Since sugar was considered bad for human health and the disease of diabetes in particular, Aspartame was discovered by accident and therefore promoted to take the place of sugar. This sweetener replacement has been widely used to allow people to enjoy the taste of sweet without using sugar.

Even though many people have opted to replace sugar with Aspartame, the jury is still out as to whether or not this is a product that could cause many more problems than what it was intended to alleviate.

Aspartame has many widely divergent claims about whether it’s good or bad for those who consume it in soft drinks, diet advertised products, etc. Scientific studies seem to indicate it’s hazardous to the human body while other studies put forth reports that totally contradict the hazardous claims.

Information will be presented to let readers decide for themselves whether products containing Aspartame should be taken off their shopping list. All people have to read and learn as much as possible to take the course of action with regard to sweeteners for them and their families.

The Food & Drug Administration has reports and articles that indicate Aspartame is perfectly safe for human consumption. Some medical and scientific reports give information indicating Aspartame is very toxic when it breaks down into other compounds.

The chemical composition of Aspartame consists of Methanol (10%), Phenylalanine (50%), and Aspartic Acid (40%). When the temperature of Aspartame exceeds 86 degrees F, the wood alcohol (methanol) in ASPARTAME converts to formaldehyde and then to formic acid, which in turn causes metabolic acidosis. Knowing this doesn’t comfort me with regard to realizing Aspartame is in a tremendous number of drink and food products.

Aspartame has been exposed of being the source of a toxin that causes Systemic Lupus and Multiple Sclerosis. However this has not been without those, principally the Aspartame manufacturer, who dispute these allegations vigorously.

Methanol toxicity mimics multiple sclerosis; thus people are being diagnosed with having multiple sclerosis in error. Multiple sclerosis is not a death sentence, where methanol toxicity is.

In the case of systemic lupus, we are finding it has become almost as rampant as multiple sclerosis, especially with Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi drinkers. The victims that end up with methanol toxicity usually drink three to four 12 oz. cans of Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi per day, some even more.

In the cases of systemic lupus, which is triggered by ASPARTAME, the victim usually does not know that the aspartame is the culprit. The victim continues its use aggravating the lupus to such a degree, that sometimes it becomes life threatening.

When people get off the aspartame, those with systemic lupus usually become asymptomatic. Unfortunately, this disease can not be reversed. On the other hand, in the case of those diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, (when in reality, the disease is methanol toxicity), most of the symptoms disappear. When victims of methanol toxicity have lost their vision and hearing and totally eliminate their Aspartame intake, they have regained both senses.

Also, those suffering from tinnitus regain very close to normal hearing when eliminating Aspartame from their diet.

Sadly when the first Congressional Hearings were held, aspartame was found to be included in 100 different products and nothing was done. The drug and chemical lobbies have very deep pockets. Now there are over 5,000 products containing this chemical, and the PATENT HAS EXPIRED!

At the time of this first Congressional Hearing, people were going blind. The methanol in the aspartame converts to formaldehyde in the retina of the eye. Formaldehyde is grouped in the same class of drugs as cyanide and arsenic. DEADLY POISONS!

Unfortunately, it just takes longer to quietly kill, but it is killing people and causing all kinds of neurological problems. Aspartame changes the brain’s chemistry. It is the reason for severe seizures. This drug changes the dopamine level in the brain. Imagine what this drug does to patients suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. This drug also causes Birth Defects.

There is absolutely no reason to replace sugar with Aspartame for dieting purposes. It is NOT A DIET PRODUCT! The Congressional record states, “It makes you crave carbohydrates and will make you FAT”.


SUGAR: A spoonful once in a while is fine, but in time, too much sugar can lead to diabetes, which will lead to heart disease, renal disease, peripheral vascular disease, diabetic retinitis (blindness), diabetic peripheral neuropathy and the list goes on and on. (Even so, next to aspartame, sugar looks almost attractive!)

SUCRALOSE: A very dangerous new chemical-because in order to make sucralose, chlorine is added to sugar! Ever spilled chlorine bleach on your skin? No wonder that research by the Sucralose Toxicity Information Center showed that years of Sucralose use can lead to serious compromise of the immune system and neurological disorders.

SACCHARINE: Yuck. Despite those famous animal studies, I actually don’t count saccharine as much of a cancer threat to humans. But face it, saccharine tastes like the chemical experiment it is. Enough said.

STEVIA: Yes, it’s natural. Yes, it’s safe. But no, it tastes nothing like sugar. Okay for some, but not in my coffee!

ERYTHRITOL: You’ve probably never heard of it. And here’s the best news: erythritol is natural, virtually calorie-free, tastes like sugar, doesn’t affect blood sugar or insulin levels, reduces dental plaque-and unlike xylitol, has no laxative side-effects. Available as Smart Sweet, it seems to be the best possible choice of a sweetener which doesn’t negatively affect human health.

AMINOSWEET: This is just one more attempt to sell Aspartame by changing its’ name into one that the public doesn’t recognize. Many consumers have found out about the toxic effects of Aspartame on the human body and are trying to avoid all food products that contain it. The name change doesn’t change the fact that manufacturers of this sweet toxin are trying to sell and promote it without regard to human health. I would suggest that all avoid Aspartame, now called AminoSweet, for the obvious reasons of serious illness and diseases that result from ingesting Aspartame.

After receiving some 10,000 consumer complaints, the FDA compiled a list of 92 symptoms linked to aspartame, including death.

Other symptoms include headaches, memory loss, seizures, vision loss, coma, and cancer. It also appears to worsen or mimic the symptoms of such conditions as fibromyalgia, MS, lupus, ADD, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue, and depression.

Why so many? It could be because aspartame attacks your body at the cellular level so it can negate all kinds of medications Americans take, including antidepressants, Coumadin, cardiac drugs, hormones, insulin, vaccines, and many others.

Aspartame is a deadly neurotoxic drug masquerading as a harmless additive.

78 thoughts on “Aspartame Is A Toxic Chemical Sugar Substitute Causing Symptoms Of Lupus And Multiple Sclerosis

  1. mommydear

    Question about blood/labs ANA and RNP-SM?
    My daughter has had too many symptoms to list, primarily widespread debilitating pain for almost two years. In a wheelchair, not in school, lack of friends type of pain! Severe. Anyway, I was just reviewing some blood work she had done and I can’t believe the rheumatolofgist didn’t acknowledge this result. I asked, do you think she has Lupus, or Lyme? He said no, end of discussion. had I understood these results I would have asked more questions. She had a few things out of normal range, but a few are concerning. Is anyone familiar ith these tests?

    Her sed rate was high, always is, she has RSD
    Her ANA was positive
    Her RNP-sm was 300….that seems crazy high, I thinnk normal is under 30

    From what I can gather this looks like Lupus or Connective tissue Disorder. Why would this doctor ignore this as my daughters pain has increased over the past several months….life changing pain.

  2. kittenofthesea01

    Is this Multiple Sclerosis or Migraines?
    I was diagnosed with MS in Sept. ’06 based on an MRI showing about 12 small lesions and 1 large lesion on the back of my brain. I’ve had EVERY test possible, i.e. lumbar puncture (showed very high protein levels, but no O bands), heavy metals, lupus panel, Lyme, B12… the list goes on and on. Fortunately, I’ve had very thorough doctors so far. I had my second MRI a year later and it showed absolutely no change. Spine MRI was clear. Here’s my symptoms: 5 episodes of relapse since 2005 each lasting a couple of weeks, which include numbness/tingling in hands/legs/feet, brain “fog”, severe fatigue, spasticity esp. in my right leg. Some of the symptoms persist even during periods of remittance such as stumbling over words, forgetfulness, heat intolerance where my symptoms worsen. I used to be really good at spelling and now I have difficulty with words I’ve always known. I’m currently taking Rebif.

    My new neuro 3 months ago (an MS specialist), she saw my MRI and said there was only 1 lesion that was in the “normal” area where you find MS lesions and that it looked more like a long history of migraines. The thing is, I’ve never had a migraine until about a month ago. I’ve since had 2. My neuro is now rethinking the diagnosis of MS and calling it migraines, but is for now using the wait-and-see approach.

    Does anyone have MS, but doesn’t have changes from one MRI to the next? Are high protein levels in the spinal fluid a precursor to O bands like my first neuro who diagnosed me told me or is it true that this doesn’t mean anything? Any other advice would be MUCH appreciated. If I don’t have to keep doing these shots I don’t want to, but if it is MS I don’t want to quit and just end up having a worse relapse. Thank you!!!

    1. MishMash

      First of all I am a nurse, not a doctor. However I have had a long history of neurological symptoms which commenced with eye symptoms.

      I saw 2 GPs who thought it could be MS and 2 neurologists who also thought it could be Multiple Sclerosis as I had the eye symptoms. A third neurologist, who specialised in MS, said it was similar to MS BUT as I only had one TYPE of eye symptom it WASN’T.

      ***HE Said Multiple Sclerosis Always Begins With The Eyes, The Demyelination Is Clearly seen on the Optic Nerves On MRI. And the patient often loses their sight or has some vision loss for a period of time.****

      My eye symptoms were : a black curtain over part of my vision and scintillating scotoma. [Google it.] They are migraine headache symptoms. More specifically I was getting Hemiplegic Migraine as well as other Migraine Variants. [Google that too.]

      The deciding factor that lead the neurologists to my diagnosis of Dystonia was the doctors neuroexamination picking up my overstated reflexes ( hyperreflexia ) and rigidity. And my dystonic gait which got worse with heat or an infection, such as a chest infection. I also have Autonomic Nervous System Instability – so that means demyelination in the brain stem.

      As I did not lose my vision ( I only lost it during a migraine a bout a day or so – not for weeks at a time) the possible diagnosis of MS was dropped.

      I agree with the/your MS specialist. You are getting Migraine Variants. You have not mentioned vision problems.

      It would be interesting to know though what the other doctors saw on your MRI and counted to 10 about ?!

      I take Dopamine for my condition as it is a Parkinsonian condition. It is a Godsend.

  3. MaluLanix0x

    How common are these symptoms in the earlier stages of Lupus (SLE)?
    * Frequent and or blocked urination
    * Muscle spasms & weakness
    * Muscle tingling/pins & needles
    * Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    * Loss of coordination & sensation (starting with feet and then hands)
    * Numbness/tingling in neck
    * Shakiness
    * Loss/less of sweating in hands & feet
    * Eye floaters/eye flashers & pressure and blurry spots/dimness in eyes
    *Headaches w/ some mood changes & trouble focusing

    I am 17 and a half y/o, and almost positive that I have SLE. I was just diagnosed with Raynauds. I get symmetrical joint pains & have the malar rash. My eyes and mouth get dry frequently. My grandfather had type 1 diabetes, and my aunt (on the other side of the family) has sclederma and hypothyroidsm.

    * Out of those list of symptoms the first were the eye changes and carpal tunnel w/ numbness in hands/feet. This seems to be progessing & i am verry VERY frightened. (i am going to the eye doctor tomorrow & am seeing a neurologist VERY soon.)

  4. Katie

    How do I stop being such a hypochondriac?
    I’m 15 and before I went to a new school when I was 12, I started a hypochondriac. I first though there was something wrong with my heart, then a brain tumor, diabetes, cancer, multiple sclerosis, lupus, the list could go on forever. I also think that a symptom I have is a serious illness. Sometimes I will just get so scared and frustrated that I’ll cry. Also if I hear about a disease, I automatically think I have it.I also tell my family members about my ‘diseases’ and ask my mom to bring me to the doctor all the time. How do I stop being a hypochondriac?
    I only think I’m a hypochondriac because people tell me I am

  5. Metal Nettle

    My list of symptoms, anyone want to have a guess?
    I have a few symptoms, on their own they don’t seem to be much of anything but all together I am a bit worried, every time I go to the doc they look at one condition and offer advice but I’m wondering if I should make a list and bring it in – and how can I do that without appearing like a total hypochondriac, lol

    I’ve had several tears to my back muscles over the years, and have constant low level back pain with bursts of sharp stabs and stiffness, the doc says it’s muscular not my spine or discs – I can accept this, and I take codeine to keep it at bay. However, since about January, I have had pain in the back of my left knee – the doc refered me to an osteopathy clinic where a technician told me it was just soft tissue, suggesting the capsule at the top of the ligament, and I was supposed to put on cold packs for two weeks and go back, tried that and it didn’t help, so he’s started massaging it – and by massaging I mean digging his fingers in to see if he can make it less sensitive. It hurts. It doesn’t sound like a great idea.

