Social work is a profession, which aims at improving people's lives and helps them adjust to a particular environment. There are many different fields of social work and most social workers specialize in a particular area.

One of the most common types of social work is family and school social work. These types of workers help families adjust to changes and unwanted conditions, such as divorce. Any changes in the family dynamic can have an effect on the children as well as the parents, so it is important to have someone who can guide them through the whole process. These social workers can also work with single parents, foster homes, adopted children, or more severe cases such as abuse. These types of workers are called child services social workers, or child protective workers. School social work can involve spreading awareness about different social issues such as teenage pregnancies, or drug use. They can work with children to help them through peer pressure, and any difficult situation.

Another major type of social work is mental health social work. These workers help people with mental illnesses get the treatment they require, and to adjust into their surroundings. This can include group therapy, intervention, or social rehabilitation. They can also work with families of such patients to help them cope with this issue. Substance abuse social workers work with people who are coping with this problem. They can help them find help and groups so that they can try to quit their drug abuse problem. These types of workers usually work in clinics, or hospitals along with the professional medical caregivers.

Medical health social workers work with patients with chronic diseases and help them cope with the difficulties caused by the disease. These can be any kind of illnesses such as Alzheimer's, cancer, or AIDS. They can help arrange home care for the patient any medical equipment required to take care of the patient at home. They can also work with organ transplant patients, and are often known as clinical social workers.

These are some of the broad areas of social work, but it can be related to any aspect of life as long as it involves improving other people's lives. They can also work in research related fields or work as policy makers in areas such as education and employment. They are usually appointed by the government in all these areas.

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