suppose God thinks of that?

  2. Jamesr2d2

    What causes MS and how can it be cured or stopped?
    Multiple Sclerosis has been affecting my girl friend. How can it be stopped, cured, or sent to remission? What is the cause of the immune system attacking the body?

  3. Nonoy

    Gouty arthritis is caused by high level of uric acid in the blood. What about rheumatism?
    I was wondering why doctors simply diagnose patients to be afflicted with rheumatism without tests at all. Their priscriptions usually end up as PAIN RELIEVERS only with costs widely gapped. NOT cure thus the pain always return after the priscribed drug is consumed or after the pain has become emmune to the drug.

  4. romancenwva

    Can an out of control menstrual cycle cause weight gain?
    Also what is the best “fix” for a period that is out of control? Here’s the details. When I had my second child my period for a bit went haywire, I gained 30 pounds, but after a bit it went back to normal and I lost the weight. Now after my 3rd child I am having the same problem. When my son was 6 months old, my period started getting bad again and shortly after I started gaining weight. He’s now 5 yrs old and my period has never went back to normal and I have gained over 50 lbs. My weight should be about 120 and I weigh about 170. About 6 months ago I went on Yaz and my period went to normal. I lost 24lbs. Due to problems with the pill, I had to quit taking them. My periods went back to coming every 2 wks and I bleed very very heavily. I have also gained back the 24lbs I lost. I have talked to my ob gyn and she says it is not possible for my periods to cause weight gain. Is it time to see another dr?
    I have tried both diet and exercise. Many diets. I have also consulted a nutritionist and a trainer. Neither worked.

  5. Gypsy

    What is a natural cure for miliary dermatitis?
    He is 4 years old, had this last year and it cleared up. he has longish hair, and had a real bushy tale, but it has lost much hair from constant licking, He also threw up 6″ hair balls, but not lately. Now he throws up food occasionally, right after eating it. I started giving him a raw egg yolk, organic and free range. Is that good? also a little avocado, separately. His mother was feral and very sick while precgnant but I was able to cure her. My other cat who was feral, won’t touch those items

    1. lt4827

      Feline miliary dermatitis is not really a specific disease itself but a set of symptoms which can be caused by a vast number of diseases. The causes include:

      Allergies, e.g., food allergies, atopy – such as allergies to pollens, and flea allergies
      Bacterial infections
      Fungal infections
      Yeast infections
      Parasitic infections of the skin, e.g., mites, lice
      Hypersensitivity to intestinal parasites
      Autoimmune diseases
      Nutritional disorders e.g., biotin or fatty acid deficiencies
      Hormonal abnormalities
      Unknown causes
      The hard part is determining the cause of the problem. Sometimes, the location of the lesions is helpful. If the lesions are at the base of the tail, fleas are a common cause. If the lesions are around the head, there is a stronger possibility they could be caused by mites. use a flea comb and careful examination to determine if the cat has fleas, the most common cause of miliary dermatitis. In addition to fleas, flea dirt (feces) may be found on the cat. The feces, or flea dirt will dissolve into a red color when moistened; this is because it is primarily digested blood.

      Fleas, lice, and some mites could be treated with a product containing pyrethrin. In addition, the environment should be treated as part of the flea control. Injections and special dips may be used for the other types of mites.

      Ringworm would be treated with oral and topical medications containing a fungicide, and again the environment would need to be treated.

      If intestinal parasites are found, the appropriate medication will be given.

      If it is found that the cat is allergic to certain foods, the diet will be changed to eliminate those foods. The cat will need to be on that diet for the rest of its life.

      If bacteria or yeast are causing the feline miliary dermatitis, antibiotics or antifungal medications would be given, and the cat may be bathed in special shampoos.

      If the cat is scratching or the cause of the dermatitis is an autoimmune or allergy problem, steroids like prednisone are usually given. The cat may need to be on a high dose at first, and then it can be tapered down. Additional treatment for allergies can include antihistamines, fatty acid supplements as described below, and baths or sprays. Additional testing can be done to determine what the cat is allergic to and then ‘desensitize’ the cat with regular injections.

      A fatty acid supplement is often recommended as part of the treatment. In addition, extra biotin may be added to the cat’s diet.

      If you are still reading this, hopefully you see that it is not a one dimensional issue……hence no simple answer.

      Get rid of fleas if present, get a different hypo allergenic food to feed (Lamb and Rice is no longer considered a hypo allergenic diet since it is available everywhere.), get the reccommended supplements. None of this is quick, it takes weeks if not a month or 2 or 3 to get to the bottom of it all.

      Good luck trying this on your own.

  6. skolb

    What causes gluten intolerance/antibody reaction to gluten?
    My son has elevated anti-gliadin antibodies. What causes our bodies to start reacting as if this food is an invader? I understand that gluten makes the intestinal walls more permiable, but what can we do to reverse this?

    1. Glutenfreegirl

      This would indicate your son has Celiac Disease, an autoimmune disease in which the body cannot absorb the protein gluten, causing damage to the intestines and causing a whole slew of medical problems. Gluten is not normaly a problem for the general population, only those with Celiac, or those with gluten intolerance or an allergy. Children with autism seem to benefit from the Gluten free diet but that is not quite scientifically proven.
      If your sons body is seeing gluten as an ‘enemy’ it’s because he has Celiac Disease or an allergy. If he does have Celiac, both you and your spouse need to get tested bc Celiac is an hereditary, genetically predisposed condition.
      Please feel free to email me for more help or use tehse links.
      Celiac is a LIFELONG disease that requires a STRICT gluten free diet for life. There is no cure at this time but the diet is the only thing u need to do.
      Good luck!