    I also got a huge swollen node under my arm (coincided with a careless sunburn), I went back in two weeks to have it checked again and they sent me for a blood test, the results of which were within acceptable range.

    Now, my problems are, I have bad lower back muscles, I have this dodgy knee and I have a huge lump in my neck, and a smaller one on the back of my head, but with my white count being ok, it’s not going to be breast cancer (what they were ruling out) but also not likely to be an infection. My new thing this past week is a sharp pain around the top right of my left shoulder blade, feels like a muscle or a tendon, not in the bone and not in the joint, more in the soft tissue. It feels like my back muscles do, that sharp itchy pain when it’s torn and healing. I have a click in my neck too, something grinding.

    So why would this lymph gland be up? could it be connected to something in the back of my knee? and if so, what?

    I am female, 40, in good health, I am 5ft4 and about 110pounds, I have never been ill with a named disease except childhoods (measles, chicken pox, mumps) and asthma when I reached 32, I am on nothing but occasional asthma meds and my codeine.

    I wonder if I am treating my body too harshly and carrying loads of shopping that are really too heavy now I am getting older (not old yet though), but since I am taking the back pills, I am perhaps not realising it’s hurting me until later? maybe I have weakened muscles prone to injury – but why if that’s the case? I don’t really know, anyone care to take a stab? have I got two unrelated issues (nodes and muscles) or does it sound like something all together? it’s not cancer of lupus, the bloods rule one out, the symptoms the other. My knee thought it was slightly injured in May 2009, does not have a Bakers cyst, had the U/S to rule that out before getting sent to the osteo.
    Sorry, that should read “cancer OR lupus”, I appear to have badspellingcheckitis too.
    No shutup, that’s not the answer, being rude rarely is. My medical file after 40 years is about 2mm thick, I’m not a hypochondriac, Amanda said the same as my husband, go tell them there’s something wrong and make them do something, but I do play it down, D says I will die saying “I’ll be alright.”

    This is the first time I have asked listing all my problems to see if anyone can see anything that might be connected. Since I suggested it might be wear and tear, I don’t see that I am being unrealistic in my analysis, but I have had minor things and they usually do get better, these just don’t seem to, my back has been “injured” for about 5 years now. The codeine of course is on prescription, I don’t buy it illegally, it was assessed to be the most suitable by my doctor.

    1. Amanda

      bad idea to go into the doctor with only one thing to tell them,if several things are wrong with you.
      like saying:hey i’m sick but not that sick,so i do not need that much attention or medication.
      the knee and node both needs antibiotics.infections is what you are dealing with here.probably need to seek hospital help.try another doctor for sure.never say you are in good health if all of this is wrong with you;specifically because the old saying of:the squeaky wheel gets the grease,would make those in charge enough to do something about it,wright you off before takeing you seriously.
      mostly what this sounds like to me is infection.
      probably several different spots,but infection big time.

  6. Anonymous

    Could it possibly be Lupus?
    I’m very tired of being treated as though I’m just going nuts. A hypochondriac in a sense. I’m not…I’m sick. Without much to back up what is causing it. The symptoms mainly started when I was around 18…I’m 24 now. I’ve been to the doctor many times being told the same thing. I’m perfectly fine. One doctor finally took into consideration I had a list of symptoms too long for my age and sent me to a digestive specialist. I wasn’t able to continue seeing the specialist, but from the two visits I was able to attend, he determined I had GERD. But I just keep getting worse. It’s not just my upper digestive system, it’s my entire digestive system. Nothing seems to work properly. I’m vomiting in the mornings from acid and bile building up in my stomach throughout the night. I can hardly eat anything without feeling nauseated afterward. My stool varies in color and texture. Some days it’s near normal, others is sticky, others it’s like water. I stay pretty bloated the majority of the time. So bloated and gassy that I have to where a pant size larger than usual. I have to pee once or twice an hour. I get chest pains that are more than likely associated with pain in my esophagus. It’s pretty deep and aching.

    Aside from my digestive problems, just last year I started developing eye and skin problems. I’ve never had any problems with my eyes. Never needed glasses. I’ve started having static like vision (visual snow), I sometimes see bright spots (seeing stars), I’ve noticed an increase in floaters in my vision. Some have came and gone…others are still around. I feel what feels like sparks bursting in the inner corners of my eyes several times a week. I see ghosting. Distant objects are now slightly blurred and my eyes tend to stay dry. All of this developed within the last year. The eye doctor said I had developed an astigmatism. Seems like more is going on than that…just in the last 5 months since my visit to the eye doctor…the symptoms have worsened. Seems a bit quick and much to just be an astigmatism.

    My skin problems started developing around the same time my eye troubles started. I started out just getting a rash on my side. It wasn’t raised…more like a big red blotch. Didn’t itch. I didn’t pay much attention to it until I noticed over a week period it had come and gone in the same spot 3 different times. A few weeks later I started breaking out in hives. They started just on my thighs, then progressed to my entire body over time. They wouldn’t go away unless I laid down, and even then it took hours before the majority would cease. Hives became an ongoing problem that randomly popped up for about 8 months. I could never find a trigger for them. Some days I’d be working and notice them, others I’d wake up and have them…indoors, outdoors, no food allergies, no medication…stress…nothing. I could never find anything. I haven’t really had an outbreak in hives now for about 3 or 4 months. Instead I’ve been getting itchy skin (not dry skin), and more red blotches (not raised) on my skin. First they were mainly coming on my chest, then I started getting them on my hands, feet, stomach, legs…wherever. They seem to start on my chest. Sometimes they itch…sometimes they don’t.

    My symptoms all come and go…aside my eye problems. The dryness in my eyes come and go…but the rest stay pretty constant. But my digestive problems and my skin problems come and go. I have no thoughts as to what may trigger these problems.

    I know that is a lot to read, so if you’ve done so, thank you. Aside from all of that, I stay tired, I have minor body aches that come and go. Especially in my arms and in my knees. I find some days I can’t think as clearly as others…mild confusion occasionally. I have good days and just down right nasty hateful days. Dunno why. I stay depressed for weeks at a time. I went to a State Park just two days ago. It was a cold but sunny day. First time I’ve really been out in the sun that long in months. That night I noticed the butterfly rash across my nose and cheeks. Not a sun burn. It faded yesterday for a few hours and today it’s darker again. This is what made me begin thinking…could this be Lupus? and yes, it does run in both sides of my family. Lupus and Leukemia both do. I’ve had several people tell me even on good days…”You don’t look so good” My last employer told me I wasn’t working out because I just seemed too drained all the time.

    I am uninsured now, and I’m not sure how I would get tested for Lupus…or even how they test for it at all. I’ve read some websites about Lupus, it just seems like such a complicated disease. Any thoughts? Thanks again.
    I forgot to mention my miscarriages. I’ve had 4 healthy children, yet before and after my successful pregnancies, I’ve had 6 miscarriages without a reason being determined. Dunno if that has any relation to this…but thought I’d add it.

    1. Cally J

      Well knowing someone who personally has Lupus it sounds like it may be. However I had very similar symptoms due to a bad reaction to medication, (antacid of all things), and it took awhile to figure it out! So I mean it could be so many things. No one here can answer it for you.

      I would say that you should try to figure out how much it would cost. Maybe call around to different doctors or internalists and see how much something like that would be and try to get it done. If it runs in your family I’d get tested just to be on the safe side. If you want to talk just send me an e-mail.

  7. Amanda

    Dr says Preggo, tests say not?
    I asked this question a couple weeks ago, but I have more to add:

    I had Mirena placed in Feb 2011. It was removed in Aug 2011 because I had so many symptoms of a pregnancy (and a neg pee test at the dr offfice) so they said I was having hormonal imbalances. I’ve been having unprotected sex since then. In the last couple of weeks I have been experiencing the following symptoms (some increased from the Aug time, others newly apparent):
    Extreme Fatigue
    Insomnia (worsened, I’ve had it for years)
    Mood swings
    Growing breasts
    Darkening nipples and veins on breasts
    Hardened abdomen in the uterus area
    Increased sex drive
    Worse migraines (again, had them for years)
    Dreams (never have them unless I’m pregnant, and they’re always scary as hell)
    Back pain (kidney area, no infection)
    Increased urination and thirst (ridiculous on both)
    Increased appetite (I’m always hungry but the very thought/smell of food makes me sick to my stomach)
    Cravings (milk products and greasy foods)
    Increased sense of smell
    Lack of concentration
    Slightly worse memory
    Joint pains
    Spotting (for 2 days, very light and extremely intermittent)
    Varying from constipation to diarrhea
    Swishing feeling in abdomen
    I even used that Graco heart thing and I could find a heart beat in my lower abdomen (it moved a lot, especially with the swishing sounds which I know for a fact is not my digestion), that was around 100+ bpm.
    I went to planned parenthood for a preg test and it came back negative. The nurse said to come back once a week, early in the morning to take a test for a couple of weeks cause I have so many symptoms that I’m most likely pregnant. She thinks it’s either too early in the pregnancy to detect or the med I took the afternoon before interfered with it (AZO tablets, I was trying to double ensure I don’t have a UTI – sometimes the dr misses the UTI if it’s early on).
    Today (5 days after the planned parenthood visit), I took an at home test and it was neg. However, for the first time the test showed up blank for 2.5 minutes before the single line appeared. I am going to take another test in the morning (hoping it’s pos). I know the swishing seems exactly like a baby moving in the womb as I have a 1.5 year old. I could feel her movements when I was barely a month along…

    Is it possible that I am pregnant? If so, why are the tests showing up negative still.
    If I am not pregnant, what could be causing all of these symptoms (especially the swishing)?
    2 weeks ago (Tiebreaker)
    Additional Details
    It didn’t seem like my heart beat. I timed mine between 60 – 70 bpm, this one was over 100. I’ve gone through many tests for the heart to know how to properly check and identify my heartbeat vs. a baby’s. (You can’t take heart meds while pregnant, so you have to keep an eye on yourself a lot). I also get tested annually for diabetes/lupus/thyroid problems/etc. (I have a few health problems that haven’t been 100% explained yet). So I’m used to keeping a detailed list of symptoms in my head or on paper. Including watching for patterns as to onset and easing symptoms. I was wondering how long a urine test can be false for though? And I also was wondering if it is possible that I was pregnant back in Aug and the test was just a false neg… so that’s why I have even more symptoms now?
    2 weeks ago

    I also have sore breasts. They get so sore that just my arms bumping them hurts, and the natural sag to the sides when you lie down bothers me. In order to put my arms down to lie down without pain I have to pick my breasts up, my arm down, then let go of my breasts, just to keep the pressure off them. This pain isn’t constant, just once every other week (minimal).

    My bleeding was also odd. It was a week late from my period (was supposed to be the 28th, it started the 3rd). The red bleeding lasted less than 2 hours. It was very light (didn’t even fill have a reg tampon). For a couple of days I had intermittent spotting of light brown. Then a week later I had some intermittent spotting of the light brown for a couple of days. Whenever the bleeding or spotting occurred (literally just like the hour before/after the spotting occurred) I would get cramps that felt like something was tearing at my old c-section scar (had a baby in march 2010).
    Also, my back pain is identical to the pain from my first child that was described as the ciatic nerve pain and later on similar to the early labor pains.

    I went to the doctor last Tuesday. He did a urine and blood test, both showing up negative. However, in his notes he said “I do not believe she is not pregnant. I think she is just too early to show up positive so I want her back Thursday to retest and from there we will keep testing until it says she is pregnant.” Thursdays’ test showed up negative as well. My doctor has been on vacation ever since. So now I&#39

  8. robertswife

    I possibly have Lupus…….Feel like I’m going CRAZY!!!!?
    I have felt like crap without relief for close to a year. It’s always something. I have recently been discussing all of these “ailments” with my Dr. trying to impress upon him that it all makes sense to me now. I would like to list my symptoms.

    I would only like answers from people already diagnosed with Lupus please.

    memory loss
    weakness in hands and forearms
    vison changes
    short periods, every 3 weeks or so
    my legs, ankles, and feet ache
    stiff in the a.m.
    mild swelling
    blisters on back of tongue (twice)
    prickly fingers and feet
    complete vitamin deficiency, esp. b-12 and folate
    my shins burn in the sun, turn purple with swelling (that was the tip off for me)
    It started with the sunburns about 4 years ago, I thought maybe it was an allergy to the chlorine in the pool. (it wasn’t)
    I’m I crazy, or does it really sound like Lupus?
    I start the blood work next week. I just want to make sure I am not going in the wrong dir.
    Most of my symptoms would be one after the other, not all at the same time. This last burn was Feb. 21st and laid me up for 5 days, since then, all of these symptoms are occuring at the same time. That is what scares me. Dr. said he would do an ANA, etc. but not until I finish antibiotics for the blisters on my tongue. But I agree, it doesn’t mean it’s and autoimmune disorder, but the thought of it scares me to death and I am not known for my patience! I like to fix things, not mainatin them.

