Leucoderma or vitiligo lesions (vitiligo skin disorder) disease has not involvementof danger for human life and vitiligo patient does not feel any illness. The skin disease vitiligo is recognized by the appearance of de-pigmented patches (milk white) white patches, light pink patches) on the skin, common in sun exposed are as like hands, feet, arms, face and lips.

Vitiligo skin disorder condition develops by the destroying of pigmentation cells inthe skin. Loss of Pigmentation cells produces white and pink patches on the skin andbecause of pigmentation cells destroying any part of the body may be affected by vitiligo skin disorder. Usually both sides of the body are affected. Common skin areas of involvement are the face, lips, hands, arms, legs, and genital areas Legendary, king of pop (past) Michael Jackson had vitiligo, which is a skin disorder disease. The King of pop Michael Joseph Jackson was from Gary, Indiana, USA. (United States of America). According a research 1 to 2 percent of the world's population, or 40 to 50 million people, have vitiligo. In the America, 2 to 5 million people vitiligo patients. Ninety-five percent of people who are vitiligo patients, it develops before their 40th of age. The vitiligo skin disorder affects all races and both sexes equally.

The objective of treatment of

vitiligo is to satisfy the cosmetic needs of the patients and provide emotional security. In USA (United States of America) and different countries in the world where vitiligo carries a dire social stigma nearly all patients wish to be treated. Among fair skinned Caucasian's, however treatment may be optional and simple reassurance may suffice. Despite much detailed knowledge of biochemistry and physiology of melanin pigmentation, there is a lack of regularly effective, predictable and safe methods for controlling the degree of melanization of the skin. Nevertheless, until the necessary further advances are made to achieve such control in third world countries, many disorder of pigmentation can be managed at least with partial success by taking due precaution and carefully chosen therapeutic measures.

But as research tells that in USA (United States of America) many latest vitiligo skin disorder treatments have been discovered, one of them is most successful herbal formula Anti vitiligo oil. I want to redirect you to a very informative website about vitiligo, would you like to visit it, it is http://www.antivitiligooil.com/vitiligo.htm Anti vitiligo oil (Antivitiligooil) consists of a formulation consisting of purelynatural ingredients:

Coconut oil
Psoralea Coryli Folia
Black cumin
Barberry Root
Vegetable oil

These Anti vitiligo oil ingredients are blended together in a specific proportion to fight and re-pigmentation of skin disorder cells permanently. Our over thousands patients (specially in United States, South Africa and worldwide) have taken advantage of this new herbal technique to gain excellent results, With a success rate of 85%.Anti vitiligo Oil results can be noticed within six weeks of its use. Vitiligo patches can fully recovered permanently (externally) within two months of regular application. A slightly longer period is required for other body regions.

There are absolutely completely natural and herbal remedies having no side effects at all. We are so confidant about the effectiveness of herbal oil that in the rarecase you remain unsatisfied with the improvement in your skin condition.

Vitiligo pictures could be visited on website
http://www.antivitiligooil.com/vitiligo-pictures.htm for vitiligo skin disorder

conditions comparison.

Symptoms of Vitiligo skin disorder disease:

Vitiligo skin disorder condition is more noticeable in dark skinned natives because of the dissimilarity of white spots patches against dark skin.The appearance of vitiligo usually increases unexpectedly or slow on areas of normal-feeling skin with entire pigment loss. Vitiligo skin disorder (lesions) becomes visible as plane areas without pigment and with a darker border. The boundaries are penetratingly distinct but not level. The skin areas which could be affected by

vitiligo are the elbows, knees and face, hand, feet, and genitalia.

Vitiligo Treatment Options:Vitiligo skin disease is complicated to treat. Premature vitiligo treatment optionsinclude the following:

* Medicines applied to the skin such as:
* Anti vitiligo oil (Antivitiligooil)
* Immunosuppressant such as pimecrolimus (Elidel) and tacrolimus (Protopic)
* Repigmenting agents such as methoxsalen (Oxsoralen)
* Corticosteroid creams

* Light therapy (disclosure to controlled forceful ultraviolet light in hospital or doctor's hospitals)
* Medicines those could be taken by mouth such as Trisoralen.

Skin grafting is also a vitiligo treatment. In skin grafting procedure skin may be grafted or removed from normal skin areas and placed onto areas of pigment loss.

