Stylish stair can make your home look more graceful and elegant. Available in several different shapes and styles including straight, circular, elliptical, spiral, and standing, you can customize them according to your requirements and size of your home. So, whether you’re looking for staircase designs for your new home or just thinking of renovating your home, make sure that you select the one that best fits your style. Although the most common style found in houses is straight laiptai, but nowadays, there are lots of options available in the market that are more stylish and give your home an attractive look. When selecting a staircase for your house, keep in mind that there is a big difference between interior and exterior stair.

Types of Staircases

Straight Staircases: These are the most common staircase found in houses. These are descent and modest designs and work well where you don’t have much space. They are available in different materials including wood, stone, and metal. If you require the most basic staircase, this is the perfect choice.

Circular Staircases: These types of staircase sweep into the room giving it a royal look and steal the center stage. If you’re looking for elegant twists and turns and elegant and curvaceous stair, they are an ultimate choice and give your house a very stylish and extraordinary look.

Elliptical Staircases: If you’re looking for long curvaceous and elegant stair, the ellipses are the best choice that gives you home an amazing look. They are the most expensive stair as they their carvings and railings are different altogether. If you have a huge house, it is recommended to choose them. But don’t forget to add a personal touch by choosing the material and color that match to the theme and paint of your house.

Spiral Staircases: These types of stair are very much popular if you’re looking for greater functionality on each floor. Along with this, they can add to the dcor and theme of your house. These are perfect for side gateways and estate home, but will be a nuisance in a small house as they are not broad enough. Carrying stuff up and down will be a real problem. So, if you have less space, they are a big no!

Freestanding Staircases: this stair looks as if they hardly tap the floor. As the name suggests, the freestanding staircase appear to be floating on the floor and enhance the beauty of your home. They are a perfect piece of furniture as well as decoration accessory to give your interior an ultimate look. They can be made up of metal or wood stone, but the railings for this staircase come very stylish. The best part is that space does not matter that much. Any type of stair including straight, circular, spiral, or elliptical can be converted into freestanding staircase easily.

When selecting a particular type of staircase, make sure to consult an architect so that you have a fair idea about what can best fit your style and home space. Stair can give your house an entirely different look, but you need to make several considerations before selecting one for your home as it involves a huge investment.

About the author Laipty Stilius designs a wide range of stylish stair including concrete stair, stone stair, metal stair, and wooden stair for both interior and exteriors of your house.


are there different types of lupus

12 thoughts on “Are There Different Types Of Lupus

  1. mommie09

    what do you call a person who says that have different types of diseases to get attention?
    My mother says she has lupus and she tested negative for it, but she still tells people that she has it. she also says she has fibromyalgia, macular degeneration, and a ton of other diseases. and when doctors try to give her medicine for it she says that she is allergic. I don’t feel bad for her anymore when she tell me she is not feeling good. Am I a bad daughter for thinking that?

    1. Survivor

      Hypochondriac or I think Munchaesen Syndrome?? For some people that is the only way they know how to get some attention, just like bad kids, sometimes they are acting out purely for attention. Try paying special attention to her, don’t feed into the lies, but ask how she’s feeling or something and see if that helps the situation. You only have one mother, so do your best to help her when you can:)

  2. Famez

    Does all lupus effect your skin?
    I know there are many different types of lupus,but when I research it skin rashes are discussed a lot. I was wondering if there was a type that didn’t effect your skin. If so, Which type is it? Thankyou.

    1. Linda R

      There are four types of lupus.
      1. Neonatal lupus affects newborns of mothers who have lupus. If often clears on its own in about 6 months or so. In some cases the child may have congenital heart block which does not resolve itself.
      2. Drug induced lupus is caused by certain medications, notably those for high blood pressure or tuberculosis. It goes away when the drug is withdrawn.
      3. Cutaneous or discoid lupus affects the skin.
      4. Systemic lupus erythematosus affects the body internally (joints, organs, and/or nervous system).

      Some people who have cutaneous lupus develop systemic lupus. Some people who have systemic lupus develop cutaneous lupus.