    1. Linda R

      Some of your symptoms are common to lupus, others are less common. All of them can be caused by disorders other than lupus.

      An important clue is the IBS and the vitamin deficiencies, as well as the prickly hands and feet. Has anyone checked you for Celia sprue? It sometimes comes in overlap with lupus and those are classic IBS symptoms. While you are waiting for results you might consider eliminating all gluten from your diet. In susceptible people, gluten cause inflammation which cause pain. Google gluten for ideas about this.

      Here is what you can do right now:
      1. Rest as often as you feel you need it. Being “super person” is only going to make things worse. You fix being tired by resting not by fighting it.
      2. Keep a symptom journal. In your case, I would also track what you eat. I believe you will find some clues in your diet. Your journal should describe these things.
      a. What symptoms you are having
      b. The severity of symptoms
      c. How often they occur
      d. How long they las
      e. What makes them feel better
      f. What makes them worse
      g. What activities you did that day
      Before you see your doc, make a summary of these. The doc will NOT read your whole journal.
      3. Adopt a healthy, balanced diet. Have lots of fruits and veggies, avoid animal fat, eat cold water fish like salmon for the omega fatty acids. Avoid processed foods.
      4. Get some mild to moderate exercise every day. It reduces pain, relieves fatigue, and improves mood.
      5. Stay out of the sun. If you must be out, cover up with tightly woven shirts and slacks. Wear a hat and use sunscreen.
      6. Don’t borrow trouble. It’s easy to get all worked up and try to figure things out by yourself AND how to fix it. What happens is you create more stress which agitates the immune system which makes you feel WORSE. Practice asking yourself “What’s important right now?” Is it being present with your loved ones or being there but not really because your mind is elsewhere. If you waste this minute on worry, you can’t get the minute back-ever. And it won’t change your medical condition one iota.
      7. Learn stress management techniques like yoga and meditation.
      8. Be proactive about your health instead of reactive.
      There are about 80 autoimmune diseases. The ANA or antinuclear antibody test is one diagnostic clue. Your doc is doing exactly the right thing.

      Do not, I repeat DO NO go into the doctor’s appointment already having decided what the diagnosis is. You will tick off the doctor and be dismissed as a kook. At this point, your job is to give the doctor diagnostic clues by communicating your issues clearly and succinctly. That said, if the doc does not mention celiac, you might mention it casually.

      In another section write down EVERYTHING you eat. Then notice how some symptoms may be related to what you ate. Bring this to the attention of the doc.

  9. amy

    does this sound like it could be lupus?
    I have been trying to find out what is going on with me for the past 2 years I have seen doctor after doctor and have had so many test done but have yet to get a diagnosis I will list my symptoms and any information would be great… swollen knuckles,hands and fore arms, fatigue,losing hair in the shower,raw tongue and mouth sores,very red face,hives,trouble swallowing/choking on food,lower back pain and knee pain and pounding in ears most of the time.I am now seeing a rheumatologist and will be seeing him for the 3 time next week I was wondering if it sounds worth it to mention Lupus?

  10. beanbag

    Mild lupus, but when it acts up…what am I doing wrong?
    I try to eat right, I exercise, take Plaquenil, etc. My lupus is “mild” type, but I always have something “going on.”

    I had been doing fairly well, and then I get the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis with red swollen joints and rheumatoid nodules. My face feels like it is burning on cheeks and there are lots of tiny red broken capillaries on my face. It is taking more and more Dermablend cover-up makeup to cover up my red marks.

    I am feeling frustrated as it always seems like I deal with one symptom after another and wonder what I am doing wrong. If you are a lupus patient, is there anything you know that triggers your flares?

    I know, I know…it could be worse, but if I listed all the symptoms I have had within the last 3 years, it would be a long list…
    Yes, I take steroids when I have a flare. My docs are great, BUT I didn’t know Lupus was progressive. Now I will have some good questions to ask next visit.

    1. mgunnycappo

      First off there is no such thing as ‘mild’ Lupus. You either have SLE or you don’t. SLE is a progressive disease meaning that the signs and symptoms get progressively worse over time. Since you seem to be having more symptoms I would say that this is cause for concern that your Lupus is flaring and that you may need steroids to help calm the flare. Are you being seen by a rheumatologist? Have you called them and told them about your increase in symptoms? This is very important as stopping a flare quickly can help prevent further damage to organs such as the kidneys. Do not be so quick to dismiss your lupus as ‘mild’. I’m sure you’ve heard this from a medical professional somewhere down the line and they were completely wrong to tell you this. Good Luck to you

  11. dispirited_princess

    Help!! Long list of symptoms, doctor isn’t sure, looking for opinions?
    I was diagnosed with JRA(Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis) about 9 years ago and have had a bad flare, a continuous amount of pain and symptoms, since June. After blood work and xrays this week, the doctor has concluded that I do not have RA but he is not sure what I have. He suspects Fibromyalgia but is not certain and told me to do some research, read some info and talk to him in my next appointment in November.

    I need some help! Below is a list(long list) of symptoms I have on a daily basis and have been having since June 2011. If you have any insight on what could be going on with me I would be soo grateful!!! Here is the list:

    •Pain in fingers, particularly index fingers
    •Pain all over, comes and goes at different degrees throughout the day
    •Sudden feeling of extreme tiredness, like energy has been zapped
    •Feels like I have a constant flu(minus nausea) with body aches
    •Pain ranges from 2-8 on a daily basis, changing without any indication
    •Stiffness in fingers, mostly indexes
    •Stiff when I sit still for too long
    •Pain when I sit still for too long or move around too much
    •Index fingers feel weak, hurt to use
    •Pain in elbows comes and goes
    •Wrists sometimes hurt, and when I put too much pressure on them extreme pain on occasion.
    •Index fingers pop when they bend, painful
    •Shoulders(mostly left) grind and is painful
    •Knees ache, above the knee, beside the knee
    •Ankles and feet hurt
    •Big toes ache
    •Sensitive spots to touch
    •Shock-like pain on forearm occasionally, usually right forearm but sometimes left
    •Tension headaches
    •Anxiety, emotional
    •Constantly feeling cold, usually have to have a blanket over me when at home even when it is hot out
    •Wake up feeling unrested, regardless if I have slept 4 or 12 hours.
    •Painful to hold a pen in my hand when I write one line.
    •Hurts to brush my hair
    •Hard to do up buttons, zippers, open bottles, use can openers
    •Occasional shooting pain through the joint where thumb and wrist connect
    •Can be hard to get out of bed in the mornings, stiffness and pain related
    •Cannot use the bathroom as easily as before(number 2)
    •If I bump my hand or knee on something the pain is intense and lasts
    •14 of the 18 trigger points for fibromyalgia
    •Sometimes have trouble thinking clearly and focusing
    •No RA factor in blood work or anything showing auto-immune disorders. Checked for Lupus and nothing came up abnormal. No sign of joint damage or RA in hands. No inflammation indication in blood work.
    •I constantly bump into walls(clumsy I know)
    •Get words mixed up several times a day
    •Memory has become worse since June, although this could be caused by the marijuana or the pain.

    1. JMITW

      look up raynauds

      and i beleive i told you before–fms does not have trigger points–it has tenderpoints..

      its idiot docs who get the vocab confused –and pass it on to patients..

      if your docs doesn’t know the difference he is not competent to diagnose fms

      look up ehlor danlos syndrome

      maybe you have more than issue..could have carpal tunnel plus something else..

      the bathroom issue could be normal due to stress/diet

      what was your bloodwork like when you were diagnosed with RA?

      have the blood tests been repeated?

      did you get mri?

      have they ruled out MS

      have you looked into lyme literate MD

      was there any sort of triggering event–physical or emotional..

      being that it is just 3 months–it is possible–but probably too soon to tell if its fms…you should be tested for more things..not just ‘routine’ tests’

      sadly,most docs can’t be bothered to think and act intelligently

      celiac is a possibility

      what kind of doc is this? you need a consult with a neuro and a rheumatologist

  12. hello.there.

    I’m worried that I have Lupus?
    Can someone help me?

    I’ve looked online, and it seems that I’m likely to have Lupus.
    My cousin has it also, so I’m assuming that it runs in the family.

    I’ve recently been ill with pneumonia for the second time in 6 months, and that was about a month ago. I’m still extremely tired, and it seems that I have almost all of the symptoms listed.

    If I go to the doctor, will I have to take a blood test to guarantee if I do or do not have it?
    I’m absolutely terrified of needles and blood, and I’m afraid I’ll have a panic attack before I even get there.

    1. Bobby's Girl

      You will go through a series of tests, I would phone your doctor & ask him about giving U a sedative. That would also depend on your age if doctor will or not

  13. Jessy J

    PCOS and ovarian cancer?
    ok, so im 19 and have been diagnosed with having PCOS. but, i have noticed that i also have symptoms of ovarian cancer. now, what are the chances that i could have that also?

    i have changed doctors 3 times in the last three years and have finally found one that seems to truly care and she does everything she can to find out the true cause of things so i am very thankful i have her now, but i have not even been with her for a year yet.

    so, i was wondering if i should wate till my july visit to talk to her about this.
    i can not find much on ovarian cancer, and was wondering if any body had a good list of symptoms because i am very confused about this

    also, my sister has lupus, and her and my mother(both in medical fields and mother is married to a dr.) think i may have a m,ilder form of lupus, so it may not be ovarian cancer.

    so if some one could just please give me a good list, i can add more details because right now i am so confused i do not know where to start and all this is so overwhelming when you KNOW something is not right but do not know how to explain it in hopes of being properly diagnosed with out it taking years.

    (my sister was mis diagnosed with lupus for over ten years.)

    thank you soooo much!!!

    1. Jenny

      I also have PCOS so I understand the concern over other issues that can develop down there. If you’re thinking you could possibly have ANYTHING that affects your health, you need to talk to your new doctor as soon as you can. As horrible as they are, you need to get a full papsmear and examination. Your doctor will know if you should be worried or concerned. And it’s worth going as soon as possible because thanks to medical science of today, if caught early enough almost anything can be treated or cured.

  14. Destiny

    What is wrong with me? Serious Answers Only Please.?
    Okay for a while now I have felt extremely out of wack. Here are a list of symptoms, maybe you can tell me what is wrong with me…
    1. Pain in my joints. (especially hands, knees, elbows)
    2. Low grade fever (never over 99)
    3. Tired yet can’t sleep
    4. Dizziness
    5. Swolen throat (difficulty breathing)
    6. Pain in upper right hand side of chest when breathing (not persistant, mostly random)
    7. Round dime size bruises popping up randomly on legs and feet (no known cause)
    8. Severely dry lips (looks more like a rash of some sort)

    And before someone leaves something about STD’s that is impossible/ out of the question.

    Also some background info. My family has a history of heart problems, diabetis, lupus, and cancer.
    Also, I am not dehydrated. I drink water all the time. And I am trying to decide if I should see my doctor. I don’t have great insurance and don’t want to spend the money if I have nothing to worry about. I am thinking it could be Lupus. But I don’t like admitting I have a cold, much less anthing else.

    1. o'leary

      Have you spoken to your doctor or other family members? Because these are all signs of Lupus, so you’d better see your doctor. (not sure about the dizziness, but lack of sleep can cause that.)
      See your doctor for treatment options – take care…

  15. Rebecca Morgan

    Gluten intolerance or something else?
    After catching an awful virus type thing last summer i havent been right. Exhausted all the time, with the virus coming back when over stretched. Since before xmas things have gotten worse with chronic diarreah in the mornings, extreme fatigue, aching joints, mood swings, receeding hairline, under weight, bad night-sweats – the list goes on. The Dc unexpectedly said i was depressed although this came as a shock as i have been depressed before and it never felt like this. I also have mild lupus although don’t usually have symptoms. My thyroid is slightly slow after one blood test. I’ve had a hair analysis that showed i am defecient in vit B6 and chromium, that i have a virus and that i’m intolerance to wheat and oats. I’ve been gluten free for 2 weeks – the Diarreah is a little better but i’ve been ill with the virus again and now i’m on antibiotics for a kidney pain. I have chronic headaches recently. Long list of possibles, but if any one has any ideas please advise.x

    1. mlgable

      If you are on a gluten free diet remember to look at the pills you take as many contain gluten to hold them together. Also watch the foods you eat as some ready to drink juices can contain wheat products. The other thing is if you are on antibiotics you need to take probiotics to prevent yeast. Get the diarrhea checked out as you may have C-diff from the antibiotics. Also consider seeing an endocrinologist to get everything checked out and treated.