A number of cosmetics manufacturers produce skin dyes or cover-up makeup to mask vitiligo. Vitiligo patients should ask their health care provider for the identities of these companies.

In severe cases when large area of body is affected, the left over pigmented skin may be de-pigmented. This is an everlasting change and is a last remedy.

It is important to keep in mind that skin without pigment is extremely at risk to the sun's harmful effects. So it is necessary to apply a high-SPF sun block and utilize suitable safeguards against sun contact.

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autoimmune disorder

28 thoughts on “Autoimmune Disorder

  1. dc882003

    What are the blue spots under my skin on my palms?
    I believe it is an autoimmune disorder. The blue spots are more noticeable when I am cold. My palms are just red and puffy the rest of the time.

    1. dat93

      It Could Be Liveto Reticulitis. This is most often associated with Antiphospholipid Syndrome and is a clinical symptom of this autoimmune disease. In some people it comes and goes. Mine has become permanent on my legs and torso. It comes and goes on my hands and arms This can occur with Lupus or without. It is also refered to as “sticky” blood as the blood is in a hyper coagulated state and can cause clotting as in DVT, Heart Attack, Stroke, Miscarriage Pulmonary Embolism.

  2. Lumpy

    Can blood tests for an autoimmune disorder come back as a false positive?
    I was at the doctor last week and was told i tested positive for an autoimmune disorder. not too sure which one but will be sent to a specialist to find out. what i want to know is if there could be any way it could be a false positive. could something else have been going on in my body or are these tests always accurate. if someone out there knows could you please answer. i appreciate it and thank you now.

    1. aaa7353

      Call the doc and ask the name of the test. I have an autoimmune disease and nothing shows in bloodwork. It depends on the specific disease.

  3. Greggy

    Will i still have onset periods of my Autoimmune Disorder if i have AIDS?
    i was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis; an autoimmune disorder. i’m just wondering if AIDS or any other Immune Deficiency Syndromes can put an end to this, or vice versa.

  4. Drama

    Myasthenia gravis is a serious autoimmune disorder in which the body produces antibodies to its own nicotin?
    8.Myasthenia gravis is a serious autoimmune disorder in which the body produces antibodies to its own nicotinic receptors. What do you propose would be the effect of this disease on skeletal muscle activity? One treatment for this disease involves inhibitors of cholinesterase (the enzyme that breaks down Ach in the synapse). Why would this help alleviate symptoms of myasthenia gravis? Explain your answers

    1. aWellWisher

      The muscles respond to stimulus from the nerve by release of a neurotransmitter called Acetylcholine (ACh in short). This ach causes the depolarization of the muscle membrane resulting in contraction. As the receptors are destroyed by the disease process (Auto antibodies), the ach is not able to produce a strong contraction, or none at all. By giving Anticholine esterase, the breaking down of acetyl choline is inhibited. This results in an increase in the concentration of ach at the neuromuscular junction. Hence the stimulus can produce a sufficiently strong contraction. Thus the weakness of MG is alleviated.
      Hope it helps.
      It’s very complicated.

  5. Anonymous

    What can cause intermittent weakness in an otherwise healthy woman in her twenties?
    I am working on a medical case and i was asked this question and have this hint:
    Hint: her facial muscles are part of the weakness — she’s NOT really mad at you

    Im not quite sure about this i know it has to deal with an autoimmune disorder i was possibly thinking Multiple Sclerosis?

  6. Biran_Sefar

    What is the role of pollution in the occurence of autoimmune disorders and other diseases?
    What is the relationship between pollution in the environment and the growing numbers of people who have diseases that were once uncommon?

    It appears that autism is vastly more prevalent now. And, there appears to be a dramatic increase in the incidence of autoimmune disorders, such as fibromyalgia and lupus. Is environmental pollution responsible and to what extent?

    1. Orinoco

      It is unclear at the moment, but it is thought that pollution (particularly the more diverse forms of pollution we now create post industrial era) can produce antigens which can sensitize the body and cause it to create antibodies. If these antigens are sufficiently like potential antigens in our own body cells, the antibodies can attack our own cells (auto-immune disease).

      More pollution is associated with increased incidence of once rare diseases (autoimmune diseases, allergies and allergy related conditions eg. asthma/eczema). This does not mean that it causes the increase.