  7. Michael D

    If depression is caused by a chemical imbalance how do we explain all the many symptoms of depression?
    These of some but not all of the symptoms that people deal with that seem to be directly connected to their depression: loss of memory and concentration, pain in the body, chronic pain in neck and shoulder, severe pain in limbs, loss of strength in limbs, inability to use limbs, uclers, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, rashes, constipation, gas, weight loss, weight gain, loss of appetite, sleep disruption, inability to stay awake. There are many other symptoms of depression that seem directly linked to depression. As one person said, “When the depression goes up, the pain goes down. When the pain goes up, the depression goes down.”

    It would seem to be easier to explain these symptoms, if we looked at depression as an autoimmune disease of the brain. The immune system attacking various parts of the brain could cause all these symptoms. But how does a chemical imbalance in the brain cause all of these symptoms of depression?

    1. chipchinka

      We hear about the chemical imbalances that lead to depression, primarily from drug companies that are interested in selling their drugs. Of course depressin IS caused by an imbalance of chemicals put out by the brain, that that is not the ONLY cause. Often, the brain will begin to go into neurotranmistter overdrive as a reaction to some form of physical or quasi-physical stress, especially since the neurotransmitters that cause depression in an overabaundance are ALSO the neurotransmitters that are pumped out during the “fight or flight” reflex.

      If these chemicals are pumped out in situations in which you don’t overtly have to fight or flee, it’s likely that the presence of these neurochemicals will cause a kind of traffic-jam effect that begins to play on other parts of the brain and thus other parts of the body. Which is why, when the pain goes up, the depression goes down. Pain, or some form of physical hardship will often jolt the body into responding, thus metabolizing the neurotransmitters that cause depression in the first place.

      Knowing this, however, isn’t the same as finding a cure, it’s just a way to recognize that yes, there are OTHER forms of depression, and just as an aside note, I’ve noticed among Russian friends of mine suffering from depression, their doctors routinely suggest TRAVEL as a way of overcoming some of depression’s more debilitating effects.

  8. Flutterby

    How many drinks a day does it take to cause cirrhosis of the liver?
    My boyfriend is 25. He drinks not necessarily excessively, for he has a high tolerance, but I am worried for him for the future. In a typical male, how many drinks a day (or percentage of alcohol) does it take to cause cirrhosis of the liver? By what age would he start having problems? Links to official website will be helpful. Thank you!

    1. Baa Baa

      Everyone is different, but the experts say that 10 years of steady excessive drinking could be enough to cause liver damage. Cirrhosis is scarring of the liver and one never wants to get to that point because it is permanent, and the only thing that will cure it is a liver transplant. I see drinkers asking this question all the time. I think they want to kind of play with fire and say to themselves, “If I quit at 8 or 9 years, I’ll be OK.” Problem is that someone that drinks like that will not usually quit after 8 or 9 years because they are probably an alcoholic. If they are drinking enough to even ask this question, there is probably a problem with excessive drinking.

      Cirrhosis is a cruel disease and not something to be played around with and take chances. I know because I had it. Not from drinking but because of an autoimmune disease. Cirrhosis is cirrhosis no matter what the cause might be. It acts the same. I had a transplant, but many alcoholics do not get them. Hospitals require at least 6 months of proven sobriety before they will even consider one for a transplant for a drinker. A lot of alcoholics cannot or choose not to do it. Normal cost for this surgery is about $500,000 without any complications.

      If you just do a search on alcoholism, I’m sure you will find lots of information about this disease that will answer any other questions you might have. Your boyfriend is still young so I hope he can get away from the drinking before it becomes a problem. Wish you the best.

  9. Howhurl

    Is there any situation that can trigger Vitiligo?
    My friend just came back from Los Angeles, where she was exposed to a lot of sunlight, and she found out that she had new depigmentation on her right middle finger. Is there any stressor that can cause Vitiligo to worsen, besides sunlight?

    1. norton g

      Howhurt – Vitiligo seems to be more common in people with certain autoimmune diseases (diseases in which a person’s immune system reacts against the body’s own organs or tissues). These autoimmune diseases include hyperthyroidism (an overactive thyroid gland), adrenocortical insufficiency (the adrenal gland does not produce enough of the hormone called corticosteroid), alopecia areata (patches of baldness), and pernicious anemia (a low level of red blood cells caused by failure of the body to absorb vitamin B12). Scientists do not know the reason for the association between vitiligo and these autoimmune diseases. However, most people with vitiligo have no other autoimmune disease.

      Vitiligo may also be hereditary, that is, it can run in families. Children whose parents have the disorder are more likely to develop vitiligo. However, most children will not get vitiligo even if a parent has it, and most people with vitiligo do not have a family history of the disorder.

      There is currently no cure for vitiligo, but a variety of effective therapies do exist. PUVA used to be the most common treatment, but it has been largely replaced by topical immunomodulators/ immunosupressants, narrow-band UVB phototherapy, and excimer laser phototherapy. For all of these treatments, it is important to realize that it takes time (often several months) to see substantial progress with repigmentation.

  10. Kten48

    Is there anything that can be done to stop the spreading of hidradenitis suppurativa?
    I think I may have this condition. For the last few months I have been getting pimple like bumps and a few boils on the underside of my breast and the pubic area. The last few days I noticed I have some under my armpits. Nothing seems to help. Is there anyway I can treat them (I know there is no cure) and possibly stop them from getting worse?

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