  16. hemppman420

    is aspartame more dangerous than we are told?
    Aspartame has brought more complaints to the FDA than any other additive-ever. It’s responsible for a full 75 percent of the complaints the agency gets. From 10,000 consumer complaints, the FDA compiled a list of 92 symptoms, including death.

    Not only has aspartame been proven to make you fatter, it’s been proven to cause some pretty serious diseases, not the least of which are cancer and neurological diseases.
    Sure, the marketing geniuses would have you think it’s health food, but the truth paints a very different picture. Over the years, various reports have implicated aspartame in headaches, memory loss, seizures, vision loss, coma, and cancer. It also appears to worsen or mimic the symptoms of such conditions as fibromyalgia, MS, lupus, ADD, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue, and depression.
    In terms of toxicity to the body diet soda is much more dangerous than cannabis. (In fact THC or any form of marijuana when ingested is non-toxic to the human body)

  17. Jenny

    Someone with a medical backround to answer this PLEASE? possibility or lymphoma or autoimmune?
    For about 5-6 weeks now I’ve noticed painless, swollen lymph nodes pop up all throughout my neck and groin. If my calculations are correct, I’d say I have almost 40. Some are smaller than others but none of them hurt. Here is a list of the rest of my symptoms:
    -night sweats (mild, not really DRIPPING with sweat)
    -persistant dry cough (now I only cough during the night when I sleep on my back)
    -petechiae under chin and forehead (only comes out when I rest my face on a certian sweater of mine that has a rough texture)
    -EXTREME fatigue
    -swollen eyelids (nothing wrong the eye itself)
    -joint pain (hips, knees, shins, and sometimes ankles)
    -enlarged spleen
    -early feeling of fullness & loss of apitite
    -back pain (always a sharp pain in the same spot)

    I’ve had 2 blood tests, one said I had a high number of Eosinophils, and i had one last Friday. I’ve been tested for mono, tuberculosis and a few other viruses or infections which were found to be negative.
    I got the results back from the second blood test today and it showed an elevated number of antinuclear antibodies. 1:80 titer and the pattern was speckled. Now, my concern is either lymphoma or some sort of autoimmune disease. (I also had a chest X-ray and and an abdominal ultrasound which I have not gotten results for yet). The reason why I am so confused is because my mom has lupus (I’m 16 by the way), so it runs in the family and she told me she also had many swollen lymph nodes but my symptoms don’t seem to be as severe as hers. Also, I understand that sometimes a positive ANA is aslo apparent in malignancies and it seems as if lymphoma would fit more considering I have more symptoms in common with that diagnosis. Now I’m not asking for a diagnosis, but maybe some ideas as to where to go from here or what should be my next step? Or if anyone has had anything like this before and it turned out to be something different? Im just really confused because lupus as well as thyroid problems (I had a an ultrasound 2 weeks ago on my thyroid also and it came back normal) run in my family and is much more common so it could be that but I also have soooo many similarities between my symptoms and lymphoma! Any advise will be much appreciated, thank you! 🙂

    And again, im NOT looking for a diagnosis, just some ideas.

    1. ★☆W.a.b.b.y✿❀

      Your symptoms are very non-specific, but because this has been going on for longer than 2 weeks, you should definitely look into getting a referral to specialist.

      Some of your symptoms may be related, others may just be nothing. The Eosinophils are white blood cells. They could be elevated due to an infection or hay fever or something else.

      The ANA test is probably nothing. Most of the people who have a positive ANA at a low titer and post people with a positive ANA have nothing wrong. And often people with first degree relatives with Lupus will have a positive ANA and nothing wrong. Your ANA is at a lower titer that they probably wouldn’t consider positive, but may look further just to rule out other conditions.

      I’d recommend you see a rheumatologist. See if you can see your mother’s one. They will probably order further tests and be able to evaluate what’s going on.

      Good luck.


  18. Kayla Nevermind

    Oh god… Do I have lupus?
    Hi I am 14, female.
    Ever since I was little I have been dealing with a lot of health issues and I’ve always wandered if they all tied together but never found anything. Well I just came across a web page talking about lupus and I have about 16 of the symptoms they listed. I have always gotten this rash thing on my nose and cheek bones and it gets really bad in the sun. Also, when I was in the sun a lot I would get very fatigue and dizzy and sick to my stomach. My doctor said that he thinks I’m allergic to the sun and to just try to keep out of the sun. I’ve also always been very fatigue and I got tested for thyroid often because of the severity of that. My joints have always been really messed up. I get a general discomfort often. I just don’t feel good and I can’t quite say why. I get muscle aches that keep me up through the night and force me to tears. I get swollen glands in my neck often. I get nausea and have heart burn way more often then normal. My hair is really thin and I loose it a lot. I have been getting nose bleeds out of nowhere since I was 8 and they are bad. I get numb and tingley almost constantly. I have a few little red spots on my skin. I have weir light patches on my skin. My vision is a little off but nothing to the point where I need glasses. I have difficulty swallowing and I feel like there is a lump in my throat. The past few months I have gotten extremely intense stomach pains that come and go and I am getting an ultra sound on monday for that. Does this all sound like lupus? Should I tell my mother that I think I have lupus and then go to the doctor? Thank you.
    Also my lungs have been messed up since I was about 8
    Also I started cutting myself and thinking weird thoughts and just kinda being insane when I was 8. I am in therapy now and I don’t cut myself but I am still kinda messed up in the head.

  19. Mandy Cakes

    This is a lot to ask, I know. But if someone could review my APA paper I would GREATLY appreciate it. ?
    I think my greatest problem is with grammer errors and my in-text citations. Also, all of those citations that repeat themselves look funny to me. They can’t be right? Can they? I’m also confused with secondary citations. I think they’re a no no but I can’t get a clear answer on what they are. Here’s the paper. Please kindly review if you’d like. I’d love yah for it.


    (Title page not included)

    Lupus is an autoimmune disease that permits the affected body to build antibodies to attack its own cells as if they were foreign. There are three main types of lupus. They are discoid, drug induced, and Systemic lupus erythematosus (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2009). Doctors must be careful in diagnosing lupus since it can easily be confused with other diseases (Rahman & Isenberg, 2008). Lupus is capable of attacking any part of the body but for the most part it mainly affects the skin, kidneys, joints, heart, gastrointestinal tract, and serous membranes (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2009). The cause of Lupus is currently unknown. Lupus truly is a sickness of mystery since the cause and cure have currently been unidentified. However, there are known genetic (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2009) and environmental (Rahman & Isenberg, 2008) aspects that have been known to trigger this illness. On an inspiring note, there is presently a study being conducted with mice in search for the cure of lupus.

    Lupus is an autoimmune disease that is known to be a chronic (continuous or reoccurring) inflammatory illness that has the ability to attack any region of the body (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2009). The symptoms of the disease are painful or swollen joints and muscle pain, unexplained fever, red rashes, chest pain when breathing deeply, loss of hair, pale or purple fingers or toes from cold or stress (also known as Raynaud’s phenomenon), sensitivity to the sun swelling in legs or around eyes, mouth ulcers, swollen glands and extreme fatigue (WebMD, 2008). Those that suffer from lupus may never have the same symptoms as another person with the disease (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2009). However, the most common areas of the body affected are the skin, kidneys, joints, heart, gastrointestinal tract, and serous membranes (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2009).. Also in most cases in order for a doctor to diagnose lupus the patient must illustrate at least four (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2009) of the listed symptoms.
    The actual cause of the disease is unknown. However, there are genetic and environmental characteristics that could trigger lupus to develop. Many patients that suffer from lupus have a genetic association with the disease (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2009). Lupus could be the result of mutated genes of interferon and the genes that play vital roles in regulating the immune response (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2009). If a patient has a genetic link to lupus there are also environmental aspects that could trigger lupus. They are infection, ultraviolet light, certain drugs like; procainamide, hydralazine, and quinidine (Rahman & Isenberg, 2008), and extreme stress (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2009). Factors that potentially contribute to the progression of lupus are interleukins and interferons (immune molecules). Interleukins and interferons have been shown to control the autoantibody release in response to certain bodily stimuli (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2009).
    Lupus commonly affects women, African Americans, and Asians more than any other group (Rahman & Isenberg, 2008). Since 90% of all patients with lupus are female, women between the ages of 15-50 should be tested for lupus if they portray at least one of the symptoms (Rahman & Isenberg, 2008). Also, there is an increased risk of lupus in people who already have the Epstein-Barr virus. (Rahman & Isenberg, 2008)
    The healthy immune system’s mission is to protect the body from infections and foreign objects within the body. When the immune system is working properly it will recognize the foreign bacteria, virus, or objects as non-self. Upon recognition that something does not belong, it will build antibodies against the unwanted agent, attack and destroy it (Marieb, 2009, p. 408 & 410). However, the activities of the immune system are much different when the body is affected with lupus. Instead of the body producing antibodies against foreign bacterial that do not belong, the immune system will produce an autoantibody that attacks the body’s own cells and tissues. The reason for this is because they can not recognize their own cells or tissue as self. When an autoantibody attack occurs, the autoantibodies will attach themselves to various tissues and cells (Rahman & Isenberg, 2008). When this happens the body’s inflammatory response occurs. The same thing happens when we have been hurt and the tissue has truly been damaged.
    There are a few different ways Lupus can affect the body, for example in nearly all individuals that suffer from lup

    1. mgunnycappo

      It’s a pretty good paper but in the beginning you made an error. There are four types of Lupus. Neo Natal (babies), Drug Induced, Discoid and Systemic. Then after that you should state that your paper is talking about Systemic Lupus because they symptoms you go on to describe are those of Systemic Lupus. Your citings follow the APA guidelines. I couldn’t see the entire paper as it got cut off. Also couldn’t see your works cited page. You don’t show any quotation marks so I’m assuming that you didn’t plagerize any of the information directly from the material.

  20. cutie pie 121

    has anyone ever heard of aspartame toxicity?
    aspartame is an ingredient found in lots of sugar free sodas, candy, powdered drink mixes. it can mimick symptoms of other diseases like MS or lupus, parkinson’s. im having some dizziness, weakness in my limbs, headaches, anxiety attacks, palpitations, and about 19 other associated symptoms. i mentioned this to my doctor and he pretty much just blew me off. has anyone else experienced any of the 63 associated symptoms? if you dont believe me, look up “the dangers of aspartame” and there is a whole list of stuff.

  21. Asia ♥

    Can someone PLEASE help me try to figure out why I’ve been so sick for 5 years?
    I’m 21. When I was 16 out of nowhere I got REALLY ill. I was extremely nauseous.. I couldn’t even drive in a car. I was also hit with terrifiying dizziness, it felt like the room was spinning out of control. I was sick 24/7 for a year straight. I quit smoking, drinking (which I did ALOT) and I could hardly eat. For that year I would pretty much eat one meal a day and a small light meal at that. I never left my house and stayed in my room all day.

    Then it eventually started to get a bit better. I was starting to eat more, I didn’t feel nauseous every minute of everyday and I could finally ride in a car!

    Then I started feeling extremely fatigued. I don’t know if this was always a symptom and I just never noticed because I layed in bed all day or if it was new. I sleep 8-10 hours a night and no matter what I do I’m still dead tired. I also notice if I don’t get enough sleep my nausea is 10x worse.

    My list of symptoms are:
    Shortness of breath
    Poor healing wounds
    Pain behind eyes
    Toes that turn purple
    Occasional stomach pain
    Anxiety (I never had it until I started feeling ill)

    Ive been checked for alot of stuff, but I know I have SOMETHING. It must be a rare/uncommon disease. I cant stand living like this, I just want an answer!

    List of things I’ve been checked for:
    Crohns disease
    Graves disease
    Thyroid issues
    Iron levels (All vitamin levels)
    Adrenal issues
    Celiac disease

    I noticed something on the internet about “Leaky Gut Syndrome” and noticed I have alot of the symptoms….what do you think?

    Any other ideas I can ask my doctor to test for next time I see him?

  22. VV15

    Do you think I may have lupus?
    I went researching about lupus, just for “fun”, and I noticed that I had some symptoms. This is the symptom list on a website about lupus, and a description of what I feel in front:

    Red rash or color change on the face, often in the shape of a butterfly across the nose and cheeks: This is what worries me the most. I go to the beach everyday, and when I come home I often get what seems to be blushing above my eyes, like when a guy gets drunk.