      Environmental pollution is suspected in having a hand in the increase of many illnesses, but it is not the only culprit. There are many causes of these illnesses and in addition, detection is becoming better which leads to an increase in numbers of people diagnosed with these illnesses.

  7. tigerbullandlillyofthevalley

    What is the fastest way to earn a masters or docterate while working at the same to pay for college?
    I have yet to decide what career I wish to follow but plan to support myself and would prefer to not have to take out a student loan. health (healing and recovering from long term effects of autoimmune disorder) and MOSTLY family situations (parents retiring and need my help) being unpredictable sometimes I won’t have a guarantee at a routine to keep up with regular classes. Some of the more general classes I know I can test at the beginning of a semester and pass without having to attend a class I finished highschool doing that to graduate on time after being sick from gastroporesis(4.0 G.P.A. ;D). More specifically though I thought if perhaps I studied for the classes I can test for pass them and do the rest mostly online all year long (which can sometimes be less scedule restricting) I could do work and studying the rest of my time. I’m 20 & hear it takes 7-10 years to get this level of education so the sooner I can start the better.

    1. ray g

      Testing out of as many classes you can would be the best way. Be careful about choosing a major. If you start working on one major and then switch it can mess everything up and you’ll be in school longer. College advisors can be really useful, it is there job to know what classes to take and how to graduate the fastest as possible. My sister is doing online right now and it does take a lot of time, instead of going to lectures you have to do more reading outside of class. I would suggest talking to an advisor.

  8. dog lover

    what do you think of ozone therapy to treat autoimmune disorders?
    Is it really safe? From what I read, ozone therapy is injecting the ozone which is a toxin into the bloodstream. That shakes up the body to fight what caused the autoimmune disorder. Is this right? Can it harm someone more to try it?

    1. Liberty

      Ozone is oxygen in its most active state and is an extremely potent oxidant that has been shown to posses broad spectrum antimicrobial activity. Ozone also has indirect actions on our immune systems. It stimulates Th1 cytokines while at the same time down regulates Th2 cytokines.
      Ozone therapy is a means to deliver oxygen to the body’s cells and has been proven to treat a variety of illnesses such as HIV, cancer cells, autoimmune disease, arthritis and pain, infection, colds and flu. This is important because, unlike healthy cells that love oxygen, disease causing viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi are almost all anaerobic, meaning that they use sugar to survive instead of oxygen and cannot survive in an oxygenated environment

      Major Autohemotherapy (MAHT) with O3 is used for general immunoactivation in patients with a low immune status and/or immune deficit. It thus brings about an immuno-modulator effect the lymphocyte subpopulations and is very effective in treatment of autoimmune disorders- multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis etc.

      Routes of administratin of Ozone are –
      [1] Intravenous therapy
      [2] Vaginal or rectal insufflations
      [3] Autohaemotherapy
      [4] External limb bagging
      [5] Ozonated olive oil

      The oxidative effect of ozone can also be harmful. To prevent such effects, it is best to take a good anti-oxidant combination for 7 days before starting intravenous ozone therapy.

      Ozone therapy is contraindicated in the following: Recent heart attack, pregnancy, recent internal bleeding, hyperthyroidism, thrombopaenia and alcoholic intoxication.

      Ref site below for more details –

  9. oldtimekid2

    It’s possible, but it depends on how much and what kind of damage has occurred.
    It’s like saying your car was in an accident and asking if it can be repaired. If it was a little fender-bender that a body shop can correct, then sure… but if the car was run off a cliff and blew up, then there’s not much chance of repairing it. I don’t mean to be blunt, but if your doctor has looked at the situation and recommended the IV-IG (Intravenous Immunoglobulin) for your condition, that would probably be the best option.
    You can certainly call your doctor and ask if he thinks the damage could be reversed or if it will just prevent further degradation, but without knowing a lot more about the situation, anyone here would be guessing if we gave you a solid yes/no answer. Good luck and I hope I helped!

  10. Nat

    How well does this medication work?
    My uncle has an autoimmune disorder and needs to take a medication called “Annurax”. My question is how well does it work for you or somebody that you know. Does it relieve you from your symptoms that you experience daily? In other words, does it work?