  3. lucy

    how long does a person live after being diagnosed with lupus?
    my brother was diagnosed with lupus or sle 2 weeks ago. we know nothing of this disease. No one in my family has ever been sick. Can you give me any information ?

  4. Mr Nice Guy

    How big is the difference b/w races?
    I heard once that it is unscientific to categorize the human race into races, but that the different “races” are rather varieties of the same race.
    Could somebody give me an example in the animal world, or the plant world that illustrates how related the different “races” are? Thanks.


      Biology talks about species – and defines a species by it’s ability to breed. Generally speaking, animals from different species can’t breed with each other, and in the few cases where it is possible between quite closely related species (the same genus) the offspring is nearly always infertile (e.g. a horse can breed with a donkey, but the offspring is a mule, which can’t breed at all).

      All types of human beings belong to the same species (Homo sapiens) and can breed freely with each other. The same is true of all different types of dogs (including wolves – all Canis lupus), which certainly differ in appearance far more than human beings do..

      The idea of human races is simply a recognition that there are significant physical differences between people living in different parts of the world. The important thing to remember is that those differences generally reflect variation over a range, rather than absolute divisions. Human beings are not either “black” or “white” but accur in just about every possibly shade between the two. It isn’t two completely different colours, but a variation in the level of the same pigment. Similarly, hair isn’t either straight or curly, lips aren’t either fat or thin, noses aren’t either pointy or flat.

      So if you like, all humans are humans (but chimpanzees are not), all dogs are dogs (but foxes are not), all roses are roses (but camellias are not), all apples are apples (but pears are not).

  5. icantwait48

    What is lupus and how does one get lupus?
    My annoying ex-boyfriend and I got into a huge argument over what lupus really is. My dad, a physician for very sick adults, told me that lupus could be anything because it disguises itself as other diseases. My ex told me, his source being a doctor, that lupus was a skin disease and that it starts out as a skin disease. Any medical information?

    1. Anonymous

      The cause of lupus is unknown. It falls under the category of autoimmune diseases, which are noninfectious diseases where the body is believed to be, for some reason, attacking itself. There is one type of lupus which is called “discoid lupus erythematosos” which affects only the skin and is usually not very serious. The other lupus can attack MANY different areas of the body and its seriousness can go from mild to extremely severe. There is not one specific test for lupus and it can be hard to diagnose since its presentation may differ greatly from person to person and it may appear differently at different times even in the same person. Some of the more common presentations may include joint pain and swelling, chronic or intermittent low grade temperature, severe fatigue, red skin rashes (the “classic” lupus skin lesion is a red rash appearing over the nose/upper cheeks in the form of a butterfly–but of course not everyone gets that)–lupus can also affect the kidneys, the cardiovascular system, can cause blood disorders and may cause many other symptoms as well. In some cases lupus patients may experience head hair loss. If lupus is suspected, the best type of doctor to see would be a rheumatologist who would be familiar with the group of blood tests which may indicate that a person MAY have lupus–since there is no one blood test. If a person is diagnosed as having lupus, treatment would be directed at stopping the abnormal body response that is causing the patient’s symptoms–there are a number of very different types of medications which can be used to try to achieve this.I have given a very general description of a very complicated disorder and would suggest you read up on it –perhaps WEBMD would be a place to start.

  6. Elizabeth

    What is a word with the definition difficult to deal with?
    I’m typing a paper and I need a word that will summarize how something is difficult to deal with.
    This is the sentence: While determining diagnosis accuracy is going on in some studies; there are others that are testing different medications so as to try and cure some of lupus’ _______ side affects.

    1. techno-not

      Lupus’s most bothersome

      Also, try shifting your sentence for clarity. “While some studies focus on determining accuracy of diagnoses, other studies focus on testing various medications to find remedies for some of lupus’s most bothersome side effects.”

  7. Cap10

    What are the symptoms and avalible treatments for Lupus?
    Any information, links to information, experience or suggests are welcome. They are for a close friend of mine who was recently diagnose with Lupus and is understandably a little frightened.

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