    Painful or swollen joints: I have had joint pain for some while, but only on one knee. It’s a mild pain that comes at random times, regardless of what activity i’m doing.

    Unexplained fever: No fever at all

    Chest pain with deep breathing: No

    Swollen glands: No
    Extreme fatigue (feeling tired all the time): I can’t say I feel tired all the time. It’s more like laziness, if you know what I mean.

    Unusual hair loss (mainly on the scalp): No

    Pale or purple fingers or toes from cold or stress: No

    Sensitivity to the sun: As I said in the first place I have clear skin and when i’m at the beach I tend to get burned.

    Low blood count: Don’t know, but I had one 4 years ago and everything was fine.

    Depression, trouble thinking, and/or memory problems: Also worries me because I have hypochondria, as for memory issues I seem to forget very recent thoughts like 10 or 20 seconds ago.

    I also have some sinus inflammation, and my face gets hot at night when i’m home.

    1. emtd65

      I do have Lupus and it is a very serious condition. It is very difficult to diagnoses and many people wait years for a diagnoses. If everyone were diagnosed by looking in a text book it would be great, but instead we go through years of tests and criticism from many specialists, some of whom tell us it is all in our heads. There is no one test to diagnose Lupus and all lupus patients present differently and suffer differently as well respond differently to treatment. Some live long productive lives others are not so lucky. Unless you truly believe you have a condition, be careful with what you read for fun and always consult a doctor. It is also good to go armed with proof as you have done – always stay a step ahead.

  23. MyNameIs...

    Anyone with Lupus Help?
    There is something wrong with me, other than what I was diagnosed with. I might be driving myself crazy but I have A LOT of the symptoms listed for lupus. I just wanted to hear from someone who has lupus and how they were diagnosed and how they feel daily and stuff like that. Thanks.

  24. Ursula

    I have an undiagnosed condition and need help!?
    I am a 20 year old female who has been having stomach problems for the past year or so, and it has gotten much worse in the past six months. The symptoms are now starting to affect more parts of my body, and the pain can be debilitating and is affecting my schoolwork. I was tested for thyroid issues and Celiac, but both were negative. I also went to the ER for abdominal pain a few weeks ago, but that didn’t turn up any new results.

    Here is a list of symptoms:

    Digestive symptoms – abdominal pain (sometimes crampy and all over, sometimes very sharp in right upper abdomen or left lower abdomen, sometimes made worse coughing or sneezing), LOTS of diarrhea, undigested food in stool almost every day, sometimes fat or mucus in stool, loss of appetite, lots of extreme bloating, some nausea/heartburn/dry-heaving, sometimes foods taste very different than they should (ex – candy tasting extremely acidic, milk tasting like sushi, plain white rice tasting nutty)

    Skin symptoms – I get a red skin rash almost every night or afternoon. It’s itchy, not raised, and not dry. It’s not related to any contact allergy or physical activity. Sometimes, it seems to happen more often or with more severity when I feel really warm or cold. My hair has thinned significantly in the past year, and I’ve started getting coarser hair elsewhere on my body (arms, face). My skin feels itchy most of the time.

    Nervous symptoms – extreme fatigue/malaise, depression/anxiety, headaches, trouble concentrating, photophobia and phonophobia, increased sensitivity to cold and heat, numbness in fingers

    Other symptoms – occasional low-grade fever, muscle weakness/pain, joint pain/swelling, easy bruising (once I got a bruise from the elastic band on my sweatpants and it wasn’t tight, another time on my arm from holding a package – the bruise was in a line from where the package was resting against my arm), I had some very mild jaundice and green-tinted urine at one point. I’m anemic and have high liver function according to the most recent tests. I don’t drink, and I don’t take any drugs unless they are prescribed (I deal with headaches by drinking water and resting). Small doses of Lortab helped relieve many of the digestive symptoms (prescribed by the ER). Diseases that have come up with my doctor are: lupus, Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis, IBS, Celiac (apparently false negatives are common?), and diverticulitis. Also, gallstones and pancreatic cancer were suggested, but less likely. We are pretty sure it’s autoimmune.

    I’m sick of being sick, and am reaching out for help in every place possible. I would love any suggestions or ideas, questions to ask my doctor, tests to request, warm thoughts, or stories (if you had a similar illness and got a diagnosis or found a way to manage the symptoms). I’m seeing my doctor next week, but because I’ve already gone through two series of tests, I want to be more prepared this time to help lead to a diagnosis more quickly. Thanks in advance!

    1. Semper Fi

      You have a lot of symptoms that could indicate a variety of problems. Celiac Disease, possible intestinal obstruction (Intestinal carcinoma, lymphoma), bruising is indicative of a bleeding disorder such as Von Willebrand disease or leukemia. Upper right quadrant pain indicates gallbladder disease, especially if fever and nausea are present also. Some of your symptoms are also those that present with kidney disease and diabetes so you have a real jungle of symptoms which has a tendancy to lead me back to Celiac Disease because …

      Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disorder which can present with an amazing array of symptoms, Gastrointestinal (cramps, pain, bloating, fatty stools, nausea, vomiting), Neurological (tingling, numbness, nerve pain, fatigue, depression and more) and so it is just frustrating for people who have it yet have not been diagnosed plus false negative tests are common. The definitive diagnosis is based on a positive biopsy of the small intestine. It’s not uncommon to have a false negative blood test yet have a positive biopsy.

      If you had maybe thought you had Celiac Disease and went on a gluten free diet before being tested that could have created a false positive and it may create a false biopsy if you have been on the gluten free diet for anytime allowing your small intestinal cells to heal and the villi to re-establish. However that doesn’t sound likely that you have adapted the diet because you said you are still experiencing symptoms even though some people with refractory Celiac do not see a reversal of symptom via diet.

      If it were me I’d ask the doc to re-test for CD (blood work) and also do stool fat, total protein, albumin, calcium, vitamin b12, autoantibodies, vitamin d, vitamin e, CBC, CMP.

      Oftentimes Celiac Disease causes malabsorption (reason for fatty stool) and this in turn creates vitamin deficiencies within the fat soluble vitamins such as d, calcium, vitamin k. b12 and so forth. It also causes anemia in many people and a host of other symptoms and complications because (via autoimmune response) it can attack your organs such your heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and pancreas (autoimmune response) thereby creating symptom from those sources as well.

      Celiac Disease can also cause lactose intolerance (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea in severe cases) and so this complication could be a portion of your symptoms.

      I would suggest you keep a very concise diary of your symptoms, including when they occur (time, date, etc…) and of course exactly what they are. Note what you eat daily so that you can correlate your food intake with symptoms (note whether symptoms appear immediately after, within hours, or even a day or two after ingestion). Be as accurate as possible and by this I mean if you chew a stick of gum, write it down because …

      You’d be amazed how many products we eat contain wheat, barley or rye (sources of gluten) or are processed with wheat, barley or rye products. Even spices can contain wheat and wheat derivatives that contain gluten. If you drink wine the oaken cask it was probably aged in most likely was treated on the inside of the cask with a wheat paste to prevent leakage. That paste leaches into the wine and guess what? If you have CD you will most likely suffer intestinal damage.

      Of course I am not saying you have Celiac Disease. You may not have it at all. You may have something else entirely such as cancer that could present with a myriad of strange symptoms or it could be a combination of gallbladder disease (pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, jaundice are all possible symptoms) and kidney disease. Now, don’t let what I write frighten you, simply get your doc to rule various possibilities out by doing the appropriate tests.

      I wish you better health 🙂

  25. Lori

    Syndrome? Disease? Cancer? Aneurysm? Please help me help myself with my medical mystery!?
    I feel as though my “ordeal” should be featured on the television show Mystery Diagnosis (hah).

    Over two years ago I started having tolerable pain around/above my left scapula. The pain progressed to intolerable and has never went away.

    The pain is persistent and doesn’t feel better with heat, ice, tylenol, ibuprofen, massages or posture. It’s a deep, tight pain. In the last year and a half the knot of pain has spread into my left arm. My arm isn’t really in pain, but I have uncomfortable warm tingling and weakness that goes throughout my arm and into my fingers (especially the pinkie and ring finger).

    I went to an Orthopedic doctor and ended up getting four x-rays. When he viewed them he found bilateral “extra bone growth” on my cervical spine (point c7, to be exact). In medical terms that means I have congenital small ribs in my lower neck that aren’t supposed to be there. Also, he found that I have minor scoliosis of the upper back that bends to the left. For some reason he ordered for me to get a Bone Scan. It came back healthy and there was nothing “wrong.”

    Months after that I started having bluish fingernails and toe nails and stiff joints. I went to a regular doctor (who completely dismissed the pain above my left scapula and discomfort in my arm, by the way) and he ordered a complete blood panel, a test for autoimmune diseases, and a lyme disease test. He thought maybe I have lupus or something. Everything that was tested came back normal and healthy. The only thing that was a little off was that my white blood cell count was a tad higher than normal. Fierce general disappointment and anger — also from him ignoring the pain in my back and weirdness in my arm.

    Exactly the spot where I have constant pain (above/on left scapula) there is thing that moves around if you massage it (although it is not a superficial lump), which my right side does not have so I know this isn’t normal. The lump, like, snaps and clicks. And when I move my left arm in full circles that area clicks and sounds like it it grinding against something, whereas my right side is normal.

    Also, I’ve been to the ER twice from the pain and the doctors and nurses just scoff at me. One time a nurse took my blood pressure and it was 154/110. She just said, “Oh, that can’t be right,” and didn’t even bother to take it again — just walked away. That certainly shouldn’t be right, indeed! I’m a 24-year-old female of average weight and I’m a vegetarian! Anyway, they gave me an x-ray and some majorly condescending doctor just said, “Your x-ray just shows some arthritis in your shoulder. Don’t worry, you’ll live.” First of all, it’s not even my shoulder that hurts. What.

    So, what’s going on with me? Does anyone have any ideas, since the doctors I’ve been to are lazy and/or uncaring?

    Here’s the symptom list:
    *Mainly and most important*:
    .Never-ending pain above my left scapula (for 2+ years)
    .Warm tinging and weakness in my left arm and fingers

    .Bluish nails
    .Muscular aches all over
    .On-and-off joint stiffness (with minor discoloration and swelling)
    .Periods of mysterious bruising on my upper thighs
    .Left thigh pain/tightness
    .Increased intraocular pressure in left eye (rare for my age says the Eye M.D.)
    .Periods of extreme vertigo, where everything in my sight seems to tilt to one side for one second. Then I become disorientated for 10 minutes afterward. Scary when it happened while I was driving.
    .Hair began falling out much more than usual. My hair got thinner.

    Note: A lot of my “oddities” are on the left side of my body — left eye, left scapula, left arm, left thigh, minor scoliosis bending to the left. Hmm..

    All and any help appreciated! I’m desperate for opinions and/or answers! Thanks.

  26. Lady Tsuguri

    Lightheadedness, Weakness, short of breath?
    I have no idea what’s going on, this started yesterday and has not gone away no matter what I’ve done.

    I’m very weak, tired, short of breath, lightheaded, faint, and I lose my balance a lot.

    It’s been all day yesterday and today, and has not gone away yet, an dI dont know what to do!

    I ate something, I’m drinking lots of water, I slept which just made it worse cause I could barely wake up. I’ve been cleared for asthma or allergies.

    I have lupus, and I’ve had these symptoms for 6+ months now, this is the worst it’s been. I’m a 19 yr old female. Any info you can give me would really help? I can’t really go to the emergency room because my insurance ran out, so I’m being set up on Community care until Badger care gets to me, there’s a waiting list of something like 59,000 people before me, so.

  27. julie

    What kind of Neurological symptoms do you have with Lupus?
    I’m being tested for lupus after being sick for 2 yrs and I have tons of neurological symptoms just wondering if these are common symptoms for lupus. here are my symptoms.
    Burning stinging headaches, dizzy, lightheaded,vertigo, seizure type incidents, sharp shooting pains in head, also get weard sensations on my body like warm water pouring on me. Any info will be appreciated. If you have any neurological symptoms from Lupus pleas list them for me. Thanks!

    1. Linda R

      Some lupus patients have neurological symptoms, some do not. Lupus symptoms vary widely from patient to patient.

      Headaches could be caused by lupus or by Raynaud’s phenomenon or other things. Many lupus patients have Raynaud’s, a condition in which stress or cool temperatures cause the nerves to tell the blood vessels to clamp down and restrict blood flow, usually to hands and feet, but can also cause headaches.

