Frontline plus is symbolized as a top medication for flea and tick control. Active medication with an active ingredient, it actively controls all flea and tick parasite. Below, you can get brief information about all active ingredients which gives complete prevention against all kinds of adult flea and ticks.

Frontline plus

Its highly effective ingredients provides safe medication for all kinds of flea and ticks and all stages of ticks including the American dog tick, deer tick and brown dog tick and lone star tick.

Plays vital role for prevention against parasites because it formulate by active composition i.e. fipronil and S-methoprene. Both are insect growth regulator, also kills larvae and eggs.

Kills 100% of fleas within 18 hours and ticks within 48 hours.

Act as a Safeguard for puppies and kittens.

Its active ingredients give one month full protection.

Frontline spot on
It also contains the same active ingredient for killing adult flea and ticks parasites. They offer the same effective composition against the eggs and larvae of fleas. Gives full month prevention and 100% flea and tick control on dogs and cats. Both have the same effect as well as the same ingredients i.e. fipronil and S-methoprene. Frontline spot on for cats and dogs are easily available at very cheap cost but frontline plus is more effective for pet health.
Active ingredients in Frontline plus

There are various categories of active ingredient for flea and tick control as has been mentioned below…

Fipronil: It is a type of slow acting poison and broad insecticide which disrupts the central nervous system of the parasites (flea and ticks). It built up insecticide on adult parasites like flea and a tick works on a cellular level. It leaks into the cells thereby blocking chlorine molecules from entering into the cell. Finally it stops working of the nervous system by direct attack. It is very active, so no need to apply for more than once a month.

S-methoprene It acts as a growth regulator of insects which stops the generation of flea and ticks eggs and larvae. It also stops the growth of immature fleas and at the same time does not pass through the peeling stage that makes it expire. It contains fipronil to prevent the adults and methoprene to prevent the immature flea cycle.

Some of the other active ingredients for flea and tick control:

Pyrethrins: It is also one of the active ingredient for flea and tick control which directly affects the nervous system of the insects, thereby influencing the flow of sodium into the nerve cells.

Pyrethroids: It is made in the laboratory, have long-lasting effect against flea and ticks as compared to Pyrethrins. It helps to kill and keep away ticks, mosquitoes, fleas and lice.

Lufenuron:It is an Insect Development Inhibitors (IDI's) that gives prevention fleas, adult fleas and ticks thereby offering full protection of your pet.

Imidacloprid: It helps to block the insect nerve receptor. Imidacloprid only acts against flea and not tick prevention.

Amitraz: It has full strength for killing ticks. It kills ticks before they attach within 24 hours.

Selamectin: It helps to block nerve signal transmission. It provides protection against fleas, and certain types of mites and ticks.

Nitenpyram: It starts killing fleas within 30 minutes of application. Safe for pregnant dogs and cats and also for kitten and puppies 4 weeks older.

Spinosad: An effective ingredient of Frontline plus against adult fleas.


Both ingredients are very reactive so please be alert and keep your face away during the application of Frontline plus or Frontline spot on.

In case of itching or irritation, immediately consult an expert.

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