  11. Cory

    are there any autoimmune disorders that are completely genetic?
    i have a project to do, and i want to do it on an autoimmune disorder… but it has to be completely genetic… are there any disorders that are completely genetic?

  12. AIDA K

    What would be the effect of myasthenia gravis on skeletal muscle activity?
    Myasthenia gravis is a serious autoimmune disorder in which the body produces antibodies to its own nicotinic receptors. What would be the effect of this disease on skeletal muscle activity?

    1. Prince Isaac a (**MJ* 1958-09)

      like u said it is an autoimmune disorder ..but it actually attacks the acetylcholine receptors in the motor neurone not nicotinie . Before muscle contraction..motor neurone must be depolarized and neurotransmitter released which binds to the motor neurone receptor then action potential is generated and Calcium released into the sarcoplasm.. With mysathetic gravis ..antibody binds to the receptors on motor neurone which in the process hinders acetlycholine from binding to these receptors …since this inhibit the process of muscle contraction …the muscle functions are altered and weakened with people suffering from the disease.

  13. Aleyce

    What Autoimmune Disorder do these symptoms match?
    I am being tested for what my doctor thinks is Autoimmune issue. Lupus, MS, and dermatomyositis has come up. My symptoms include off of Prednisone: Hives on hands or welts, recurring headaches only on right side of head, cold sensations in neck and head, numbness on right side of body, ear ache every day, loss of balance and cooridnation, tongue swelling, drop things a lot…I was wondering if anyone that has an Autoimmune disorder can match these symptoms.

  14. ameliabelle

    risk of autism with a family history and autoimmune disorder?
    My sister has Asperger’s and a nuromuscular disorder, my other sister has Graves Disease, my mom has IBS and my grandma had 2 autoimmune disorders. My husband and I want to start a family. What are the odds that my child would have autism?

    1. Sally N

      As noted previously with an autism diagnosis in the family, the risk increases 10% but that can change drastically if genetic conditions such as fragile X are not ruled out. Fragile X is currently the leading KNOWN genetic cause of autism. Keep in mind there is still a lot we need to learn about autism and genetics.

      Screening for fragile X is a simple blood test, and is 99% accurate if the correct test is done (FMR1 DNA test aka Southern Blot with PCR analysis). If the correct test is done they should provide you with CGG repeat numbers, if no numbers are given they may have done a chromosome analysis test which is not reliable in diagnosing Fragile X (too many false negatives).

      If you are truly concerned, be screened for Fragile X to determine if you are a carrier. If you are, you have a 50% chance of passing it on with EACH pregnancy. Your best bet would be to be screened by a genetic counselor.

  15. Jaya

    I shaved my head and I feel so peaceful, relaxed and stress-free. Is there a psychological reason to this?
    I had alopecia from an autoimmune disorder but it wasn’t that noticeable. I still had 90% of my hair with difffuse thinning. I shaved my head two days ago and now I feel great mentally.. I might make it my new permanent hairstyle.

  16. Katherine

    Does autoimmune disorders such as RA or etc. have a roll in children born with Autism?
    I have Sjogrens and RA. Alot of other mothers that I have spoken with have some sort of autoimmune disorder. My son is Autistic. Some of the other mother’s has adimited to having
    some sort of weak immune system. Please let me know if you have the same thing. Desperate to
    help my child and all children with Autism.

    1. jayne

      My son has Autism and I am very healthy. Most of the parents of children/adults with ASD I know from school and support groups are pretty healthy, too. That is an interesting theory, though.

  17. Taylor F

    Pemphigus vulgaris is an autoimmune disorder in humans in which antibodies are produced against the cadherins?
    1) Pemphigus vulgaris is an autoimmune disorder in humans in which antibodies are produced against the cadherins of desmosomes. The blistering of the skin and mucous membranes characteristic of this disorder is probably a result of _____.

    a) a decrease in flexibility of the cell membrane
    b) an inadequate number of G-protein receptors
    c) inadequate production of cytoskeletal proteins
    d) a loss in cell-cell adhesion

    1. Flying D

      d) a loss in cell-cell adhesion. Cadherins are a class of cell adhesion molecules and desmosomes are the cell-ahesion structures that contain them. They help the epithelia of the dermis and mucous membranes maintain cohesion under force.

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