      Lightheadedness can be caused by a number of things as well. Lupus patient are often anemic, When you are anemica, there is not enough available oxygen in your blood, which could account for light headedness or dizziness.

      Vertigo usually has to do with the inner ear. Lupus can cause inflammation anywhere, including the inner ear.

      I am not sure what you mean my “seizure type” incidents. Do you lose consciousness? Do you convulse? Some lupus patients do have seizures. But seizures can be caused by many other things.

      Lupus patients with antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (sticky blood) which causes clots may have TIAs or ministrokes. This could account for your head pain and seizure type incidents. Ask to have your blood tested for this.

      As for the weird sensations, please find a clearer way to describe that as well. If you tell the doctor that you have “seizure type incidents” and “weird sensations on your body” you are not helping the doctor get to the root cause of your problem. If these weird sensations are painful, you could have neuropathy which sometimes comes with lupus, or diabtetes, or multiple sclerosis, or other things.

      As a patient your job is to give the doctor the best and clearest information possible. It is the doctor’s job to connect the dots. A diagnosis of lupus is made based on family history, your medical history, a wide variety of lab tests and after everything else is ruled out. There is no definitive lab test for lupus.

      To do your job, keep a symptom journal including
      1. a clear description of the symptom
      2. when it started
      3. how often it happens
      4. how long it lasts
      5. what makes it feel better
      6. what makes it feel worse
      7. to what degree does it interfere with your activities of daily living

      Then create a concise summary and bring a copy for your doc and a copy for you.

  28. emmi

    Why do people ask in here about worrying symptoms instead of just going straight to their GP?
    No offence meant to many of the medically qualified and interested contributers here, but I was reading some advice in reply to this poor guys question regarding his symptoms, and was totally appalled by it.

    Among the list of possible illnesses, he was told by one that his symptoms could be due to Lupus, by another, that he’s probably suffering from aids.
    I bet he feels absolutely brilliant now after asking that bunch.

    Would you ask here for medical advice if your symptoms were worrying you?

    1. ukok

      There three types of people out there, There are those that are constantly wasting gps time and our (taxpayers) money by attending the gp with any minor cough and sniffle. And then there are those ‘worried wells’ that know they are fine but still worry about the spot on their leg etc, and need reassurance. Fortunately they are the types that dont want to waste gps time, instead they post on here. The third type is like me, i only go when i have to. (although i have to some degree displayed behaviour of the other two types in the past)

  29. Lulin the Nephilim

    Peculiar symptoms..? What’s wrong with me?
    If you are not in the medical field or studying medicine or have not experienced these symptoms as well, then please don’t give your input. If you know someone that has had these symptoms, that is acceptable, I am willing to hear anyones opinion except from those that have no idea what they are talking about or have something nasty to say.
    I have a long list of symptoms; I am not a hypochondriac; I don’t have insurance so I can’t see a doctor about it right now.
    I have nearly all the symptoms of Lupus and Cushings Disease, but my previous doctor last year dismissed my concerns and diagnosed me with Poly cystic Ovarian Disease, Fibromyalgia, and Hepatitis B. My PCOS diagnoses was just him saying he’s sure I have that because of some symptoms. I had blood work and my ovaries came back just fine, yet I was still diagnosed with PCOS anyway.
    Ok, symptoms: Daily fatigue, awful back and shoulder pain, upper body obesity, a rounded face, increased fat around the neck, and relatively slender arms and legs,bruises easily, and heals poorly., never developed breasts, no period for over a year (I’m 25), thinning hair on scalp, but hirotism (excessive body hair), stomach discomfort, urine smells very strong of ammonia without signs that it’s a UTI. Dark circles under my eyes, excessive thirst, bright red cheeks, diagnosed with osteoperosis I’m 25!!! skin problems including frequent acne around my chin (I never had acne as a teen), Depression & Anxiety, Keratosis Pilaris on my upper arms (the excess production of keratin, creates a goose-bump appearance), boils and bumps on butt, now a rash on my butt! I know I sound disgusting, but please don’t make me feel worse than I already do about myself. Please help me out if you are familiar with these problems… I’m sure I have other problems that I’m not contributing to the list, so if you want to ask if I have other symptoms, please ask and I will answer asap.
    Thank you both for your responses, however – I have already been tested numerous times for thyroid problems and they function very well. As for diabeties, my fasting glycemia level is 79-80, so I’m nowhere near diabeties, I’m closer to hypoglycemia, but not that either. As for meningitus, I was also tested for that a while ago and that was negative. I have Hep B. so that could explain a liver problem, since Hep B eats at your liver when in flare. I was told to keep an eye on a stomach rash or soreness around the liver, which I don’t have. So I’m not concerned about a liver problem right now. Anyone else have any ideas?
    My BMI is high, it’s 27. I am just below obesity, which really sucks. I used to be very thin and active – age 20/21 I was 80lbs lighter and much more active. Over 5 years I have gained 80lbs and pain has overwhelmed me to the point where I am not as active. I play with my son and I am a postal worker – so I get mild/moderate exercise, but at the end of the day, I’m wiped out and in pain. For osteo – I consume a lot of Vit D and normally take supplements. Lupus, I was unaware of the plastics! I am constantly drinking from plastic bottles and cans without washing. I only run my fruits & veggies under a cold tap for maybe 30 seconds before consuming… so I guess that’s bad. Steroids, I can’t recall ever taking any – but it’s possible.

  30. Act4Love

    Should I get tested for Lupus?
    Hi, I’m 16 years old. I’ve been suffering from bumps and redness on my face (cheeks, mostly), and it’s been something which I cannot get rid of. I thought it was just acne. My mom, however, is currently studying to be a nurse, and in her textbook she stumbled upon a picture of the butterfly rash often associated with systemic lupus erythematosus (known as Lupus/SLE). I didn’t think much of it, until my mom and I researched the symptoms.
    These are the symptoms I’m currently experiencing:
    *Extreme fatigue
    *Joint pain (mostly in my knees and ankles)
    *Migraine-like headaches almost every day for the past month
    *Difficulty concentrating
    *Inflamation of organs-last year I was diagnosed with gastreoenteritis.
    *Also, about a week and a half ago my back (around the kidney area) started hurting
    *I thought it was my period, but I have dried up blood that comes out everytime I wipe after urinating.
    *I have virtually no appetite.
    *My vision has been blurred the past few days.
    *The “flares” started about 2 weeks after the fatigue.

    What do you think about it?
    Thank you in advance.

    P.S- The symptoms listed started before I found out about the disease…less chance of psychosomatic diagnosis 🙂

    1. FirstStar

      Yes, you should probably get tested!

      Lupus is an Autoimmune disease, which is caused by both genetic and environmental factors, so, if you have a family history of auto immune diseases (Such as Crohns Disease, Scleroderma, Rheumatoid Arthritis ect…) You are at an increased risk, also if you are female and between 15 to 45.

      It takes awhile to diagnose Lupus, but your doctor will (most likely) refer you to an Internal Medicine Doctor, or may order the test themselves (Blood test! Urine test!) And depending on what the doctor thinks, the blood test will include an ANA (Antinuclear Antibody) test (Very important test!!! if this comes out positive, it could mean Lupus, or another auto-immune disorder!!!)

      Some other blood tests may also include tests for Hep. C, and Hep D, along with a Creatinine test, Bilrubin and Albumin test (Too much to type- Google it!) and ALT test (To see how epic your liver is doing!)

      So YES. Get tested; because like I said, it takes awhile to diagnose because the symptoms mimic so many other diseases; it could take months.

      Good Luck! 🙂

      I’m 17 and had Lupus symptoms too; test results come back in January (Next month!) Hope 4 the best!

  31. Michael B.

    Unexplained medical problems?
    I am a 22 year old male. I have always been a little overweight since I was a child. I have a history of asthma and depression, but other than that I have always been relatively healthy. In the last few years I have noticed some changes going on. Some things have been happening that have really concerned me in one way or another. I usually attribute it to anxiety and choose to ignore it. Let me start from the beginning.

    About 3 or 4 years ago I noticed some odd rashes on my skin. Brown in color, oddly shaped, but it was a consistent shape. it sometimes got lighter or darker but now it has almost disappeared. A few weeks ago I noticed some similar patches around my neck and shoulder area. I figured it was odd so I did what most other people do when they have a medical question but are too broke to go see a doctor… Web MD! I know reading that stuff will give you a panic attack just thinking about what you could have but hey, it was something. After checking some symptoms I googled some images of skin rashes hoping to match up what I had with someone else who had been diagnosed with something. I came across something that looked very similar, and it told me it was a lupus rash. I did some research and found out more about it but I figured the skin rash part of it was nothing to worry about and people just lived with it. However some new symptoms have me wondering.

    Last winter was horrible for me. I don’t know what I caught but it really knocked me on my butt for about three days. I had a severe fever and fatigue, but after 3 days of rest I felt better. Unfortunately somehow I ended up with an extreme case of Bronchitis which aggravated my asthma symptoms. I started taking my asthma medication again (I had stopped for the last 5 years because I never had anymore symptoms since I was a kid) and on some nights when I felt I couldn’t breathe I also took an albuterol nebulizer and my symptoms started to improve. One day I was at my fiance’s house and some things started to happen. On top of my allergies to her cats I kept coughing because of this bronchitis I couldn’t shake. I started having chest pains which freaked me out so I drove myself to the local Emergency Room. The diagnosis was Allergy induced asthma, and bronchitis with bronchospasms. I was prescribed a steroid (prednisone) to open up my airways and sure enough I got better. However one thing I notice now is that I sometimes feel like I don’t get enough air, like I can’t breathe in deep enough. It seems to happen more when I eat a lot so I have been avoiding eating as well. This really concerns me.

    I was not feeling well last night and I was searching online as usual for an answer. Out of the possible causes list of my symptoms (of about 50 different causes), up popped that name again. Lupus. Sigh.

    So I did some more searching to lupus related to some of my symptoms. These result alarmed me. I read a few personal accounts where people who had tested positive for lupus were experiencing very similar symptoms to what I have been feeling. One story was of a 10 year old girl who DIED from complications to lupus and MRSA. That scared the crap out of me. My fiance is pregnant and due later this year so I really want to make sure I am around for a long time to take care of her and my child. I just started a new job and another thing that alarmed me was when I had a drug test the report said they found trace amounts of protein in my urine. Hmm. Did some searching and the cause of that was also associated with symptoms of lupus. I am away from home for 4 weeks out of the month as an over the road truck driver and I have little time to be messing around with doctor’s appointments. Do I sound crazy or do I have reason to be concerned?

  32. monroe

    I’ve heard that a persistent dry cough can sometimes be a symptom of undetected cancer. Is there a link ?
    My mother’s dear friend Anne, who felt generally ill, had a persistent, dry cough. Her “coughing fits” often resembled chocking. Having underwent many medical procedures, doctors/specialists could never pin-point the cause of her ailments, nor her cough. My mother had read that such a cough was often a sign of cancer. Three years later, Anne was diagnosed with colon cancer, and succomb to the disease 2 yrs later. Unfortunately, my mother, a non-smoker, has developed the same cough as Anne, brought on by eating, drinking, laughing, and anything in between. We even went to see a Pulmonary specialist, who was unable to offer a diagnosis. She and I have many ailments, and both suffer from Fibromyalgia and Lupus, but neither list such a cough as a possible symptom. My mother is my best friend and soul mate, and I can’t imagine living without her. At 65, she has a lot more living to do, such as walking me down the aisle and holding her grandchild. Any and all suggestions are appreciated

    1. blaze23

      If this cough is brought on by eating, drinking maybe it could be GERD (acid reflux) a dry hacking cough is common with that and happens after consuming food or drinks. My husband has it. Has she ever been tested for allergies. I have “allergy cough” and have coughing “fits” for what appears to be no rhyme or reason for and this was my diagnosis. I take Singulair and Nasonex and it helps quite a bit. Just some ideas. Best of luck my dear.

  33. somortex

    I need help identifying what i might have!List of symptoms:?
    -constant fatigue and weakness
    -soreness of joints and muscles
    -loss of appetite
    -irregular periods
    -a skin scaling that looks brownish and goes away with constant maintainance with hydrocortizone
    -it is officially not a type of arthritis or lupus, nor is it addison’s disease.
    Ok, and also, I am going to a rheumotologist [pardon spelling] and a dermotologist [also, pardon] sometime in the future, though its been hard to get an appointment. I’m asking because im slightly a hypochondriact and i like to label everything thats wrong with me. Now, this has been going on constantly for about a year and a half, so its not in my head! Thanks for all the help so far =)
    one more thing- yeah, I’m only 14 and i have to wait till im like 30 ,i’m going to crack. and i know for sure i dont have psoriasis, because my mom has it and mine isn’t at all like her’s. but thanks

  34. Thomas

    What is it likely that I have wrong with me?
    I know it’s absurd to expect expert medical advice on yahoo, and that this is no substitute for a Doctor, but I’d just like some serious answers. OK, getting that out of the way, here is a list of symptoms I’ve had reoccurring off and on for the past ten months:
    >Constant congestion, I always have to spit and do sinus rinses, also my ears pop

    >A permanently swollen lymph node on the right side of my jugular

    >Off and on flu like symptoms. Generally every couple of months I will start to feel like I have a severe fever and can’t stop shaking. I get a very severe sore throat and fatigue, and I usually have to stay in bed for two to three days until I’m good again.

    >Fatigue. Constant fatigue. Some days I’m almost normal, some days I can’t stop yawning, but I haven’t felt completely aware in quite some time.

    >Overall body aches; they’re not too severe, but I get aches and pains more often than I used to

    >Inability to exercise; if I do anything beyond mild exercise I bring about another bout of the aforementioned flu symptoms

    >Mood instability; I’m almost always in a bad mood because of my health. I also have days where I can’t stop crying

    Now for the physical background:

    I’m a 20 year old male. On and off smoker. Caucasian. No diseases. Last diagnosed illness was mononucleosis in August of 2009. I have prematurely thinning hair (not sure if that’s relevant) and I’m 148 pounds.

    I’ve been to three different doctors. One just kept giving me different steroids and antibiotics. The other claimed it was depression and that I needed to psyche myself into feeling better (believe me I tried) the third has been much more sympathetic. Blood work was done on 4 different occasions. I tested negative for HIV, had a normal CBC, tested negative for Mono, and didn’t quite “fit” the criteria of fibromyalgia. The third doctor after seeing my blood work and doing chest X-rays decided to diagnose me as having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and suggested I take it easy and eat better. I have a follow up with him in a month. I wasn’t too worried about it, but recently I’ve had two flare ups of the flu like symptoms. I’m averaging a flare up every three to four weeks. I find it hard to believe it could all be attributed to something as vague and unresearched as “chronic fatigue syndrome” and I have a girlfriend who suggested perhaps it could be a thyroid problem or maybe even lupus. I don’t really know, but I know I don’t want to keep bother my doctor and I can wait until the scheduled appointment, but my quality of life is being SEVERELY affected. Does anybody know what this may be?
    EDIT: I greatly appreciate the two answers so far. Getting stuck with a wrong but permanent diagnosis is exactly what I’m scared of. Is lupus able to be tested for? I know it’s a disease that’s fond of imitating others, so I wasn’t sure if it can be traced in the blood. I didn’t know MS was a possibility? That sort of leads me to include some more information which could be important. Occasionally, I’d say one night out of a week, I get very dazed and weak feeling, and I get cold sweats. I start craving food and drinks and sugar generally boosts me out of this state and I’m left feeling tired but unable to sleep. My older brother is diabetic and says that what I describe sounds like low blood sugar, so I guess I can include reoccurring low blood sugar as one of my symptoms. Thanks for all the help already, I know this will come down to a doctor, but I’m over my naive phase of thinking doctors know everything. I feel like I should be prepared with some knowledge they may overlook.

    1. lestermount

      When I first started reading I thought you might have mono but since you have had it and now test negative you don’t have mono, but you might have the symptoms without having the actual disease.
      You do not have fibromyalgia, or chronic fatigue syndrome.
      Lupus is a possibility.
      You are going to have to wait for a positive test from the doctor there is no way of knowing exactly what is wrong.

  35. j

    how long is life expectancy with lupus?
    I was just diagnosed with lupus,but have had symptoms for the last 10 years.It seems that I am going downhill a little more everyday.I was just wondering if anyone knew the life expectancy with lupus.I dont want to ask my doctor because I dont want him thinking I am depressed and adding another med to my long list.I was just wondering how long I may have.

    1. the man

      I have Lupus. I was officially diagnosed with it three years ago. It really depends on the severity of the disease because everyone’s case is different. But dying because of Lupus, when you know you have it, is extremely rare. Now that you know you have it, it can be treated. Mortality rates are extremely low these days. In the last decade, treatment for Lupus has made a lot of progress. You don’t have to worry about dying at all because of Lupus. If it really bothers you, the fear of dying, just be sure to have a regular check up with your doctor to make sure that you’re okay.

      Other then that, I’m sorry to hear that you have Lupus. It’s an awful disease, believe me, I know. But you’re not alone. There’s a whole bunch of us Lupus patients who have had people tell us it’s all in our heads, and a whole bunch of us who have struggled trying to get diagnosed. But it does get better. As soon as you get over the initial shock, you realize that. I was twelve when I was diagnosed and I literally cried myself to sleep for months because I was so scared that I wouldn’t wake up the next morning. Now that I’ve adjusted to it, I can go through everyday with confidence, knowing that I’m going to be here just as long as everyone else. If your symptoms worsen greatly, tell your doctor right away to avoid any complications. That’s all I can really say.

      But the life expectancy for people with Lupus is definitely very close, if not the same, to healthy people. We just have to deal with character building symptoms that other people don’t.

      Also, I know this is a little off base, but for me, I found that eating the raw food diet has helped me more than anything. Try eating only fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts (if you’re not allergic). You might feel worse for the first couple of days, but that’s just the detox. It’s your body adjusting and getting rid of the toxins that it’s used to. Afterwards, you get a large amount of energy and the headaches/inflammation seriously start to clear up. I really, really, really suggest you try the diet if you want to feel better. It’s tough, but push through it. It’s totally worth it. And it will increase your longevity, even though you don’t have to worry about that. 🙂

      Live life to the full, because you’ve got a full life to live.

  36. ♥ Animal Luvr ♥

    Is there any link between lupus and cancer?
    My maternal grandmother and aunt both have lupus…I’ve noticed a lot of symptoms that they have, basically the symptoms seem like one illness at first, then another illness…eventually they were both diagnosed with lupus.

    My mom has symptoms as well but she’s never been tested for it. My mom also had moderate to severe cervical dysplasia (CIN 3) and post leep she had no dysplasia or recurrance.

    I am 28 and I am beginning to wonder if some of the strange health problems I have had/am having could be lupus…

    And I just survived stage 2B adenosquamous Cervical Cancer, and had none of the risk factors listed for getting CC.

    Is there any link between lupus and cancer? Also they say CC is not hereditary, but do you think it’s possible that it really may be? I guess it could always be a coincidence that my mom had severe dysplasia as well, but just wondering.


    1. BSherman

      According to a Mayo Clinic publication:

      “Having lupus appears to increase your risk of cancer — especially non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which affects the lymphatic system, and lung cancer. Immunosuppressant drugs that are sometimes used to treat lupus also can increase the risk of cancer. However, other than a slightly increased risk of death from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma or lung cancer, people with lupus are less likely to die of cancer than is the general population.”

      Best wishes that your bout with cancer is over for good and brighter days are ahead.

  37. Kristy Elkins

    Fibromyalgia symptoms and treatments?
    I havent been diagnosed with fibromylagia yet, and am half afraid to tell my doctor thats what I think I have. Shell probably tell me im nuts, plus I read that theres no real test to say…Yes you have it. But after accidentally stumbling across an ad for Lyrica, and it listed some symptoms of fibromyalgia, I thought to do some research on the subject. Ive been back and fourth to the doctor…goodness like 15 times in the last 2 years! Initially just complaining about extreme fatigue, troubles falling asleep, and not being able to stay asleep once I fell asleep. Then it stemmed into joint pain complaints. I did find out I had lyme disease, so my doctor thought thats what the problem was. Well I took the meds, got re tested and the lyme is cured. This is over a year ago now…but my symptoms are worse. Been back again a few times since then, and she just said theres nothing wrong with me, im just depressed. She tried giving me sleeping pills, which just made me more groggy so I stopped taking them. Then she gave me some off brand stress management med… not quite a depression med, which didnt help. After doing reaserch on fibromyalgia, im SURE thats what I have. Besides the extreme tiredness, and lack of ability to stay asleep, I have horrible muscle and joint aches. I wake up and feel like ive excersised for hours the day before! Im stiff and find it painful to move. What really got me though, is I have pain in all the places ive read online that affect people with fibromyalgia the most. The neck, hips, shoulders, and knees. Thats where most of my pain is. I have frequent headaches, and the other thing that really sold me was the IBS thats linnked with fibromylagia. Ive always had bad cramps and gas like I have to go to the bathroom realllly bad even when I dont have to go, and my bowel movements have always been strange, going alot some days, not going for a day or two at other times. Ive always wondered why until I read about IBS. I know fibromyalgia can mimic lupus and other conditions, but my doctor did test me for lupus and a few others and they were all negative. I also read that fibromyalgia can come about after very traumatic times, and it seems like mine started about 2 1/2 years ago. And ALOT has happened to me in that time. My sister was murdered 3 years ago, my mom died 2 years ago, my brother had a cancer scare shortly after our mom died. So thats another reason I suspect fibromyalgia. So does it really sound like I have fibromyalgia? And what can I do to help it? I cant live with this tiredness anymore! I dont even care about the pain as much as I do about constantly being tired and fatigued!

    1. JMITW

      its possible you have fms

      but its also possible you have a post lymes syndroome
      lymes can cause permanant symtpoms if not treated early enough

      it could also justbe the lack of sleep

      a better sleep med is trazadone–its an antidepressant, but only taken at a smaller dose

      .much safer than traditional sleeping pills

      most docs dont know what fms is and use it as a general label for pain

      they will say the pain of lymes is fms..that is not true..fms is its own specific neuro condition

  38. anonymous girl

    I think I may have lupus, need prayer and/or advice…?
    I’ve done tons of research on all types of Lupus and on other immunity disorders for a few years now. The decline in my health started when I had a lot of gastro problems. They were severe for 4 months and bad for a year but b/c I didn’t have insurance I just tried elimination diets thinking it may have been a food allergy. Much later I found out that I had the pylori infection that causes ulcers and my doctor thought I was bleeding internally because my iron was very low. I was put on antibiotics for the pylori ( which I know is not considered serious ) and was given iron pills. My doctor also thought a lot of it was in my head (in fact I had to insist that he give me the pylori test) turns out the instincts about my body were correct. He had prescribed me anti-depressants before the blood work came back positive because he thought it might be depression but the anti-d’s caused my gastro problems to be worse (yeah, I seem to be really sensitive to meds whether OTC or prescription. Anyway, at the time, ( a little over a year in a half ago ) this same doctor who tested me for h pylori (sp?) said in a follow up visit that because of a long list of varying symptoms (mostly related to the intestines) that I typed out on a sheet for him (and which I had been experiencing for over a year at the time) that I should see a specialist and get my insides examined to be on the safe side.

    I had just lost my job and knew I couldn’t afford to go to a specialist (G.I.) b/c I didn’t have insurance and wasn’t eligible for medicaid. (I had already spent about $1,700 at my family doctor’s.)

    Since then, I moved to another state and have free health care because I am so low income and I go to a local clinic. I try to get blood work every few months or so. Last time I was checked for pylori, it was gone (which was about 9-10 months ago). Two months ago, standard blood work was done and everything came out fine. My stomach/intestinal problems have gotten better but are still present. I feel achy a lot but the worst symptoms of all is being very fatigued. I get tired over the smallest thing whether it is a mental or physical task. This isn’t some temporary situation. It’s been bad for years now. I just keep waiting to get some big improvement so I’m back to my old self but haven’t had such an improvement. I’ve told my doctor this several times but he acts like I’m a hypochondriac and never gives me referrals to a specialist. All he does is prescribe me more pain medication each time…that’s NOT going to solve my problem! (Not yelling, just putting emphasis on the not). He doesn’t prescribe narcotics but I know pain relievers can be habit forming and even the gentler ones are not good for you, have side effects and get to where they are not as effective once you start taking them for a while.

    I almost feel like I need to fake some big attack for someone to take me seriously. I cannot work full time and the smallest thing that doesn’t go right can really stress me out because my body and mind already feels naturally stressed all the time. I feel like no one understands and the worst part is, I’m right when it is concerning those that are closest to me because my parents seem to not have a clue about what I’m going through and can’t seem to understand or accept the fact that I cannot work full time. I’m sure they are stressed about finances because they are struggling in that area but I can’t handle extra stress right now or any stress for that matter. After all, it doesn’t cost anything to be a little sympathetic and that free gift would mean a lot to me.

    I am not depressed, I mean, maybe I am but it’s all situational and didn’t happen until I started feeling bad all the time, physically. I used to have a good job, a good salary and a nice apartment but left my job because of these health problems. I was just way too stressed. I’m only unhappy because of the way I physically feel but like a downward spiral, feeling bad physically has stressed me mentally and that has caused emotional problems in my life so it is an endless cycle of physical, mental and spiritual stress.

    I try to eat healthy but have no money and am not eligible for food stamps because I live with my parents and they make too much money, (yeah, the government doesn’t take into consideration all the expenses my parents have like food, gas, car, insurance, health insurance for the two of them, doctor visits, rent, bills, and the 9 medications my dad is on). They can barely afford to buy basic things for themselves, let alone me. So pretty much I’m stuck with whatever they buy and only ask for frozen mixed vegetables because they aren’t very expensive. I don’t drink alcohol or soda and have very little sweets/junk food. I’m about 25 pounds overweight at most which isn’t much considering I have the fat gene. In the last couple of years I’ve lost about 10 pounds and have gained a little bit of muscle because I try to stay somewhat active and walk a fe
    (Sorry ran out of room, continued at last word I left off with) …,few times a week. The only time I’ve been able to be really skinny is when I literally did 4 hrs of hard core exercise a day when I used to be on a traveling/competitive dance team in high school. (All of the people in my family are over 300 pounds and are considered morbidly obese except for me and my both of my parents are the most overweight child in their family). I do my best to make the most out of every situation, to go out and try to have fun doing active things etc… but nothing can hide the fact that my whole being especially my physical body is so much different than it used to be. I am only 26 years old and am a female. I feel old because of my fatigue and achiness. I’ve also had a lot of situational things that have not gone well in the past couple of years but it seemed that things started not going well after I started feeling really bad, I mean, when you start to get sick what do you typically do?
    Usually you just tough it out and still do your job to the best of your ability and try to still be fun with your friends and you try to be as normal as possible but what happens when the days turn to weeks, the weeks to months and the months to years. Eventually, forcing yourself to function normally socially, mentally and physically is going to take a big toll on you when you are sick all the time and constantly feel run down.

    From all the research I’ve done on so many things right here on yahoo answers from previous questions and answers along with research I’ve done on a lot of other websites, I know that with Lupus your ANA count can be fine in one test but can later be off so it is very difficult to get diagnosed with Lupus. I don’t know what to do…My life has been put on hold for soooo long because of the lack of proper medical care. Perhaps I should go to an emergency room? I can’t switch doctors and he doesn’t seem to take me seriously.
    I’m so tired of waiting for an answer and having no results. My bad health is not shaking off through time. Moving back in with my parents, and with not being able to work full time among other things (most of the time I haven’t even worked part time consistently), it makes me realize that something needs to change. I have been searching and praying for a change for so long now. If I was given a diagnosis, at least it would give me some peace of mind. I feel people do not understand how much I struggle just day to day to do easy, normal and even (what should be) un-stressful activities. Is there any help out there?

    I apologize for such detailed paragraphs but I’ve wanted to include all of these details for months now and have put it off. I put so many details to avoid unnecessary answers and/or questions. Thank you so much for your patience to all of you that read this whole thing. God Bless You!

    1. BeneficentJon

      I will pray that God makes the resources available for you to find the answers to your doubts and worries. I hope you open your heart to him and receive his forgiveness and salvation. With his love and peace in your heart your worries will subside. He will guide you and give you answers. He will provide a path. Why not give him a try. He works when the world fails you. He is there when the world abandons you. He is your friend when no friend can be found. He listens and cares and wants to help you. Jesus grant him this. Amen.

      † Equitable Prayer Warrior †

  39. Desperately Seeking Answers

    What is wrong with me? Chronic pain, High Sed rate & High Platelet Count. PLEASE HELP!!!?
    Hello out there! I am desperately seeking answers. I am a 40 year old female who was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia back in 1998. Back then my symptoms were chronic back spasms with all tests normal. Over the years my symptoms have continued to gradually increase. 5 years ago I was put on Zoloft and that was my miracle drug since it helped me to manage my pain and function once again.

    Recently (over the last 2 years) my pain has intensified accompanied by other symptoms. Currently I do not have insurance and being in this desperate state I ventured off to a nearby clinic. I begged them to do a Lupus test but instead they did a CBC and wanted to put off on Thyroid. My CBC came back normal however my platelet count is 475H. After pleading with them, a lupus test was done but it was negative (8.8) however my sed rate is abnormal at 36H.
    Here is a list of my current symptoms:
    Tired, Sleepy & Lack of energy
    Migraine Headaches (almost daily)
    Eye sensitivity to light
    Constant achy flu like cramping of muscles in back, hands, feet, back, and legs.
    Stiffness in Body
    Occasional numbness in my arms, hands, fingers legs & feet
    Occasional sharp stabbing pain in my fingers down to the bone
    Pain in Hip bones (both sides)
    Foggy Memory / Hard to focus
    Frequent Low grade fever of 99.1- 99.9
    Outbreak / Rash (Look like DLE lesions) on scalp and recently arms, legs & buttocks.
    Spotty Hair Loss (alopecia)
    Canker sores
    Recent Incontinence issues

  40. mhopss

    Is it possible that I have Lupus?
    I have many symptoms that come and go: muscle pain, joint pain, constant stomach aches, extreme fatigue, unusual hair loss, anemia, depression, headaches, dizzy spells, confusion, bad memory, random vision problems, mood swings, random skin irritation, and pale fingers. I have been having on and off symptoms since I was about 16. I’ve seen many doctors, but haven’t listed all of these symptoms all at once so they never suggested it. Could it be Lupus? Or possibly another disease? I’m really nervous as I have heard Lupus is life-threatening. I had to be signed out of school as a senior because of these random symptoms that no one could figure out. They would come and go so I’d just go to the doctor with joint pains, go again with depression, and go again with being tired and what not. Would a normal urine test show if I have Lupus? Or do they have to specifically test for Lupus, as they did not? I’m going to the doctor, but I wanna know if its possible if I have it or not. Thanks
    Also I have irritability, anxiety, nausea, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, difficulty concentrating, theres not many foods I can eat as I feel sick after, I get drunk really easily, diarrhea very often, breathlessness, my legs and feet will randomly fall asleep even if I’m not cutting off circulation, weakness, extreme weight loss due to lack of appetite (lost 40 pounds since May and I’m 18), constant flem/lump in throat feeling, I’ll sometimes feel like I’m on a drug or drunk or have a hangover when I don’t drink or do drugs, I throw up at least once a week, I’ll get really lightheaded and dizzy, I’m really thirsty a lot, heartburn, I’ll feel really antisocial sometimes even though I’m not shy at all, my skin gets dry really easily, I’m told I’m pale, common hot flashes, I feel full after only a few bites of food, constantly sore.. I’ve felt like something serious is wrong with me for a long time. The doctors must not be looking hard enough. There HAS to be something wrong.
    Also, I have very irregular periods. I’ve only had two this year so far. Seriously, if someone has any idea what it could be.. please tell me. I can’t stand this huge list of symptoms and constant problems anymore.

    1. violet

      I’m no doctor but I do have lupus, and although you have some symptoms that are common with lupus, it almost seems like it could be something else. There is no “one” test that confirms lupus, but a few tests combined with your symptoms generally gives a doctor a diagnosis. That’s the bad thing about lupus – everyone’s symptoms are different, and sometimes one symptom can cause other problems outside of lupus.

      Write down all of your symptoms, noting which are most frequent etc., and take it to your doctor. Some docs don’t put 2 + 2 together until they see everything at once.

      A lupus specialist is usually a Rheumatologist, so your doc may send you to one if he suspects it is something auto-immune related. That’s something else, too… there are many diseases closely related to lupus, so even if you get negative lupus test results, don’t give up! It’s a tough group of diseases to diagnose. Sometimes it takes years to get a proper diagnosis, but more & more docs are understanding it these days.

      By the way… lupus doesn’t have to be fatal, as long as the patient takes good care of themselves, has their regular blood work to keep an eye on things, and has a GOOD doctor! 🙂

      Best of luck!

  41. gracesgirl

    Dr’s and Nurses Please give advice on what specialist my daughter should see?
    Back in February, my 16 y/o daughter became ill with what we thought was the flu, then began thinking mono. All tests came back negative; both quick tests and regular blood tests. The symptoms persisted for three full weeks, then subsided, would come back for a week, subside and so on.
    We thought we were in the clear but she started up again a few days ago and had to go back to the doctor today. He is puzzled, I am puzzled and I need some idea of what type of specialist she should see. At first he said a Rheumatologist…I told him that I will go wherever he feels we need to go but please consider that if you go to a specialist like that, they will look only for that one thing (he was saying possible JRA)…but now that I think about it, I wonder if he was THINKING more along the lines of lupus and just didn’t want to say that in front of her. Her lab work was coming back at first showing something viral, then he did a follow up with ANA & Sed rate, etc. She was not having a flare up at that time and all came back ok.
    Here are a list of her symptoms….
    Fatigue (she is an athlete and can’t even play sports right now, some days she can barely get out of bed)
    Sore throat
    Joint pain
    She does have a “butterfly rash”..sort’s more of a flushing on her cheeks–not raised at all –but only during flare up
    RBC’s in her urine

    She is on Adderall for ADD (which should hype her up but she is STILL fatigued).
    So, need to know two things
    1. What type of specialist should I take her to?
    2. Can ANA & Sed rate change if the dx is lupus and she is having a flare up of symptoms?

    I am at the end of my rope here. If I just knew what I was dealing with, I could deal with it…it’s the not knowing.

    Oh…btw….in December, she suffered a pretty bad concussion. Had CT scan of her head which came back fine, no bleed. I have no idea if that could have any bearing on her present condition or if it’s just an unlucky coincidence. At that time, she was fine, she fell from about 2-3 feet in the air onto her head, neck and shoulder. She seemed ok at first but the athletic director wanted me to get her checked out. By the time we got to the doctor, she couldn’t remember anything and stayed confused for several days.

    Thanks so much for any advice!!

    1. thor

      You know your body better than anyone else. If you suspect that you have lupus, then you should volunteer that suspicion to your health care professional. If he or she s truly a professional, they will take your suspicions as a clue, but will nonetheless do a thorough examination and take all your symptoms down, to investigate all other possibilities, in order to make a proper diagnosis. If you do in fact have lupus, as my cousin does, then please start to eat foods that help many lupus sufferers, such as flax seeds.

  42. SpareMePlease

    In this age of information, why do people still fall for the warning type chain letters?
    Recently I spotted a question asking how healthy diet soda is compared to regular soda. The best answer chosen by the asker stated some bunk scientific data linking aspartame to Lupus as well as MS like symptoms. I simply typed in the two words “aspartame” and “lupus” into an internet search returning pages listing myth-busting info citing an email fwd as the source of the myth. Are we too trusting, lazy, conspiracy theorists?

    Lupus Foundation of America states:

    We are aware there is an email message circulating on the Internet warning individuals with lupus about dangers associated with using the artificial sweetener aspartame. The Lupus Foundation of America consulted with the chair of the LFA Medical Council, Evelyn Hess, MD, MACP, MACR. Dr. Hess is one of the nation’s leading researchers in the field of lupus specializing in environmental influences. According to Dr. Hess, there is, as of now, no specific proof of an association with aspartame as a cause or worsening of SLE.

    1. Angela M

      Our brains are hard-wired not to trust anything that might be remotely suspicious. The trouble is, half the time we distrust the wrong information… We fall for this stuff because some of us have trained our brains to suspect any product, statement, or information coming from a large corporate entity, and to trust any such thing coming from what seems to be a scientist. The problem lies in being educated enough to know which are real and which aren’t.

  43. hemppman420

    why is nutra-sweet legal!!?
    Aspartame has brought more complaints to the FDA than any other additive-ever. It’s responsible for a full 75 percent of the complaints the agency gets. From 10,000 consumer complaints, the FDA compiled a list of 92 symptoms, including death.

    Not only has aspartame been proven to make you fatter, it’s been proven to cause some pretty serious diseases, not the least of which are cancer and neurological diseases.
    Sure, the marketing geniuses would have you think it’s health food, but the truth paints a very different picture. Over the years, various reports have implicated aspartame in headaches, memory loss, seizures, vision loss, coma, and cancer. It also appears to worsen or mimic the symptoms of such conditions as fibromyalgia, MS, lupus, ADD, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue, and depression.
    In terms of toxicity to the body diet soda is much more dangerous than cannabis. (In fact THC or any form of marijuana when ingested is non-toxic to the human body)

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